Vettel keeps title hopes alive with Brazil win

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Sebastian Vettel led a comfortable one-two for Red Bull in the Brazilian Grand Prix.

He took the lead from pole sitter Nico Hulkenberg and never looked challenged.

Team mate Mark Webber took second from Hulkenberg at the start and followed Vettel home in that position.

Webber briefly caught Vettel during the middle of the race but lost ground when the pair hit traffic. He revealed after the race that he’d had problems with high engine temperatures.

Fernando Alonso took third place after spending several laps battling Hulkenberg. The Williams driver defended his place carefully but Alonso finally made a move stick on lap six.

Next up to try a pass was Lewis Hamilton, who’d run wide on lap two allowing Alonso past. He wasn’t able to get by Hulkenberg and only moved ahead when the Williams pitted on lap 13.

Jenson Button was the first of the front runners to pit after being passed by Michael Schumacher early on. This worked out brilliantly for him, eventually promoting him to fifth place having started 11th.

First to react to Button’s pit stop was Felipe Massa who came out behind the McLaren. It got worse for the Ferrari driver, who had to come in on the next lap due to a problem with his front-right wheel.

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Button made quick progress past Vitaly Petrov, who he passed around the outside, and in short order McLaren had to bring his team mate into the pits to make sure he didn’t drop behind Button at his pit stop.

The Red Bulls and Alonso could afford to leave their stops until later as they were under no threat from the cars behind.

Hamilton came out of the pits behind Kamui Kobayashi but he was able to pass the Sauber driver with little difficulty and so did Button shortly afterwards.

There seemed to be little chance of any change among the top five until the safety car came out on lap 50 after Vitantonio Liuzzi crashed at the Senna S.

McLaren took the gamble to bring their cars in for an extra pit stop under the cover of the safety, while keeping their fourth and fifth places.

But there was little chance of any changes of position at the start as all of the front runners had several lapped cars between them. After the race restarted there was little sign of any change of position between the top five.

Nor did Red Bull make an enforced change of position between their drivers – even though it would have brought Webber within one point of Alonso in the championship instead of seven.

Kobayashi made a terrific re-start and passed Sebastien Buemi to take what would become the final point.

But Massa ran into trouble when he tried to pass Buemi having already picked off Adrian Sutil and Nick Heidfeld. The pair banged wheels and Massa took to the run-off area, falling back down the order again. He finished 15th.

Ahead of him at the chequered flag was another Sao Paulo local who endured a tough race: Rubens Barrichello, who picked up a puncture after contact early on.

Victory for Vettel means he’s 15 points behind Alonso heading into the final race. The body language between him and Webber was decidedly cool on the podium, Webber no doubt thinking back to his earlier words that the team were “emotionally behind” Vettel.

But in the Red Bull garage the celebrations were beginning as the 2010 constructors’ championship is their. We’ll find out in one week’s time in Abu Dhabi whether either of their drivers can lift the drivers’ title this weekend.

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165 comments on “Vettel keeps title hopes alive with Brazil win”

  1. Vettel has to know that he needs a lot of results to go his way in order to win. Surely he cannot be putting his fate in the hands of Webber, Hamilton and Button; all of whom would need to finish between him and Alonso to guarantee him the championsip.

    1. It would need McLaren to make a sudden leap ahead of Ferrari in the space of a week. Maybe Red Bull management would finally like to share their aerodynamic secrets around about now…

      1. Ha ha ha …now I understand the meaning of “anything can happen”

      2. It would need McLaren to make a sudden leap ahead of Ferrari in the space of a week.

        McLaren were strong at Abu Dhabi last year; Ferrari were the weak ones. But that’s not enough to wager and entire championship on.

        1. And it’ll be the opposite this year. If McLaren think their advantage over Ferrari in S1 and over all the field in S2 will make up for their glaring deficiencies in S3, I want what they’re smoking.

        2. KERS Mclaren of last year is a very different car to the one they are using this year.

        3. when weren’t ferrari weak last year lol, that car was a dog.

    2. He is now in with a decent shout… going to be a gripping final round.

      1. Who? Alonso?…….

        1. Vettel in comparison to where he was when the lights went out.

  2. What’d be interesting is if Vettel was leading Webber in Abu Dhabi. Would Alonso lose the championship in the same manner he gained a win? Would Vettel even want to move over?

    I’m nervous, yet incredibly excited about next week!

    1. If the podium in Abu Dhabi is Vettel-Webber-Alonso again, Alonso is World Champion. In order for Vettel to win the World Championship, he needs to score 16 points more than Alonso. Which means Alonso would have to finish lower than fifth.

      1. “In the same manner he gained a win”, was referring the case of Alonso losing the championship if Webber won after Vettel lets him through.

        I’m aware of Vettel needing Alonso 5th.

      2. Vettel winning with Alonso 5th would still seal the championship for Vettel with 4th place finishes being the tie breaker.

    2. not gonna be fun, horner said vettel will let webber through.

    3. That’s the big question for me too. Another VET-WEB-ALO race order is very likely. If it finishes like that =
      ALO 261
      WEB 256
      VET 256
      Whereas Webber first to Vettel second =
      WEB 263
      ALO 261
      VET 249
      If Vettel is leading from Webber, I can see him holding onto first place at least until the final corner of the final lap…

      1. Imagine the situation: Vettel ahead of Webber, if it stays like that AND Alonso has a DNF in the final lap, Vettel wins (same points, five races to four). So how will Red Bull persuade him the chances are Alonso’s car won’t blow up?! Or he lets Webber by and it does!

        1. Oh jeeze! I think, there would be blood if that were to happen David.

        2. It’ll be a last-corner thing, except if Alonso is gaining on Webber like he and Button last year.

        3. Thing is, if Vettel does take pole and dominates the race, I think he’ll deserve the championship – more than Webber and Alonso. He had a bad mid season but has been stunningly consistent the past few races and for much longer in terms of claiming pole. So it would be really tough to see him give way when he still has a chance of winning, however slight. Hamilton won on the last corner after all just two seasons ago. Another scenario (apart from Alonso’s engine blowing) is Hamilton in second with Button or another driver chasing down Alonso, threatening to pass, place Alonso in 5th and give Vettel the title.

          1. Sorry, meant Hamilton in third.

        4. Webber’s response in the press conference implied that it will all come down to the last lap: “To cut a long story short, I think it depends on how it is on the last lap.”

      2. Imagine if the result is vettel leading webber, with alonso back in fifth.
        Vettel = 256 points
        Webber = 256 points
        Alonso = 256 points

        Webber has four wins, compared to vettel and alonso’s five. However, vettel and alonso both have the same amount of wins, seconds, thirds, fourths, and at the moment fifths. Thus alonso’s fifth would win him the championship. Most probably the closest championship outcome ever!!

        1. EDIT:

          Damn, thought alonso had 3 fourths, but vettel would win, 3 fourths to 2. Still close though!

        2. It would be the closest. There’s never been a championship tied on points. It’s been decided by 1 point, but never tied. So for a tie all the way back to 4th place finishes would certainly be extraordinary.

          1. It’s been decided by half a point before – Lauda beating Prost in 1984. But you’re right, we’ve never had a world champion tied on points with the runner-up, though we came within about 15 seconds of it in 2008.

  3. So if Vettle wins he needs Alonso to come 6th. Eh, I’d say his title hopes are realistically finished.

    What I don’t understand is that if Christian Horner felt that Vettle was such a wunnderkid, why couldn’t he have just let him have his victory in Abu Dhabi? Webber could have gotten to within one point of Alo all he would have needed to have done was beat him on the track and now he basically has to win, are Redbull idiots or what?

    1. Scribe I totally agree, one point behind and eight points behind is not a big difference, but it is A difference.
      Red Bull missed the boat here big time, a win here for Webs almost ensures him the championship as the Bulls would probably be strong in Abu Dhabi too, so why not let Vettel win that, that way everyone’s happy.

      1. 8 points with one race to go is a pretty important differance when 1 point wins the title.

        1. Hey, im agreeing with you fella. RBR management made a cockup of this situation

    2. It’s a little more complicated. If Webber had won the race today but Alonso crashed out of the final race, Webber would win the title instead of Vetter by virtue of that team order, unless Mark finished 8th or lower in Abu Dhabi. And remember they still want to do all they can for Vettel to be the champion.

      But in terms of having any driver champion, it was quite silly, especially with Ferrari looking to be strong in the last race.

      1. I thought Red Bull should let Vettel win before the race and qualifying (presuming he’d get pole and the race) and still think they were right. Just maybe for the wrong reasons! It’s indeed hard to imagine them not pressurizing Webber to give way to Vettel today had the roles been reversed. Still Red Bull are right to be confident that they can pull of a 1-2 in Abu Dhabi. Just means ensuring it’s in the right order depending on what happens to Alonso in the race…

    3. Clockwork Kitty
      7th November 2010, 19:46

      A TO in Abu Dhabi would look pretty bad for RBR after all thay have said.

    4. Martin Brundle made mention if it during the race.
      Using team orders in Brazil would’ve meant putting all their eggs in Webber’s basket. If Webber were to fail, Alonso would have to come in 9th or lower and Vettel wins.

      Now, the result in Brazil has put both of them within range of Alonso, keeping both of them in contention should their team mate fail.

  4. Yes, another exciting last Sunday ….

  5. Looking at the points if Vettel finishes 1st and Alonso finishes 5th then they finish on equal points and win’s so who wins if both driver’s have equal points and win’s?

    1. Vettel b/c he has more 4ths…

    2. It goes to most number of 2nd places, 3rd places and so on. In face if that scenario were to happen, Vettel would win the championship, it would go down to 4th places, of which Vettel has one more this season than Alonso, making it the closest a championship ever, after Lauda and Prost seperated by a half point back in the day.

  6. The ghost of team orders again ….
    Next sunday, today´s podium would give Alonso the Championship ….. Will Red Bull lose the opportunity (I hope not) or will they eat their German GP words …

    I expect the 2nd, but FIA needs to have a realistic look at the Team orders article, makes no sense …..

    1. yea, if no team orders in Hockenheim…Webber would be 1 point back & Vettal 8. Ferrari always cheat and get away with it.

      1. Yes. Yet it was McLaren found in possession of Ferrari confidential information. Funny, isn’t it.

  7. Man, I need to buy myself a TV! Cant bargain on those bad quality streams when the final is on.

    1. I you can mask your IP (or live in Spain) you can watch it on the Spanish ‘la Sexta’, on it’s online live stream.

      1. sorry, IF you can your IP…

  8. Buemi. Please. He’s been rubbish since Korea.

    1. Imagine him in RBR in place of Webber

    2. Buemi annoyed the crap out of me today. And for awhile the world feed or whatever it is on speed was focusing on that train of cars instead of the front runners with 10 laps to go, I nearly had a cow! And had one when Buemi almost took out Massa, that idiot.

    3. Buemi was indeed terrible, he was supposed to be letting traffic through but just kept on racing. I support getting rid of blue flags but the (current) rules are the rules.

      1. as I said at “rate the race”. People tend to agree with getting rid of the blue flags. Sometimes disagree on that.

        But i guess we all agree that all the drivers should behave the same way. If they have to let leaders through, all should. If they don’t, then all shouldn’t.

        Buemi, Senna, di Grassi today didn’t let the others by. It’s not a matter of “leaders should be able to overtake them”. It’s annoying as hell. Mark was getting close to Seb today only to be held back by a guy who’s lapping almost 5 secs slower than him.

        1. Yes! It really ruined what could have been an epic fight to the finish. Buemi, Senna and di Grassi, what were they thinking?

          And I think we honestly should start a petition, send it all the way to Charlie Whiting, that under the Safety Car, backmarkers be allowed to unlap themselves and get the hell out of the way. Had the front 4 been bunched up at the restart it would have been magic.

          1. Where do I sign??

            Why did they get rid of that rule? It makes for much less interesting restarts….

  9. I’m curious as to why Kobayashi didn’t defend his racing line as robustly through turn 1 as he did last year. He gave his attackers a lot more room down the inside as opposed to blocking on the inside to force the other guy to go around the outside.

    1. Probably because he had less to prove on track and didn’t want to compromise his own strategy. He couldn’t afford to ruin his tires fighting people he wasn’t racing, and it got him a point in the end, just like we’ve seen him before.

      He got yet another finish in the points, having to overtake. I really hope Sauber manage to build something special for next year. :)

      1. Courtesy I would guess. What would have Kobayashi profitied by fighting the McLarens? It was nice of him to move over, much like Massa and Kubica did for Vettel when he came through late in the race to lap them.

        BS: right on, I hope Sauber can continue this improvement.

        1. Clockwork Kitty
          7th November 2010, 19:57

          Quite different. You HAVE to move over when you are being lapped under the present rules (if that’s fair or not is a different question). But Kamui could have rightly defended his position and it looked ugly on him that he didn’t.

  10. So if Abu Dhabi result is VET, WEB and ALO, Alonso will win the WDC? or will RBR orders Vettel to support Weber?

    1. If it is Vettel-Webber-Alonso, Alonso wins.

  11. Younger Hamilton
    7th November 2010, 19:00

    Why aint anyone about Lewis

    1. Younger Hamilton
      7th November 2010, 19:00

      Why aint anyone talking about Lewis? Please there’s still hope

      1. Massive Lewis fan here too…but I think hope’s over at this point bro.
        Unless Alonso and Webber both collect in some massive accident infront of Seb causing him to spin out or some such…Its hard to envision Lewis winning it this year.
        The McLaren is just not up to the pace.

        1. Younger Hamilton
          7th November 2010, 19:32

          Me too the MP4-25 has been a dog of a car since Singapore no in fact since the entry of the EBD McLaren hasnt had the pace at all its all but over for Lewis no matter what the mathematics says i hope he ends the season on a big high and McLaren can hold on to 2nd in the constructors which is Likely from this point

          1. Were McLaren at the race today??

        2. He is once again let down by his car. Were he in a redbull he’d have cake walked the championship this year, seeing as baring mistakes like Monza, he has been incredible.

          1. :-) not a chance, he has not been incredible at all mate.

          2. “baring mistakes like monza, he has been incredible”

            By that logic though, so has Vettel, Webber and Alonso. They’ve all had their fair share of horrid weekends this year. Hamilton just as much.

          3. My point being that I think of all the front runners this year, he has been the most impressive.

          4. I think Alonso has driven the best out of all the drivers this year. Consistency is key.

          5. Both in Monza and Singapore he was too aggressive and paid for it.

            Both in Korea and in Brazil he made a mistake when Alonso was behind him and gifted him a place. He has given him 10 points in the last two races by going wide.

            And yesterday he failed to overtake Hulkenberg. Fair enough, the Hulk was defending very well, but if that was Vettel stuck behind him after everyone else had gone past, I can imagine what the headlines would be saying about the “crash kid” that “can’t overtake”. Hamilton seems to be trying to collect all of Vettel’s bad titles lately!

      2. Consider the luck that Vettel needs to win the title. Hamilton needs even more ridiculous luck. You can argue that anything can happen but that’s just being silly.

        Hamilton needed to finish on the podium to be worth talking about and he didn’t. Not his fault the car’s a dog but it is what it is.

        1. Now it’s the car’s fault! First time we’ve heard that one.

          1. Well it is a dog. I not keen on Hamilton but I’m convinced he would have already won the championship in either a Red Bull or Ferrari.

          2. J-Roc, you don’t think their car isn’t off pace between Ferrari and Red Bull? It’s better than most the field but among championship contenders, it simply isn’t delivering.

            Maybe there’s sarcasm here I’m not seeing.

          3. The car’s not a dog. It’s not as quick as the Red Bull or Ferrari at this stage of the season, but that doesn’t make it a dog. Have a look at the Hispania or the Virgin, then come back and say that the McLaren’s a dog. Don’t be ridiculous.

            Hamilton went way down in my estimation for spending much of the race whining over the radio. In the words of (some pop culture icon, don’t ask me who) “Shut up and drive.”

          4. Alonso hasn’t had a very good car all year, but he has made the most of it. Massa has the same car and he cant even finish in the points half the time! If Lewis was as amazing as everyone makes him out to be, then he would still be competitive.

            I think if you put Kubica, Alonso or Lewis in the fastest car they all might have won it by now.

            I dont rate Vettel very highly because he breaks his engines by turning the Rev’s up too high and for too long.

        2. Well, it was 100% Hamilton’s fault to be overtaken by Alonso, not the car’s… He just ran wide!

          1. He failed under pressure when Alonso was hurrying him.

      3. Clockwork Kitty
        7th November 2010, 20:28

        A very very slim one. HAM himself has declared “it would take miracles”, meaning more than one I guess.

        He needs to win, a DNF for ALO (or P11 or worse) P3 or worse for VET and P6 or worse for WEB. Wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

      4. Ask Keith, he forgot to mention that Alonso overtook him in the early laps :-)

        Either Alonso started 4th and I missed everything or somebody had a Freudian slip.

        1. Sorry I don’t follow you, what am I supposed to have missed?

        2. Do you mean this?

          “Next up to try a pass was Lewis Hamilton, who’d run wide on lap two allowing Alonso past.”

          1. Ah, yes. I was more biassed than you :-) Apologies.

          2. Fair enough! I don’t aim to include a list of every single change of position in race reports (although this is F1 so it’s not that difficult) but I do intend to cover the important ones.

          3. if it was the other way around you would have start the article with that (the brilliant move of hamilton over alonso)
            the way is disguised in the sentence I don’t blame Astonished

          4. The important note was that Alonso sailed past Hamilton on his way to put a sublime pass on Hulkenberg. I guess that is the root of the complaint. Unless we have been watching the wrong race, that is.

    2. There is always next year…….

  12. Torrential rain in Abu Dhabi allows Hamilton to win, thus claiming the title when the other rivals spin off. :/

    But seriously, it’s not too unrealistic that Alonso’s engine blows and RBR fight too hard on track and get reliability DNFs allowing Lewis to win. :)

    1. You mean allows Hülkenberg to win? ;)

    2. Clockwork Kitty
      7th November 2010, 20:35

      Would ALO have a chance with a DNF? Yes but not a big one.

      HAM would need a win to top him, VET a 2nd and WEB a 5th.

      With ALO DNF, HAM 2nd, VET 3rd and WEB 6th ALO would win (same points as the RBR’s but 1 more win). The question is, who would win the race? Button? Massa? Kubica? Unlikely.

    3. It is not too unrealistic that you get struck by a meteorite either. With rainfall ranging from 0.0 to 75.0 (mm/month). You’d be advised to wear a hard hat.
      Funny how we start relying on the “gods” to allow our favourite driver to clinch a championship against odds that are not worth calculating………

  13. Torrential rain in Abu Dhabi allows Hamilton to win, thus claiming the title when the other rivals spin off. :/

    But seriously, it’s not too unrealistic that Alonso’s engine blows and RBR fight too hard on track and get reliability DNFs allowing Lewis to win! :)

    1. Torrential rain in Abu Dhabi.. now thats a good one.

      1. A miracle, I would say :-) goats would feel very happy

  14. Someone has to tell ALG that blue flags mean he has to let them pass.

    1. Clockwork Kitty
      7th November 2010, 21:01

      Food for conspiracy theorists:

      Could ALG have been on TO from “big brother” RBR to delay ALO?

      1. Ooooo thats interesting…I wouldnt doubt that

      2. Yes. Did Algusuari overstep the mark? Yes. I’m pretty sure he must have gone past 4 marshall’s points and thus flags with Alonso on his tail. He rather aggressively defended his position coming past the pitlane.

        1. What about Senna on 3 different occasions letting Vettel through then driving in front of Webber like he didn’t realise the pair were separated by around 2 seconds as they had been the entire race.

        2. Yet it was Nick Heidfeld, who got a penalty. Alguersuari should have been penalised. Well, at least Kobayashi made him pay.

  15. a disastrous day for Brazilians. Massa and Barichello are sufferd from pit error, Di Grasi out due to another failure and of course Senna lapped.

    1. it’s a bitter pill, unjustice but that’s motor racing.

  16. Amen to this. Cost Webber a lot of time.
    Red Bull would rather have Alonso win the title than Webber.

    Webber needs to win in Abu to win this title.

    1. Clockwork Kitty
      7th November 2010, 20:16

      Webber needs to win in Abu to win this title.

      Not absolutely but almost

      A P2 for Webber with P4 or worse for Vettel and P6 or worse for Alonso would get him the WDC. Unlikely, though.

  17. While setting increasingly faster lap times and closing the gap to Vettel, Webber was told to slow down because he had engine cooling problems, but as Alonso began to catch up with him, he was told his cooling problem was over he could now increase his speed. I find that very puzzling.

  18. I think Vettel will be told to support Webber’s bid for the title in Abu Dabbi. Vettel realistically cannot win the title, since even if he wins Alonso will likely be 3rd, at worst. So Vettel would finish at -5 points from Alonso. But if Webber wins and Alonso gets 3rd, then Webber wins the WDC by 2 points. So RBR’s strategy will have to be to back Webber and have Vettel get 2nd. Alonso will use a relatively fresh engine so it is unlikely he will have a DNF due to engine issues.

    1. I think they will wait and see how the race unfolds. If it is Vet-Web-Alo and if Alonso is not catching Webber i think they will wait until the last corner to make the switch, to make it most fair to the drivers. Because it would look very bad if Vet let Web go by and then later Alo has a DNF or something that makes him loose a lot of positions, a puncture or something. Then Webber would have won only because of a TO.

  19. I am inclined to agree. I don’t know if Redbull would rather Alonso win the championship than Webber, but it’s starting to look like it. I had tired of Webber’s whining, but now it’s starting to look justified. I find it ironic that he had no problem with Ferrari’s use of team orders in Germany, yet it is his teams’ stance on that issue, the very backlash from it that is preventing him from going into Abu Dhabi against Alonso mano e mano. This is a championship of the 7 points. Ferrari look like geniuses, Redbull like idiots, and we may all soon be saying what could have been if Massa were to have rightly told his team to %$&* off and won in Germany.

  20. Keith, I would suggest a poll for this week …

    In a final lap with today´s podium would you be happy with a team order to Vettel “Seb, Webber is faster than you. Sorry Seb”.

    If the winner answer is no, I do not see the point in having 2 cars in a team.

    If the answer is yes, a lot of people will have to eat their post-German GP words and the famous “If FA wins with less or 7 points lead will be a dishonoured World Champion”.

    1. I don’t mind team order as long as the other driver doesn’t have a chance of winning. Basically what Ferrari did is killing Massa chance entirely even if he is still a contender for the WDC. If the order in the last lap is Vet-Web-Alo, then RBR definitely need to apply team order. Having said that, if RBR do apply team order, I hope Alonso/Ferrari can fake a problem in the car so that Alonso couldn’t cross the finish line just to add some fuel to the RBR fire :)

    2. That should be the other way around. If the answer is no it makes sense to have two car teams, because they can race and fight for the title and good work from both will give them the WCC. If the answer is yes there is no point of a two car team, because then only one of the drivers are going for the title, the other is just a reargunner to keep the others behind. That won’t bring any excitement, though two team mates fighting for the title gives you a lot of drama and some fairly good racing, because their cars are equal so one of them can’t just run away. Imagine if RBR only had one driver, he would have been flying away from everyone here. Webber trying to catch Vettel only added to the race.

      Let me ask you. Do you watch F1 to see Massa back Alonso? or do you watch it to see Alonso and the other guys fight each other to take the title?

  21. Clockwork Kitty
    7th November 2010, 20:07

    A VET 1st WEB 2nd ALO 5th in Abu Dhabi would be the closest result in F1 history! All three in the same points. VET and ALO would be on top of Webber (one more win) but they both would have 5P1, 2 P2 and 3 P3. I’m not sure but I believe VET would win one more 4P.

  22. vettel’s and alonso’s engines are not in the best shape but webber doesn’t have such a big advantage from that.
    It will mostley be decided who can get the pole? Is vettel going to push his engine to get pole or Webber?
    Its going to be a nervous week

  23. The terrible thing about this whole ordeal is that, in the end, the driver’s championship would have been decided in a room full of bureaucrats in Paris and not on the track. Everything looks as if Alonso will win the WDC thanks to those ‘tainted’ 7 points. Which is a real shame.

    As for the argument that Vettel should have given up his WDC bid to support Webber’s, I don’t buy this anymore. The fact is that Webber has not managed to consistently beat Vettel, and if it were not for Vettel’s engine failure in Korea, the whole situation would have been much different.

    Honestly, I think it would have been worse if Vettel lost the WDC to Webber because of a RBR team order than if both lost it to Alonso due to a Ferrari one (as it will most likely happen).

    On the other hand, I’m going to be quite cynical and hope that if it is VET-WEB-ALO in the last few laps in Abu Dhabi, Vettel will concede the win to Webber. Then that’ll give Ferrari and Alonso some of their own medicine.

  24. Are the ferraris likely to suit the abu dhabi circuit, or is it another bull circuit?

    1. Ferrari will be strong at Yas Marina. They have better straight-line speed than Red Bull and S2 has two long straights, one massive. S3 is all about braking and traction which Ferrari seem slightly better at. S1 isn’t downforce-dependant enough to give Red Bull that big of an advantage.

      1. so alonso has a shot at pole and can win this without relying on red bull politics?

        people seem to be suggesting its going to be a red bull domination

        1. He does indeed. Red Bull’s best hope lies in running skinnier wings.

      2. Younger Hamilton
        7th November 2010, 23:03

        Thats McLaren territory Sector 2 i’d say Sector 1 is Ferrari and Red Bull Sector 3.But Ferrari should have the edge i dont know why im mentioning McLaren

  25. I am one of lewis biggest fans but as this season has unfolded I have come to realise he is not going to challenge Michael Schumacher record title haul. He makes far too many mistakes ( clearly he is driving a car which is not the best, maybe not even 2nd best) and his driving style is far too aggressive on tyres this season, how many times do the tv go onboard and he always seem to be in trouble ie no grip, or some other tyre related problems etc. I would love to be proved wrong and for him to win mutliple championship but with the likes of Vettel around this is unlikely. I have to admit Alonso is the most complete driver in FI at the moment and is only going to get better at Ferrari and i expect him to be the winner come around 2.30pm next Sunday….

    1. He is only 25, with new tyres next season and new regs, dont hold off on that just yet.
      I think his ‘mistake’ today was due almost entirely with him struggling with the car’s handling….I think he’ll be fine, look at earlier in the season, he was simply brilliant, a guy in concert with every facet of the car.
      He might not challenge Shumi’s titles but I think he’s gonna be up there.

      1. I agree, I honestly think Hamilton has more potential than Alonso, but he is not as polished yet. Alonso’s had a lot more seasons to make himself into the juggernaut that he is. With time, Hamilton will polish his style and be up there. He is however more exciting to watch. With Hamilton it’s unpredictable and exciting, hard fought. With Alonso it’s like watching a man completely in his element.

        1. I agree….if only Alonso had stayed with McLaren with no acrimony, Lewis wouldve learned a lot

    2. On the contrary I have been more impressed with Hamilton than ever this season. He drove the wheels of that car all season. Sure he made some mistakes(the biggest in Monza, I wouldnt call Singapore a mistake) but who hasnt this season. If by some luck he becomes the champion, he would be the most deserving of them all.

  26. After SC pit stops of Mclaren, I think, Button was ahead of Lewis. Did Button let him pass?

    1. Button wasn’t ahead of Hamilton, so no.

      1. I think Button moved up to 4th after Hamilton pitted, then dropped down to 5th again when he himself pitted. Wasn’t that it? If so, the question would be: was Button’s tyre change really necessary or a way of getting Hamilton back in front of him?

        1. Ah you mean before Button’s pit stop – in that case I’d say yes he was ahead. Whether it was necessary – not sure, haven’t looked at the data yet. But Button said he was happy with his strategy after the race.

          1. Don’t think there’s any real issue. But unlike Ferrari, McLaren are good at doing this stuff so subtly nobody really notices!

          2. Younger Hamilton
            7th November 2010, 23:07

            So im suggesting Jenson had the same problem as Lewis had, but much later wow McLaren really have very high expected tyre degradation what do you think Keith because it looks like it occured today and most notably in Singapore and Korea

  27. I would like to see Alonso sell Red Bull a dummy. Picture this:

    Vettel leads Webber. It’s the second to last lap and Rocky and Vettel are desperately quiet, thinking about when to let Webber past as Alonso is the only one within a couple of seconds behind Webber and Hamilton lies fourth, but 20 seconds behind Alonso.

    And then: disaster. For Alonso. He slows down, has his engine gone at the last minute? Has he lost a gear? Vettel grins and puts his foot down.

    But as Vettel nears the line, suddenly Alonso speeds up again: there never had been a problem. What there had been, was the spare mental capacity to deceive an overly proud Vettel and Red Bull Racing. Vettel crosses the line first. Webber, refused and fuming, comes home second. And Alonso laughs maniacally as he weaves across the pit straight one last time. Take that Red Bull. Sportsmanship only gets you so far…

    1. Love it.

      (too short lalalla)

    2. That would be incredible indeed :D

    3. You have a wild imagination!

      How about Hamilton taking out Alonso? Remember some were hoping that Alonso took out Hamilton at Brazil in 2008.

    4. Clockwork Kitty
      8th November 2010, 1:16

      Pretty good :)

      More likely Vettel will simply refuse to let Webber pass.

      Or a lunatic scenario: Vettel is 1st, Webber 2nd, Alonso third. Vettel doesn’t yield and Webber crashes into him when trying to overtake him and both DNF. Then Alonso’s engine nukes. Button leads Hamilton, team radio says: Jenson, save fuel, Lewis is faster than you, got the messsage?. But he’s so fed up with his teammate that he doesn’t let Hamilton pass and wins the race. And Alonso gets the WDC with six points over Hamilton, and a big laugh.

      1. Great scenario and totally plausible, that would be the move of the year !

  28. That comment looks worse when I read it back. Sorry, my attempt at an ironic joke just ended up being stupid…

  29. My brain hurts from all the different scenarios that could unfold next race. Whatever happens all 3 drivers have been awesome at different points of the year, basically whoever wins deserves the WDC!

    1. my thoughts exactly. i really want webber to win. i’ll be in tears either way (extreme joy or devastation). but i just don’t want to think about it. i just want to watch the race and enjoy it and be pleased that i have witnessed one of the absolute greatest seasons of any sport ever!

  30. Ral, Im gonna copy and paste that and send it to Christian Horner.

    1. Hahahaha I think he would find it an interesting read to say the least Darren!

  31. Younger Hamilton
    7th November 2010, 23:02

    Hulkenberg was Paid by Red Bull to let Vettel and Webber through and give Alonso and Hamilton a big of a fight

  32. Webber earlier in the season wanted ‘fair racing’ between him and Vettel: to be fair to RBR, that’s what they’re giving him.

    A lot of people seem to think it was dumb to let Vettel win. But if they complete a 1-2 at Abu Dhabi, the drivers’ championship is theirs. Presuming Vettel pulls over for Webber if need be. At the same time, if Webber has an off day, Vettel is closer to Alonso on points now and so increases his and Red Bull’s chances. Sure, if Vettel has an off day, Webber is exposed (as he needs somebody between him and Alonso if he’s in P1) but is that likely? Vettel’s mistakes, including racing Webber and – paradoxically – protecting him (under the SC at Hungary) seem to have been resolved and it’s more likely he’ll be on pole and leading the race. So I see the decision to let Vettel win as maximizing Red Bull’s chances as a team.

    And some credit to Vettel. He’s recovered from his ‘crash kid’ period very impressively and would be a deserving champion, I think.

    1. i don’t know about that. vettel hasn’t really driven in traffic in a while. he’s just been leading from pole in the last 3 races. so i’m still skeptical

      1. True Tommy, maybe not ‘recovered,’ more ‘made amends.’ It’s difficult to call. Vettel still has to prove his craft in passing his main rivals with everyone unnscathed, I agree, but his dominance of pole position and recent races is an achievement given the pressure of fighting for the championship. That’s what I meant really.

  33. Congratulations Red Bull on constructors that should have been won half way through the season if it wasn’t for a couple of issues with reliability and Vettel’s over excitement at least taking off nearly all his his rivals through the year, except Alonso. Maybe he’s leaving that for the last race.

    Sincere apologies to Red Bull for throwing away the driver’s championship. They have been backing Vettel discreetly since about Italy and all it took is one race or at least Brazil to work out out Webber being 1 point into the last race is better than 8. Are they seriously thinking Vettel will win (which is highly likely) and Alonso coming 5th (which is highly unlikely). not too mention Alonso’s 7 point advantage in Germany and Vettel taking away Webber’s win in Turkey, Webber should have won this about 2-3 races ago…..

  34. I just have to laugh at some of the ridiculous comments here. Hulkenburg being PAID to let Vettel and Webber through.. Red Bull to rather see Alonso win it then Webber.. L O L

    1. yeh, i was wondering about the hulkenberg thing. i’m assuming it’s a sarcastic comment. otherwise, far too funny for words!

  35. Conspiracy theory: Red Bull would prefer a Ferrari driver to win the WDC.

    Well, for any person who would venture to use the slightest amount of logic, that would seem like a blatantly stupid proposition. It is the same as saying Britain preferring to be governed by Robert Mugabe! Totally silly.
    However, there may be some method to their madness, Fanboyism! That’s right! I would rather the driver that made my favourite one look like a twerp all season to win ahead of the one who made more merits to win. This is typical of people who cannot let their objective mind dictate what logic would advise. In any case, anything can still happen and I am still going on about the brilliant season we’ve had. If Alonso wins it will feel better for me, in a very selfish way, as I am a Ferrari fan. If he loses I would still admire his determination to battle for the team. Now the WCC is Red Bull’s I can only congratulate them and cheer for the guys who drive a Ferrari.
    Forza Ferrari!

    1. Some people seem to forget what the driving force (no pun intended) is behind Formula 1 teams.. MONEY.. every place.. no matter how minuscule it seems gets you some in this sport.. why do you think you see the smaller teams fighting for 15th place like it was a championship?”.. How much Money do you think Red Bull will lose if they let Alonso win the Championship instead of MW? Hmm.. now lets hear the “I would rather the driver that made my favorite one look like a twerp all season to win ahead” again..

      1. Didn’t think I’d have to actually explain why that’s such an idiotic idea either lol..

    2. Clockwork Kitty
      8th November 2010, 1:25

      Red Bull would prefer a Ferrari driver to win the WDC.

      I think nobody in their righjt mind would believe that.
      But refusing to order Vettel to yield for Webber in a (quite likely) VET-WEB-ALO situation pretty much amounts to the same.

      1. Why is everyone all of a sudden PRO Team Orders.. Ferrari does it and there’s an outcry.. RBR or McLaren do it and it’s ok?? If Vettel beats Mark Webber in the last race and wins it then he DESERVED it.. so NO.. it’s not the same as letting Alonso win it.. does everyone have to sink to that level? If they let Alonso win it then the Championship will be won on a lie.. and everyone besides the Ferrari fanboys will know it.. same thing if RBR lets Webber through in the last that what this sport has come to?.. WAKE UP people!!

        1. Jarred Walmsley
          8th November 2010, 2:44

          No, there is only an outcry when it is impossible or incredibly unlikely for one driver to win the title. the Ferrari incident was very early in the season and Massa still had a shot. whereas now, unless Alonso DNF’s or finishes 5th or worse it is impossible for any RBR driver to win if Vettel wins the race, whereas if Mark wins with Vettel second he has won the championship. therefore team-orders are neccessary.

          1. They are not ‘Necessary’. RBR already won the Team Championship. If they want to stay fair to both drivers they will continue with treating them both the same. If Vettel decides to move over himself then hats off to him, but ordering it is the same as Ferrari’s Schumacher/Barrichello move or the Alonso/Massa one. BTW, Barichello didn’t have had a chance to win the championship back then either.. and people were outraged. Talk about hypocrites.

          2. Not quite that simple. Ferrari issued team orders in 2007 (Raikonnen passing Massa via the pits at São Paulo) and 2008 (Raikonnen pulling over for Massa at Shanghai) but nobody complained as the other driver was out of contention. So it’s not an anti-Ferrari thing. The outcry against Red Bull over the new wing at Silverstone showed other teams would get similar treatment.

            The problem is knowing when Vettel is out of contention in the final race. Assuming a Red Bull 1-2 with Alonso behind, if they’re 30 seconds or more ahead, for example, they’ll have to assume Alonso will finish over the line (or finish 3rd or 4th rather than 5th).

          3. Of course Webber can resolve all these problems by claiming pole and leading the race. The fact everyone seems to assume the probability is otherwise tells you everything. I thought Red Bull had to back Webber and his extra experience mid-season when it seemed Ferrari and McLaren would catch them, but that hasn’t happened. That leaves Vettel clearly their dominant driver.

        2. Well it was illegal before. The WMSC has now put a price sticker on it instead.

          You can’t expect one team to get away with illegal team orders and then expect everybody else still won’t use them.

          1. It was illegal yes, but people got their panties in a twist back then when Schumi did it, even though he was 30 points ahead in the championship with Barichello in single digits still. Barichello was having an awesome weekend and deserved that win. Imagine Vettel in Barichellos footsteps in the last race. I guess my gripe is with peoples double standards when it comes to team orders. Having said that, I fully believe that Vettel will move on his own accord if this situation arises. The team won’t even have to tell him. As long as he thinks he has a chance of winning the whole thing though he will fight on, which is exactly the reason why he didn’t move in Brasil and why the team didn’t order it (which seems t be what people on here complain about as well). Yes RBR could’ve only backed one driver (Vettel in the beginning of the season and Webber in the Middle), but then both wouldn’t have a chance to take the whole thing now would they.. and would you call that fair then? (this goes to the Schumi haters from 2001)

  36. It bothers me that lapped cars made such a huge impact on the race after the safety car period. Congrats to RB and all, but we were totally robbed of what could have been an epic fight for the win. :(

    1. Rules is rules, and I don’t think that it would have made a whole lot of difference anyway.

      I suppose all that’s left now is for someone to suggest that Button should take out both RedBull’s and a Ferrari at the start of next weeks race to allow Hamilton to have a crack at the championship.

      Maybe Button’s been qualifying badly on purpose?

  37. First thing about the race did Nico Hülkenberg lost it on the warm up lap?

    I don’t know what will happen in Abu Dhabi.The maths is very tough.Great race from the Red Bulls sad we didn’t had too much of battle between Hamilton & Alonso that could have been one of the battle of the day.Hulkenberg raced as he should be defended very well sadly that car wasn’t there to fight hard.The safety car made life very difficult as it was tough to find out that who was fighting with whom & the was the two Bull’s made their way through the field was great.

  38. No time for conspiracy theories. The chips are down and 4 drivers are in with a shout, their voices being louder of quieter depending on the points needed.
    Still, we are witness to a fantastic championship and whoever wins it is truly deserving of the glory.
    We have to go a long way back to find another season this exciting.
    May the best driver win!
    Forza Ferrari!

  39. Well deserved victory for Seb! Congrats to RBR-Renault for the construction championship!

  40. Any kind soul to calculate the standings based on last year’s points? Who’ll be leading?

  41. I’d say the headline should read, “Vettel keeps Alonso’s title hopes alive with Brazil win”

    Had Red Bull backed Webber for a change then the WDC would be pretty much his to win. Now he’s still depending on a poor result for Alonso.

    I really hope this arrogance backfires.

  42. As a Hamilton fan obviously I’ll be hoping that the 2 RBR drivers take each other off the circuit and Alonso has a DNF or finishes out of the points with Hamilton winning…

    …however if that (unlikely) situation doesn’t happen, then I think I’d rather see Alonso win than a team order from RBR allow Webber to win…although if it was won fairly and squarely then I would prefer Webber to win it.

    Of course another plus point of having Alonso win the WDC now that RBR have won the WCC is that Hamilton (or Button, but surely Hamilton) would start next season in a car featuring Red 5..!!

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