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You will have noticed a change to the F1 Fanatic home page today as the new style which was previewed last week has gone live for the first time.

Redesigning parts of the site always presents problems, particularly as it’s not as if I was being inundated with complaints about the old site. But that didn’t mean there was no room for improvement.

A big part of the thinking behind the changes to the home page was to present more stories to visitors without forcing them to scroll down. The new home page is less than half the height of the old one.

It should also allow new content to be visible on the home page for longer. This had become a particular problem on race weekends, where articles added to the site late on Sunday had disappeared from view on Monday.

Where they are used, images now act as links to articles. This should make navigation easier for all users but particularly those using touch screen devices.

The introduction of sub-headings is a small but important change which will allow a clearer distinction between news, features, comment and other types of article.

Lastly, page size has been further reduced (by up to 50% in some tests, though the average saving is likely to be considerably lower), meaning faster loading times.

Having said that there is scope for expanding the home page and I’m considering adding some extra elements further down the page to do things like promote new comments and the most popular stories. This won’t be done until the off-season however.

Also among the future plans for the site is re-organisation and re-design in the top level menus to make the site easier to navigate.

Among your initial feedback to the site was a concern that the race information box would be lost. This will be replaced with a similar facility in time for this weekend’s race.

As ever, please share your feedback on the changes to the site below. Inevitably there may be a few teething problems with the changes and although we have done our best to ensure it works on all browsers please do point out any problems.

Thanks very much to Richard Homer (website, Twitter) for his excellent work turning the design into code.

F1 Fanatic - new look
F1 Fanatic - old look

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Keith Collantine
Lifelong motor sport fan Keith set up RaceFans in 2005 - when it was originally called F1 Fanatic. Having previously worked as a motoring...

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140 comments on “Welcome to the new-look F1 Fanatic”

  1. This will take some getting used to but it looks quite nice and intuitive.

    1. The home page archives description says ‘go in back time’ instead of ‘go back in time’

      1. Good catch. I rather like it. Sense an odd metaphisical sort it to.

    2. It looks good Keith… will take a few minutes to get used to it, but great move forward…

    3. yes it is good looking but not funtional

  2. looks great, looking forward to using the site during the upcoming race weekend!

  3. Personally I love sites where you don’t get “scroller’s knuckle” from whizzing up and down a long list of posts – so this looks great to me. I’ve always liked the clean design of this blog anyway.

    1. The sri lankan
      3rd November 2010, 1:24

      this site looks dumb

    1st November 2010, 14:20

    lovely look,

    i like it.

    1. yes looks great will make easier to find older articles for sure. Most of the time I access pages from the RSS feed but occasionally I tried to locate a older pages from a few days ago and it is no longer visible one the RSS feed so need to go to the main page and this will then be very handy.

      Great job Keith I love this site.

    2. seconded. Love it Keith, wd.

      One thing I hope happens, is that we have more space on the live blogging. As it feels very 1995 having that much textual space. :)

      However, I’m always appreciative of the effort you’ve put in and long may it continue!

      1. Agreed, looks smart Keith, far more profesional and easier to navigate. 10/10

  5. Looks great, but i will need a time to be sure. Its hard to find sth, but i think it will be ok

  6. Can’t say I’m a big fan, the boxes look a bit…out of place (need rounded corners maybe, less angles), and the grey background on the third set of stories looks a bit random, looks like it would either work better alternated by story (ie, like a chessboard) or just not there at all and keep the mouseover-highlight.

    Not complaining at all, nice to see you’re continually trying to evolve and improve the site, but a little feedback never hurt.

    (Also, I think every time I visit the site is off an RSS feed anyway so I barely ever see the front page anyway :D)

  7. Fantastic! The Gp Update thing could be improved as its kinda squished but everything else looks awesome!

    1. I think it looks good too, it’s just I am struggling to navigate to articles now. I am not sure whether this is because the new interface is not as user-friendly, or I am just too used the the old layout. It is probably the latter though. (Or at least I hope it is.)

  8. Absolutely love the new design. Very modern and utilitarian. Looks great on my mobile too (Android). Well done to all involved and I hope you realise great traffic benefits from it!

    Now just get a less regional domain name and you’ll be well on your way to world domination! :)

    1. looks like the .com version of the url might be for sale…

  9. i miss the old “brief articles” and “in depth articles” lists that was always easily available…

    i guess the “More from F1 Fanatic” replaces them both.

    1. also i can’t find the ’round ups’ anymore from a main article page. the naming has changed for the worse (i think)

      for example ‘F1fanatic roundup 1/11/10’ is now called ‘Jerome D’Ambrosio tipped for race seat’…

      1. All the round-ups have ’round-up’ in the subtitle.

        1. But they are not identified as ’round-ups’ in the ‘More from F1 Fanatic’ Navigation List that is alongside the article that you are currently reading.

          1. yes exactly. it means I have to return to the home page every time if I want to find a round up.

          2. Round-ups are a collection of many different things and should be identified as such rather than titling them from just one of their many components.

          3. Yes I agree with this, it’s a bit confusing

          4. Yeah, it would be nice if roundups were still labelled as such in the More from… list.

          5. Patience men! I’m sure he’s on it.. :)

          6. I agree with this. It’s about the only thing I don’t like in the new format. The one thing the old site was very good at was easy navigation no matter where on the site you were. This new format has lost some of that. But I’m sure it will get fixed.

  10. Well, my mother always said if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all! Haha, sorry… hopefully it’ll grow on me

    1. Same here… Always loved the clean, light look of F1F… Will also not be as easy to browse on my mobile too…

    2. Hahaaa – Ned listens to his Moooom. Sorry, I think that’s Nelson talking. Seriosuly, though, I’m not crazy about the new layout either. But I get the feeling it won’t stop me coming here.

  11. To be honest, I preferred the old layout a bit more. There are some pro’s to this layout (looks cleaner at the top, more visual means it’s easier to see articles that catch the eye). But it’s also harder for me to see what articles are new (i.e. what I haven’t read yet), and the layout can disorient a bit if you’re looking for something specific. The layout at the bottom of the homepage can be cleaned up too.

    1. New stuff will always appear at the top first.

      1. K.Take no notice of the moaners,it is much easier to read and navigate.The right hand layout is a big improvement.
        10/10 in my book,thanks :)

        1. That’s a bit unfair, some people, (I’m still deciding) find things with the new lay out that doesn’t suit them, or they find hard to use, I think it’s fair that they can explain what they do, or in this case, do not like.

          The only thing I can think of picking on, is that I liked the boxes that used to exist on the right, (in brief, in full, and GPupdate).
          That feature was quite useful I think, to quickly find what I have or have not read.

          But apart from that, I like it, and if it helps articles staying readily available or more than a few hours on race day! then I’m all for it! Great work!

      2. Well, yes, new stuff always appears at the top first, but it takes me a few more seconds to figure out what was published today or yesterday or the day before that. I like having an anchor in terms of what stuff I’ve already scanned through and what I haven’t yet.


  13. Great work Keith and thank you so much for providing an excellent site where Fanatics like myself can spend their days keeping up and learning about their passion.

    You provide an incredible service to us all – Thank you!

  14. I liked the old layout and this’ll take some getting used to. Being able to differenciate between the main feature articles and the round up’s/brief articles was a huge plus and doing that isn’t quite so easy anymore.

    Then again I always moan and complain when things change as I’m a stickler for continuity but give it a week and I wont even remember the way it used to be.

    1. It should also allow new content to be visible on the home page for longer. This had become a particular problem on race weekends, where articles added to the site late on Sunday had disappeared from view on Monday.

      The previous ‘Articles in Brief’ never used to appear in the main article feed. Now they appear to do so, which surely recreates the old problem of major articles potentially disappearing from the home page quickly?

      1. Yep but there are more places for articles to appear now which is the key benefit.

        The other problem with the in full/in brief split was it tended to give ‘in brief’ better promotion than they sometimes deserved. As well as being a bit of a pain to arrange, to be honest.

        1. That’s true, some of the in brief ariticles tended to get a low number of comments whilst being just as accessible as moe popular articles.

          Does this mean that you’ll be changing the type of articles you post or will they just appear lower down the page?

          I have to say that after an hour or so of using the new layout I’m really liking it. Great job by all involved!

  15. It will take sometime to get used to it. At first I thought that I have mistakenly entered on a wrong site.

    Great work Keith thanks for making things better for us.

  16. nice, but where are ‘articles in brief’ and ‘articles in full’? is it one thing now?

  17. Looks good from the screen shots but I’ve been forced to use mobile on my iPod touch ever since the laptop packed it in, are there any planned updates for the F1F mobile site?

    1. Definitely, but probably not until the off-season.

  18. nice n more organised!
    Like it! :)

  19. Still too difficult to navigate the site and find the information you want. If what you want isn’t on the first landing page then you’re eff’d.

    Also the content seems to merge into one big mass of text amongst a dull, grey landscape, making it hard to read.

    1. Still too difficult to navigate the site and find the information you want.

      I intend to address that with the changes to the menus, would be useful if you could give me some examples of what you’re talking about.

  20. F1 fanatic appears on my android phone as just a list. Previously (earlier today even) this list included articles in full and articles in brief, but without being able to distinguish which was which. This was fine as I read them all anyway. Now though the daily roundups and various other articles seem to have disappeared, bringing me to the conclusion that the articles in brief have now been removed from this list. It’s a shame as it means I won’t be able to read these now I suspect. Is this planned or a ‘teething problem’?

    1. They haven’t disappeared, they’re still on the home page.

  21. CarsVsChildren
    1st November 2010, 15:20

    I’m not a massive fan of the layout. I can’t articulate why but it seems clunky.

    Lets see if it grows on me.

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  22. Scratch what I just said, they have just changed name. Instead of ‘1/11/10 roundup’ etc. They are now just called whatever the first link on the page says, just confused me, ignore me, I’m an idiot.

  23. I like the new 1000 pix wide design. I like having access to more info on the home page level. Not to drastic of a change from the previous version to get lost. Great work!

  24. Looks like it will be great on a proper browser. At work I’m on Internet Explorer Version 6. The actual content doesnt start at the top of the page, it lines up with the bottom of the “More from F1 fanatic”.

    As for the mobile edition, is this meant to look like the desktop version? Because mine just renders the names of the articles. It is a Palm Pre so is a touch device.

    1. There haven’t been any changes made to the mobile site – is your phone showing you the desktop version of the site?

      1. No its not. How do I change it, there isn’t a link to do that is there?

      2. Which reminds me, is there a way to go to the full site?

        Once upon a time, sites didn’t recognize an N900 as a mobile device. That was good times. Now every other site has this “lovely” mobile site, made for phones with a handicapped browser, most of them offers a way to get to the proper site, but I seem to have missed it here.

    2. If you have to use IE6 at work get someone (IT or just DIY) to update, as not only is IE6 absolutely horrible and out of date (lots of websites won’t work in it anymore) but it has more security holes your average string vest – none of which are being updated.

      1. Tell me about it, but then I work for the Council, and for some reason that means no update!

        1. Commiserations to anyone whose work has them stuck on IE6, I’ve been there!

    3. The IE6 glitch should now be fixed.

  25. I have to wait for the first race weekend to get really see how it looks, because then there’s more blog posts every day.

  26. Definitely better User Interface. Nice to see wotk is being done.

    I agree the top of the site deserves improvements , especially the menu.

    i will miss the “article in brief” and “article in full” panes.

    1. few things to add reagrding Mike-e’s post:

      IMHO once there will be a dynamic menu it will be easier to access the current season calendar,tracks, standings, teams…. or other information.

      for exemple this page : https://www.racefans.net/f1-2010-season/ shouldn’t exist and be mandatory to acess information or data.
      In the same way you redisigned the homepage to prevent users from scrolling the page, the menu would link to apropriate pages : tracks, teams… not everything on the same page as it is right now.

      Furthermore i think you should swap the menu and google adds places. but then the adds will be less visible i understand that. the menu looks actually “cheap”.

      well i dont want to be too harsh,i dont have enough good english level (i’m french) and dont choose appropriate words. i come here for the content anyway, big fan and daily visit since three years now. thats why i give my opinion. otherwise i wouldn’t have bothered.

      1. one thing again regarding previous/older posts

        the homepage content should implement a button/link to show the older posts. i understand it is the meaning of the “More from F1Fanatic” pane. But it will definitely look better to have the whole homepage updated with previous posts thanks to an appropriate link.

        Furthermore we can’t go through time in the “More from F1Fanatic” pane. it would be a nice feature to add imo.

      2. it was Jesus post actually

  27. Hmm, I miss the simple index of articles on the right hand column of the page. It made it easy to do a quick scan to see if there was anything new posted – I reckon it’ll take me awhile to adjust to looking at the new format. Any chance a simple article list can be kept in the right column?

    1. yeah i miss that too.

    2. You do have that on the article pages.

      1. Keith, my only suggestion for the “More from F1 Fanatic” menu would be to still have roundups listed as roundups, and to have slightly more contrast between the link color and the visited link color. I’ve always used the Articles in Full/Brief lists to navigate what I have and haven’t read yet, and it seems like the link colors are harder to differentiate now. Maybe the text is smaller? Otherwise the whole thing looks great!

  28. I like it. I just wish I could view it more often. But being stuck in this mobile version prevents me

  29. Looks great! Thumbs Up.

  30. Holy… took me a while to realize it was our beloved F1F site.

    I like it! tho it’ll take some time to get used to it.

    Lets see how it works this action-packed F1 weekend :)

  31. Excellent work Kieth, you deserve a good pat on the back :)

  32. Hi Keith, I don’t mean to sound horrible or anything but I think I prefer the old layout of the website more. The look of this new version is nice just as in pure looks, but the old one seemed a bit more ‘organised’ if you know what I mean. Easier to navigate through or something.

    1. Cheer up Josef,you’ll get used to it before Brazil :)

  33. I feel much better & quite trendy compared to old one which looks like 10yrs back designed site.

  34. Can’t fault it! Very good work!

  35. Love. It.

    I was never a fan of the categorization of articles into “full” and “brief” articles. I mean, the articles seemed to be of equal length, attracted same number of comments, dealt with the same topics, then why the difference.

    Another incredible feature is the new “Categories” box at the bottom right. Now, I can browse all technical articles in one go and view all the ‘Poll’ articles – which usually have the most number of comments and fiercest battles between fans – easily.

    As someone suggested above, rounded edges should definitely be implemented for the main articles.

    But I don’t know how you will keep the ‘race information’ box with the new format. Keith, while this new format definitely keeps more articles on the front page and keeps them for longer, I still don’t think it is sufficient enough. You churn out 12 articles regarding team reviews on a monday in less than an hour. So, in just one hour, the entire home page is going to change, isn’t it?
    Also, I would like to see the empty white space on the right to show a timer to the next race and the championship standings. One should not have to click to get to something as important as championship standings.

    1. Now, I can browse all technical articles in one go and view all the ‘Poll’ articles – which usually have the most number of comments and fiercest battles between fans – easily.

      That was part of the plan :-)

      Also, I would like to see the empty white space on the right to show a timer to the next race and the championship standings.

      Championship standings are at the top of the categories box. A timer is a ‘nice to have’ but it requires build time and resources that I’d rather dedicate elsewhere right now.

      And the race information box will be back later this week, albeit inevitably with some changes.

  36. don’t like it,it’s just all over the place :/

  37. seems better for the news, very nice.

    1. By this occassion I would like to give feed back about two things –
      More and more I tend to enter this site via my andoird phone browser – and while design was nice, the fonts were two small to read (I have 3,5inch screen) and comments that were replies were not listed below the post they related but buried under earlier posts, all posts were filtered by publication time. Hope this will improve also.

  38. Very nice Keith, no complaints, impressive, a definite improvement IMO.
    Thanks for the best F1 site on the web.

    1st November 2010, 18:41

    I like it! good job Keith!

  40. I prefer the old layout ;(

  41. i personally loved the old design – was easier to see what’s new in all sections. Was also tidier, like the mobile version. This one looks cooler, but less convenient. maybe it needs some getting used to.

  42. I think it looks spiffy. Great job Keith, hopefully this streamlines everything.

  43. Utterly brilliant new design – clean fresh and looks altogether more professional, as well as easier to use etc as per the stated aims. Well done.

  44. Really like new design – easier to find things and looks better than old one. One suggestion I would make is to possibly put further links in space on left hand side so people can reach areas with one click: eg Next F1 race (details), Silverstone (advice for attendees), GP2 (info and further links), Twitter (who’s on), F1 Gift Ideas (details – or things like links to drive experiences, books, events, Unlap stuff), Potential New Drivers (details and from where, GP2, GP3, DTM) etc.

  45. love it. good job!

  46. I enjoy the fresh look, though I’d suggest using three columns for the article previews. It might make the layout seem less cluttered.

    Can’t find an article about it right now, but I remember learning three visual elements can be processed by most people instantly – four may be pushing it for many of us. At least that’s what I use as a guideline in my graphic work.

    Basically, we’d be seeing rows (groups of three), instead of a matrix of preview boxes. Using a few more pixels of space between the rows might also accentuate the effect.

    I might be wrong of course. But, layouts are quite similar to typography – visual perception greatly affects how the actual text content is perceived. So, I’d say it’s worth testing. :)

  47. Change is always a difficult things. My critique would be the font page has little structure. There is just a mass of text.

    Also black text on a white background is a problem. Sufferers of dyslexia struggle most with black text on white, an off white or slight grey would be easier on the eye. I find the font is quite small. These are issue that I think effect usability and accessibility but design is of course a subjective thing.

  48. I really like the new layout Keith. It’s fantastic to see the site growing and improving all the time

  49. Ollie (of BF1 that is still on hiatus)
    1st November 2010, 21:48

    Looks great Keith – nice to see F1F develop further and further. Might need a little touching up in places but I’m loving the idea and from the comments already it seems to getting a fair amount of praise. Keep it up. :)

    1. Ollie!!! Where have you been!!!


      1. Ollie (of BF1 that is still on hiatus)
        2nd November 2010, 8:07

        Still around. :) Put all sites on hiatus for a year for many a reason. I’ll be back – you know I can’t stay away for too long. :)

  50. I’m always a bit taken aback when one of my favorite web sites pops up with a major change to a layout that I was perfectly happy with, for a new and improved version. That said, the new setup looks good, and I’ll no doubt be able to navigate it properly before too long. Good on you for all your hard work, and striving to improve what is already the best interactive F1 site out there.

  51. I find that the front page is too busy, there’s way too much going on, i prefered the old one a lot more as the latest news were at the top and then scroll down for the older stuff.

    This to me is just a big wall of text, thats all i see and i don’t like it… sorry :)

  52. Not liking it at all. And I know it’s not a question of getting used to for me. Just feel cluttered. Now in order to see what’s going on you have to scan not only up and down but also left and right. It feels like a news aggregator to me now rather than a blog.

  53. I’m usually one of the annoying people who can’t handle change on my regularly visited websites, but for once this is almost a complete improvement.
    Will definitely use the homepage more than the RSS now.
    The only thing I really don’t like is the “round-up” title change because they’re one of the first things I check every day but the new way of naming them makes them a bit of a hassle to find quickly.

    Other than that well done on a great redesign!

  54. I wonder how many other F1fanatics remember the change from orange+green colour scheme to the current silver+blue+green.

  55. I have to say … I was very confused when I logged on this morning. It’ll take me a while to get used to it.

  56. I’m not really a fan. It looks unstructured, unfocused.

  57. This is a very messy and busy layout. Everything is crammed on to the home page very difficult to navigate.

  58. This goes in the “wish I’d thought of doing it this way” class. Really really well done.

    Most of the F1 sites I use are not that good at navigation; difficult or linear front ends and back arrow to home. gpupdate.net carries the news index with every article and I like that. But hat would sorta work against f1fanatic’s emphasis on group involvement / comments layout. In fact, just seeing that big graphical index may send me to f1fanatic first.

    Well done

    Keith in NY

  59. It looks cleaner and easier to navigate. Keep up the good work.

  60. I like the site improvements and the new design. Loads faster and access to other great stuff. The “categories” is the best part for me. Thanks to all contributors to the success of this site! I always recommend this site to all F1 fanatics I know.

  61. I think I like it ;) As with anything new, it’ll take a few days to be sure.

    One thing I do not like: the Daily Round-Up is harder to find as it doesn’t have the same title as before.

    1. Maybe I was too tired and didn’t see them yesterday, but I see subtitles now which is good.

  62. wong chin kong
    2nd November 2010, 5:31

    The contents of the comments column still occupy only less than half-size page, the other half is empty, sure waste of page utilisation. My suggestion is to increase the horizontal width of the comments box by 10 to 20 percent, less effort scrolling down. Also, consider highlighting ten best comments for the article as readers might not have the time to read all comments especially those articles attracting over 50 comments each.

    1. “consider highlighting ten best comments”

      Seems to me like that would just lead to people bickering about whose comnments are ‘best’ (whatever that means) + realistically, can you imagine the time it would take to do that?

  63. Wow, nice improvement! I like it.

  64. Nice improvement but where’s the menu if we would go back to homepage? maybe on the top left side…

    1. click the F1Fanatic logo. Just found out today.

  65. The new design is surely more convenient. It looks great too. Bravo!

  66. As any marketer will tell you, if you invite comment to any change then it tends to be the complainers that get over represented. Same when you run a risky or funny ad, the call centre gets all the people who take issue as you generally don’t call to say well done. Same with new websites – more so infact because it involves a change in learned behaviour too.

    That isn’t to say that criticism is wrong and shouldn’t be listened too and acted upon, just that the positive feedback is often under represented.

    So I think I’ll join the swell of positive reinforcement here, which is great to see, and say bloody good site improvements which not only all make sense, but make the site look even more professional and reflect the fact that it is my first point if reference before all of the more established news sites such as newspapers ( which i’m sure spend a great deal more time and money).

    Also looks great on the iPad.

  67. The more I look at it, the more I like it. I can certainly see the logic of including more information in a smaller space. I really like the ‘Categories’ box – perhaps one easy solution for the complaints about the daily round-up being harder to spot would be to add a ’round-up’ category in the box.

    1. PS. ok, so it’s not so much a box as a menu, mais bon.
      Something I’ve noticed since maybe a week or so, using Safari on 10.5 Mac, and which was never there before, is that whenever I click on any link on the site, it’s like the browser freezes for a second or two before opening the link. Not anything really important, but maybe the info can be useful in further changes to the site.

  68. Nice but prefer the other look because it is confusing. anyway. very good website :)

  69. Because the main site is new, i am looking for “HOME” link but instead I found out that by clicking the “F1Fanatic logo” – returns me to the home page. Nice. I normally use my favorites shortcut. (but I dont want it in my office browser) :)

  70. I like it aesthetically but after a day I have seen a few problems.

    First of all it’s not that easy to tell when there’s a new article. Before, with the lists on the side, the ones you hadn’t read will have been a different colour because you haven’t clicked on the link (I’m aware that’s something the browser does, not the site). Without that you just get confronted by a lot of photos and don’t immediately register a change.

    Secondly I don’t like the round-ups having proper titles. I think they should go back to being called F1Fanatic Round-up etc. because it’s harder to pick them out from the list you do get on the right when you’re in an article.

  71. Hhhmmm not sure how I feel,, information overload in my opinion, but i’m sure it will grow on me! Can’t knock the effort Keith, keep up the good work :)

  72. It looks really great! Change is a good thing. I like the design

  73. Nice job Keith. Didnt take long to get used it it at all! Love the thought of keeping more information on one page without the need to scroll down.

  74. Although initially I still prefer the old layout I will give the new look some time. One of the main things I miss is the box with the list of all the recent articles at the top on homepage as well as the other pages, but I am sure I will get used to it.

    However one thing I would change would be to have the main title of the daily round-up as “F1 Fanatic Daily round-up 2-11-2010” rather than the title of one the articles linked in the round-up.

    When you are not on the main page and have the list of articles on the right it only shows the main title so you can’t tell which one the round-up is.

    I also think something similar for regular features would be better, such as free practice analysis and the team race reviews so that is the main part of the title which people see on the More from F1 Fanatic list of articles on every page.

  75. First impressions very positive

    Good to see someone breaking away from the straight jacket of standard layouts – which are mostly appalling

    Thumbs up

  76. Really good… love the changes.

  77. Like it!

    (comment too short…)

  78. My initial reaction is that I don’t really like it. It’s like a shotgun blast of information straight to the face. I almost feel overwhelmed.

    HOWEVER, it will not stop me from continuing to regularly visit the site.

  79. Younger Hamilton
    2nd November 2010, 18:22

    Good look it adds a new feeling for me and to the Website.Hope F1 Fanatic improves a lot in the Future

  80. Congratulations on the new graphics. I still make the news of the containers of the same height, to give a linear smoother.
    Sorry for not correct English but I am Italian.
    Hello everyone.

    1. Hello you too Rufrus. Your English is better than my Italian – well done…. there’s no possibility I would ever read an Italian F1 fan site (and it’s not just because Ferrari seem too keen on drivers who need a sidekick to help them win).

  81. Dont really like it…seems a bit cluttered. Preferred the ease of access of the previous, Was more a fan of the short articles really.
    Still an excellent site though Keith.

  82. Looks nice. But it’s damn slow… takes ages to load a page!! Not sure if only I am facing it.

  83. Too cluttered !! switch back!

  84. Ah I see … the round-ups are still there, they’re just harder to find and access … I always used to access these via the RSS feed – and since they now have varying titles I don’t see them there anymore. And the RSS feed doesn’t show subtitles, so that doesn’t help either. Can you help? :)

    I would also like it if the RSS feed showed much more articles – on a GP weekend it’s almost impossible to access all new articles that way because there are more articles per day than the RSS feed is listing.

    Overall I really like your site, Keith, but I can’t really comment on the main page redesign, because … I have never seen the old version. Don’t know what it looked like. Ahem. You know, using the RSS feed … :D

  85. Damn. My comment vanished. Re-typing, I prefer the old layout but the new one is growing on me.

    A couple of suggestions:

    1. The article boxes have a “patchwork quilt” appearance. Give all three boxes in the top row the same background. Highlight the lead article (if you must) with a border or a slightly contrasting colour.

    2. ALT: Give the top row a pale background, the second row a slightly darker background, and the third row a darker background still.

    3. The bottoms of the boxes are at different levels, giving a raggedy appearance. Make all the boxes a fixed height with the date and no of comments at the bottom, and a varying no of blank lines between the text and the date.

    4. Put the date and no of comments of the lead article on the bottom line, same as the others, not under the subheading.

    5. Make subheadings (“Debates and Polls”, “2011 F1 Calendar”) a more contrasty colour to clearly differentiate between heading and text.

  86. hi keith,

    the site looks cooooooool.

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