HRT: 16th is best result so far in 2011

2011 Monaco GP team review

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Retirements in Monaco helped HRT to their best result of the year so far.

Narain KarthikeyanVitantonio Liuzzi
Qualifying position2424
Qualifying time comparison (None)No time
Race position1716
Pit stops32

HRT drivers’ lap times throughout the race (in seconds):

Narain Karthikeyan103.86385.9785.14984.44483.85884.62984.35584.21283.9284.41584.3483.82984.54386.75986.84485.58284.01485.10387.11584.43686.78984.7284.34990.747112.24491.37786.07684.12388.80984.66685.265100.407133.35992.95101.066115.32792.38584.32283.90284.74383.53484.38982.99582.7883.03984.13883.55383.50185.6486.34384.54987.35984.74487.59983.88184.71686.53390.29988.43586.81484.10289.62786.27284.96195.449107.09123.183124.32397.67986.85784.59783.42582.731
Vitantonio Liuzzi105.02387.44885.96885.73984.94685.4684.6284.33985.00684.684.00986.09187.22485.0385.27287.28587.44889.0885.08587.54289.69184.72284.52585.37684.55585.32787.84288.58184.09684.49285.303110.599105.927107.018116.98114.3189.80187.09584.78583.90783.40183.10584.04683.11282.78585.89683.53483.18382.71183.46784.84185.18484.91482.98585.30282.86983.85185.71682.78383.00182.84187.83182.91482.51984.636108.383103.90295.073121.39688.30183.85682.11181.56681.576
Narain Karthikeyan, HRT, Monaco, 2011

Narain Karthikeyan

Failed to set a lap during qualifying due to suspension problems but, like his team mate, was given a dispensation from the 107% rule and allowed to start.

Started on super-softs, unlike Liuzzi, and ran ahead of him to begin with, before falling behind and finishing in his customary position as last running car.

Narain Karthikeyan 2011 form guide

Vitantonio Liuzzi

Kept the mechanics busy with two crashes during practice. The first, on Thursday morning, saw him nose into the barrier at the chicane and kept him out of second practice.

The second came as he skidded sideways into the barrier at Sainte Devote on Saturday morning, and kept him out of qualifying.

Typically, he dropped back from the Virgins during the race, but finished within three seconds of Jerome d’Ambrosio due to the race stoppage.

Vitantonio Liuzzi 2011 form guide

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    13 comments on “HRT: 16th is best result so far in 2011”

    1. i see they both 1 stopped?
      (excluding the red flag stop…)

      1. I noticed that. You could argue however that it’s pointless wasting tyres when you’re that far behind.

        1. I guess the car does not put much strain on the tyres anyhow, making it fine to just take care of them and run the race.

          Good to see that this expensive weekend (crashes) at least gets them a reward in that both cars actually finished.

          1. They have more tyres as they do only Q1 and should use them to achieve the maximum performance. Strange still that Liuzzi lost 3 seconds to D’Ambrosio in only 6 laps, but nice to see Liuzzi lapping Karthikeyan after being behind for many laps.

    2. I can’t believe how much Karthikeyan got lapped. Probably because he was one stopping but whenever the leaders lapped someone it seemed to be Narain!

    3. Much as I like HRT for their under-dog-ness, I was surprised at the decision to let them race as they hadn’t really shown 107% in practice.

      1. As was I. I don’t believe they should have been allowed to race.

    4. Not a bad result for HRT. They got both cars to the finish and stayed out of trouble. That’s about all you can say really!

    5. why is both qualifying position 24 i know none of them set a time in q1:)

      1. Typo.
        Karthikeyan started 23rd ahead of Liuzzi as their car numbers are in that order.

    6. It’s hardly worth talking about their best finish, just because both managed to crawl their way to the flag when a large number of cars didn’t finish.

      By the letter of the law neither of them should have been allowed to race in the first place, and the question of why the back end of Liuzzi’s car just shattered is not resolved…

    7. If they can’t make 107%, maybe they should get more testing time…

      1. I totally agree. the current rules are ridiculous. HRT need all the help they can get at the moment.

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