Heidfeld tells Kubica “this third place is also yours”

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In the round-up: Nick Heidfeld pays tribute to Robert Kubica after his podium.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Open letter to Robert (Nick Heidfeld)

“Dear Robert. Have you seen that? I printed your logo on the front of my helmet, and he Polish flag on the side. I wanted you to see that and to let you know that I’m thinking of you. I wanted to show your fans that you are a part of Formula 1 and of this team. This third place is also yours!”

Alonso admits tyre marbles a worry (Autosport)

“It was more difficult than Australia for sure. There is some concern for places like Canada, Singapore, Monaco, that you catch a lapped car, they let you past, you go inside, you take some marbles and then on the next corner you miss the braking point and you go straight.”

Christian Horner previews the British Grand Prix on a tour of The Silverstone Wing (YouTube)

Christian Horner interview (Grand Prix)

“I think there was a confusing message to [Sebastian Vettel] and he wanted clarification on it. The [Kinetic Energy Recovery] system worked well today and it’s testimony to the hard work in Milton Keynes. […] No problem at all with Seb’s KERS.”

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F1 Fanatic on Twitter

“Teams will have an extra set of the hard (not experimental) tyres in practice on Friday, as they did in Melbourne.”

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Comment of the day

Not everyone agreed with my criticism of complaints about “chaotic” F1. Here’s DaveW:

My wife is a casual fan-she knows who the drivers are and the basic strategic issues?and she was baffled by all these new readouts. Even I was thinking, this is getting a little absurd. The TV screen is beginning to look like an airliner cockpit.

Maybe this is not an excuse for professional journalists, but it ups the level of preparation needed to cover a race. You can see why they throw up their hands. If your job is to break it down for the casual fan and then to get a grabby headline to your editor, you may be more inclined to take a short-cut in your coverage. Not excusable, but predictable, and more so under the new rules.

From the forum

Movement asks how good Nick Heidfeld is.

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Kester!

On this day in F1

And a happy birthday to Dan Gurney too – the four-time Grand Prix winner is 80 today!

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72 comments on “Heidfeld tells Kubica “this third place is also yours””

  1. Keith just to let you know from my end the loading problem has got worse. Especially on the forums.

    1. Have you also been experiencing issues with the site being very slow at loading pages, and sometimes just not loading them?

      1. That’s the one lee.

        1. i have the same problem!!

    2. jsw11984 (@jarred-walmsley)
      13th April 2011, 7:43

      On the other hand mine has improved dramatically, and I can now open pages using chrome on osx.

    3. Yesterday it looked like it had a little improved, but that must have been a coincidence as after it was back to ‘normal’ and now it is still slow.

      1. jsw11984 (@jarred-walmsley)
        14th April 2011, 0:11

        Unfortunately, the same has happened to me now as well

  2. “Dear Robert. Have you seen that? I printed your logo on the front of my helmet, and he Polish flag on the side. I wanted you to see that and to let you know that I’m thinking of you. I wanted to show your fans that you are a part of Formula 1 and of this team. This third place is also yours!”

    Let’s be honest, Nick. If you wrote that then I’m a flying hippopotamus. Apologies for my cynicism, I know he seems one of the nicer chaps in F1, but I’m sure Kubica was the last thing on his mind while he was fending off Webber. If it’s a genuine expression of support rather than a PR exercise, why make it an open letter?

    1. Heidfeld was running his own race a lot of the time, and F1 drivers have plenty of capacity to think outside the box, particularly on the long straights of Malaysia.

      I think Nick’s message was pretty genuine, and for one very simple reason: He’s not a driver that needs a PR machine, he’s always only been himself.

      If that had popped up on Hamilton or website, I’d have assumed PR Girl typed it, but even then that doesn’t mean it’s not real.

      1. I for one wouldn’t put it beyond Lewis writing his own stuff. His twitter is definetly legit.

        1. Haha, as much as it gets him into trouble, I wish all teams had their drivers able to be open like that.

    2. i hope it stops before it gets extra-creepy

    3. I think you’re being needlessly cynical, as Keith said earlier some people will see the negative in everything.

      Every driver who takes up a career in motor sport has to face the reality that their sport is dangerous. I think for many F1 drivers knowing Robert Kubica personally, and seeing him so badly injured would have had a big impact on them. It’s not unreasonable to think that Heidfeld thinks of Kubica often when going about racing for Renault and I have no doubt his message is completely genuine.

      1. I can’t be sure it’s genuine, but I’m inclined to believe it is, simply because it wasn’t particularly well written (almost as if a German did it). If it’s not genuine, then that’s sad, but I do believe Nick would be almost feeling guilty that he’s driving a car capable of podiums in the place of Robert, so of course he’s thinking about him.

        When I first read it, it almost made me feel teary! :P

    4. ummmm, where does it say that he was thinking of him while he was racing webber….oh, wait, it doesn’t. He’s just saying that he is thinking of him, this isn’t at all a PR thing…not at all, he’s just being nice, bfd.

      1. That’s strange. I could’ve sworn I read something about him thinking about Kubica when he crossed the finish line. Just went to re-read the letter and it’s not there now.

        Am I imagining things here? :P

          1. That’s the same quote that’s on Heidfeld’s site.

          2. Ummm, “while he was racing webber” is putting words in his mouth and incorrect. You were trying to be a smart *** but were wrong, why? because he beat webber, so it doesn’t matter either way. Of course he thought about it “during the race”, who wouldn’t think about taking your ex-teammate seat while he is seriously injured in the hospital. He will likely think about it every race…

          3. I hate it when people write something like ***, sorry pet peeve.

            Yeah quite obviously, he probably did think about him, and no it probably wasn’t when he was fighting for position. Good on him.

    5. Actually the wording of that letter fit pretty much with the way Nick talks about things, sure he will have overdone the bit about thinking that much of Robert.

      I guess adjusting brake bias, differential, … etc. was more on his mind.

      Sure its about a bit of PR as well, but maybe he knows Robert would not read his letter if sent by post?

    6. I think you’re a little too cynical on this one, Ned.

      I find it very nice, even if it wasn’t completely of his authorship, but you can’t deny Nick’s effort in showing that he really cares about his former teammate. Of course there’s a little of PR in it, but it’s the only type of PR I can appreciate.

      I also think it’s a little wink to the ‘national’ fans, both Heidfeld’s and Kubica’s, that there’s no rivalry between them at the moment.

      And on the side note: apart from Nick’s website it was exclusively published in Bild, which isn’t my type of paper, I guess it’s similar to The Sun. Hence the letter’s wording, methinks.

    7. Your attitude is really a bit shocking, Ned.

      I have to say that Nick didn’t have to do that at all and that he did is really touching. I’ve never been a fan of his but this was very nice.

      I guess he did it as an open letter so that everyone is reminded that somewhere in an Italian hospital lies our poor Kubica still.

    8. I think he was honest but he wasn’t modest, he showed the world he cared about Robert telling everyone he had printe his logo and flag. He wanted to appear good to the public by saying that, but the thoughts about Robert must have been sincere.

  3. I was thinking about just how much ‘clutter’ we have on the screens these days; but it really is essential for keeping an understading of how the race is progressing.

    During a head to head between two drivers and we have 2side by side data diagrams for each drivers, as well as the scroller at the bottom, and the lap counter at the top:

    When Hamilton was reeling in Heidfeld early on in Malaysia this is what viewers had to compute:

    01) KERS logo,
    02) KERS logo,
    03) DRS logo,
    04) DRS logo,
    05) Accelaration,
    06) Accelaration,
    07) REVS,
    08) REVS,
    09) Gears,
    10) Gears,
    11) Speed,
    12) Speed,
    13) The Lap Counter,
    14) Sector Time splits,
    15) Lap Time splits,
    16) Scrolling pit stop counter, and scrolling positions
    18) At least the P1 driver, with a drop down of top 10!

    Up to 18 pieces of key information were displayed on screen at the weekend, and that enabled – surely the majority – to keep on top of the ongoings in the race, especially when coupled with the BBC commentary. I must say I am glad we no longer have advert breaks though!!

    1. My only complaint is that live timing doesn’t update faster when an overtake has occured. Sometimes after a pitstop it seams like it can almost take a whole lap for it to refresh. If it were split second it would improve the whole picture.

      That said, the onscreen info during the race is all very interesting and useful if you want it to be. If you don’t want to use it it can just be ignored. You’re all lucky to be able to watch the complete race on the BBC. I think on the whole SPEED’s coverage is extremely good (especially given their relatively small budget), but the advertisements do get old.

      1. I think the live timing is updated when a car finishes a sector. So if two were battling on the main straight, it won’t get updated until they reach the 2nd sector. That’s what i think anyway..

    2. Imagine what drivers get bombarded with whilst driving at 300+kph. I say the more info/telemetry the better. Bring it on! Damn your lucky, we get adds Down under every 7-10 laps & miss 2-3 laps of racing + practice sessions are not covered. You guys reallly have it shweet in Europe.

    3. Actually when you get into following all those counters, you must lose track of what is going on :-D

      Can’t blame the journo’s then!

      1. True. With twitter, live timing, the F1F live blog, and the race all going, it can get a bit overwhelming, but it’s all good fun. I find myself focusing on the race first, live timing second, then the live blog and twitter as I can.

        1. In this weekends race, I more or less ignored the live blog, forgot about timing and stats and just got myself into following the race for the first 30 or so laps. No need to think about who ends up where for something to do.

          That was great, I loved not having much time to go make a coffee and have a nice chat about helmets, liveries or best overtakes last year during the race.
          Not saying, that I do not enjoy chatting with all of you, just the race was gripping enough to

          1. completely agree – live blog can take up time, but normally there are moments in the race where it really does get me more interested and excited. But Sunday I was just watching the race, thinking, actually there is enough going on here that i dont want to take my eyes off it for a few laps!

          2. I often use the live blog in races that get boring. I haven’t been on it (for the race) once since the season started!

    4. I don’t see the problem, unless you have a disorder that forces you to watch them all at once.

      Watch the bit you want to see!

  4. Really glad Heidfeld got the Renault seat and is showing us what he can do with it, not only is he a great F1 driver (IMO the best not to win a race) but also a great human being(and I love listening to his voice as it’s just so funny).

  5. Happy birthday Kester and Dan Gurney!

    1. From me too!

  6. wooo dan gurney! one of the absolute greatest. if you’re a fan of spraying champagne instead of drinking it, you have him to thank.

  7. Tyre marble is a worry as it sometimes don’t allow drivers to go offline & overtake.

    1. I don’t think it really affected anyone on Sunday. A bit of rubbish on your tyres is a small price to pay for a position. But of course, there is the fact you could lose braking grip and run deep, but I was surprised to see no-one did that in Malaysia. I think hope we’ll be right.

      1. Only Petrov going off might have been due to marbles a bit. But yeah, i think they will manage.

        Interesting that Pirelli said they were supprised to see these little pieces, as in testing it was more strips of rubber (who then do not get picked up and don’t fly around as much)

  8. Keith, so far so good with page loads since the updates. I’ve tried Safari and Atomic Web both on iPad and both have loaded nice and quick with no ad loop apparent.

    1. How do you like my avatar? Your comment in the forum pushed me to finally put one in :-)

      1. It’s great! I already answered you in the forum. Nice windmills!

        1. Yeah, I saw that after writing this post. Thanks.

  9. I think because most of us, including me, feel a particular affection towards the affable Heidfeld, we’d like to believe it’s genuine. Certainly it’s not often we’d see such an open display of emotion from one driver to another, even within a strong partnership like Button and Hamilton’s.
    I’d like to think they built a strong friendship during their days as Bavarians, and this is just Nick venting his feelings; the joy at driving such a solid car, and knowing his old partner in crime must be watching and practically jumping out of his skin in eagerness to be back behind the cockpit. I’d even go so far as to say I’d love to see them back in the same team, although at the expense of Petrov, which would no doubt generate a good deal of anger.

    1. I rather read this of being exaclty because they were not very good with each other at BMW, that Heidfeld feels the need to do this.

      It was really touching to hear what he had to say in that pre season video the drivers made.

      1. The comments in that video really made me feel bad for him. It was clear that the two of them definitely didn’t seem too friendly, and the fact that Kubica wanted Liuzzi in his seat can’t have helped. I think Heidfeld has dealt with the situation very well. He seems like one of the few genuinely nice guys on the grid. I like him and hope he does well enough that he can get a decent race seat once Kubica returns.

        1. Maybe a move to Mercedes when Nico Rosberg realizes they are back to HONDA form and jumps ship to Red Bull (I do not really believe this will happen, but you never know)?
          Or replace Schu at the same team?

          1. I think Willi Weber may already have the Hülk lined up for any vacant seat at Mercedes. I’d like to think Heidfeld has a shot still though. His performance this season will probably be the deciding factor.

  10. ohh that silverstone wing…. its flexing!

    1. eternalsunshine
      13th April 2011, 6:00

      Speaking of wings, here’s Scarbs’s draft explanation of how rake affects ride height.

      1. eternalsunshine
        13th April 2011, 6:17

        Link fail.

    2. hahaha!

  11. jose arellano
    13th April 2011, 4:58

    come on of course its genuine. and its a very nice gesture

  12. I don’t care who or what wrote the open letter, I like the fact it happened. But I still keep asking myself will Kubica ever be the same after his crash?

  13. Ha-ha, nice trolling from Nick. This all sounds like “this place could be yours”, “I drive such a wonderful car and you don’t”. I bet Kubica crashed his monitor in anger reading it. Or it’s just bad PR, so unnatural. “Yours Nick”, lol.

    1. Actually it is rather a bit of a reflection of how these two guys are very much none too good friends at all. Making the feelings and dealings a bit awkward.

  14. Anyone who has seen Renault’s cartoon of the last race on the last page of their pre-view of the next gp? Brilliant!

    1. I love their preview magazines, they make me smile as well as being informative

    2. Oh yes, I love Cirebox’ cartoons!

    3. Do you know if there is an archive anywhere with all of them on it?

  15. It seems Toto Wolf is starting to get active in Williams company management, with this article – German – quoting him about upcoming analyses and possible changes in the people running the action (Sam Michael under pressure?).

    1. Apparently he will be with the team in China to work on getting things going.

  16. It was a nice letter from Nick, good on him :)

    I haven’t watched the Silverstone video yet but the still image makes me jealous I can’t make it this year. That new pit complex looks mighty impressive.

  17. 1) I agree with DaveW.


    “Dear Robert. Have you seen that? I printed your logo on the front of my helmet, and he Polish flag on the side. I wanted you to see that and to let you know that I’m thinking of you. I wanted to show your fans that you are a part of Formula 1 and of this team. This third place is also yours!”

    Can’t help but laugh at this ridiculous comment.
    “I am thinking of you…” lol , yeah right, im sure he cant sleep at night…

    1. Just because you would act like that doesn’t mean other people also will. Please show at least a bit of respect, because what do you know about the truth of these facts at all? Nothing.

      1. i know as much as you do ;)

  18. If he cared so much I think a private phonecall would have been much more thoughtful.

  19. For those of you who have the German channel Arte and can follow German, today at 20:15 (GMT+1+daylight saving time – ie UK time 19:15), they show the documentary “Apokalypse in Le Mans – Das Rennen in den Tod” – Apocalypse in Le Mans.

  20. I`m experiencing page load problems too. And it did not get any better at all. I have to reload page at least 5 times. I`m using Google Chrome and I`m in Turkey. Please Keith solve this problem. I don`t know any better F1 site than f1fanatic.

  21. On kubica subject an odd fact/stat

    Nannini: 5 seasons, 76 races, 1 win. career ended by arm severed in non F1 accident. Drove for benetton

    Kubica: 5 season, 76 races, 1 win, career(possibly..HOPE NOT!) ended by arm being severed in non f1 accident. drove for renault who were previously benetton

    both their sole wins were when top 2 in title crashed into each other…..thats some spooky stuff!!

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