Hamilton: Yas Marina will suit McLaren

2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit, 2011
Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Lewis Hamilton says the characteristics of the Yas Marina circuit should suit his car.

The McLaren driver said: “I think we?ve got every reason to be confident for Abu Dhabi.

“This circuit should really suit the characteristics of our car ?ǣ we should be able to capitalise on the layout to maximise the benefit of DRS and KERS, both of which are very strong on our car.”

Hamilton scored his last victory in the German Grand Prix in July.

Team mate Jenson Button expects to see more overtaking in the third Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: “It?s usually been quite difficult to overtake here, especially last year, but I think that DRS will change all that.

“The back straight is one of the longest in Formula 1 so I expect to see a lot of action there. It would be great to see the new rules turn this circuit into a place where overtaking is more common and more exciting.”

2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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    60 comments on “Hamilton: Yas Marina will suit McLaren”

    1. I hope the race is awful just so we get layout alterations, it will be interesting to see what they do.

      1. I feel pretty much the same @calum, was really upset when they ditched those in the hope DRS and KERS would magically solve their tracks problems.

    2. Abu Dahbi is one of the best new tracks. It offers a number of unique features that make it visually exciting, a challenge to master , has a unique to Formula One pit exit and is spectacular when day turns into night. The Hotel and its amazing lights along with a track layout that tests a drivers ability makes this a popular event.

      1. It looks fantastic, but it has one of the worst layouts ever put in F1… The race is always a complete failure. Only layout I can think of thats any worse is Valencia.

      2. So it has a hotel that twinkles, it has a pit lane exit that happens to go under the circuit, Neither of which have anything to do with the actual racing of the cars.

        And the track layout is 50% straight line and 50% 90-degree corner-after 90-degree-corner. Circuits like that don’t last long, just ask Phoenix, Detroit, Caesar’s Palace, and hopefully Singapore in the near future.

        None of which has

        1. What are you trying to say @ajokay? America makes crappy F1 circuits? >:(

          1. Haha, certainly not @DamionShadows America has brilliant circuits. Barber, Laguna Seca, Infineon, Sebring, Watkins Glen… but they never get a look-in, do they?

            1. Too bad Laguna Seca is unfit for F1. For MotoGP it is the absolute best imho

        2. Singapore works as a GP track, because it is a real mental challenge like Monaco

          1. @Svettel If anything, Singapore is the most demanding race of the season so while the layout may not be the best, it tests drivers more mentally.

      3. Do you work for Abu Dhabi, TED?

        1. Haha, you beat me to it @graham228221!

          You’ve surely got to be on the books @TED BELL, that could have come straight out the brochure ;)

        2. No I work for Herman Tilke and I am the President of the Abu Dahbi Trade Association.

          1. Ahh, so that’ll be why you’re blind to see the multitude of faults with the circuit.

          2. TED, I’m sorry to say, but the Yas Marina circuit is simply awful. It’s mere existence on the calendar gets me riled up. I honestly don’t think that you could find a true, or even for that matter, a casual F1 fan, who says that Yas Marina is a good circuit and the the grand prix produces good racing. It doesn’t.

            1. Gee I thought last year with the possiblity of several different championship outcomes made the race at Abu Dahbi very interesting and I never thought Vettle would be the one who would win. My dollar was on Alonso and who knew that he wouldn’t be able to pass and that changed the outcome for the season.You guys keep complaining about it being a less than great circuit, how about describing why?? What is it lacking?? How would you change it instead of complain about it??

            2. @TED BELL The only mildly interesting part of the track is turn two and three, the rest of it is completely lifeless and just plain boring. Last years race was an incredibly disappointing end to what had been a great season.

              Here’s a thread in the forum discussing changes to the circuit:

            3. @TEDBELL the race last year was interesting for how Ferrari made their misser in strategy, and it was a bit suprising to see Webber stuck behind Alguesuari for that long.

              But I it was not that much of a supprise that Vettel won it like he did, key was his pitstop and getting out in front of Kobayashi and Hamilton.

              I fear DRS and KERS won’t be able to help much to improve the racing, but lest see if they do. Have a look at the ideas @slr linked to, while some of them are wildly impractical there are some interesing things in there that might really help improve racing.

            1. Finally some ideas for change at Abu Dahbi. Many good suggestions, some rather imaginative but unpracticle. With that said, what are the actual changes for next weeks race?? Thanks to sir for the links.

            2. Do you heck as like work for… as you mis-spelt twice above… “Abu Dahbi Trade Association”.

              Thats about as believable at Good old Adolf being a misunderstood lover of Jews.

          3. I don’t know whether to be depressed that there is a corporate shill on the site, or happy that he’s come out and is engaging with the posters.

            1. This comment needs a “like” button :-). Then again, I could use words: I agree!

            2. Np socalf1fan.

              He’s not got anything to do with the track for one he mispelt the name of the country it’s in. In the part of the world he’s claiming to be from i’m pretty sure that constitutes at least a beheading and yet he’s still here.

              If you need more proof he’s not involved in anyway with possible track alterations he should know the track has not been changed this year. It is insted up for review as to wether it’s needed at all given the pirelli tyres and drs this year. The track owners would prefer to not spend tens of millions altering the track if they can avoid it.

          4. It all makes sense now it’s all so clear, how a track that costed a half a billion dollars to make and created in a sand box (quite literaly) could be so terrible. You were involved TED!

            1. Sorry about Abu “Dhabi” , thought I had it right…I still like the track, I am just a fan and I sometimes have trouble with how to spel.

      4. Yes… still dont you think that this layout suposedly made for overtaking doenst need a few tweeks?

        In my opinion its just the corners entry and exit that are troubling, you must open the braking area and tighten the exit for this to work the exit must have more than 90º like adelaide in Magny cours rather than 90º with 1 2 combinations like in the present abu dhabi and the exit should be tight because of the Indian gp last week which in my opinion it has too much space at the exits enabling drivers to cut very narrow some of the corners especially turn 4 which has another problem the braking point turns gradually to the right it should turn otherwise. Personnally I would get rid of the first chicane in the first sector then increase the distance between the 2 corners of the next chicane and finnaly open the entry of the next chicane at the end of the 2nd sector, the third sector just needs to be abit refined due to its nature its almost impossible to arrange overtaking there.

      5. I had no idea this many PR-marketing nonsense could be fitted in such a small amount of text.

        All you’re saying is that the track looks great and is hard to master. Well boohoo, there are dozens of tracks that look great, are hard to master and on top of that actually produce great racing.
        Abu Dhabi was exciting last year because of the way the championship had unfolded up until that point. It was exciting despite Yas Marina, hardly because of it.

        Somehow some circuits remain exciting despite FIA regulations changing, others will probably never be exciting at all. When that happens, well, we might aswell have a shiny building with twinkling lights to keep us from dozing off.

        1. My favorite top three tracks are Spa, Monaco and Monza. All of which challenge the drivers to the maximum. Each of those tracks have locations that feature topography unlike anywhere else. From pristine forests to modern cities to city parks. And they all have stood the test of time and have earned their place in the laurels of racing history. Then you have a track like AbuDhabi or Yas Marina, which can’t compare to those mentioned but does as best as it can considering the wheres, whys and hows that new track design intails. Perhaps Austin will get the new track syndrome right. At least the promotion of the event and what their intentions are should be welcome by race fans and all of you critics who know F1 and what it is about. Abu Dhabi is a good track and has become a fan favorite.

          1. Haha, I smell a troll!

    3. Andy G (@toothpickbandit)
      4th November 2011, 15:53

      Hamilton has always been strong around Abu Dhabi. Coupled with the fact it might suit the McLaren, odds of him winning at 11/2 don’t seem too shabby!

      1. If he can resume his Korea form there are the chances.

    4. I don’t see it to be honest. Slow corners have seen a Red Bull with better race pace the whole season. The McLaren side pods now have seemed to be the most efficient design at feeding the rear wing, and the McLarens this year have been very strong where the setup requires a high rear wing.

    5. Hamilton: Yas Marina will suit McLaren

      Oh, really? Button said the same two weeks ago about Korea.

      McLaren should leave Lewis and Button tell what they really think about those tracks and not Matt Bishop.

    6. For some reason I just really like this track. I went to this race last year and the day-to-night transition was simply gorgeous. I do agree that the layout is quite dull though.

    7. I hope the DRS zone/s aren’t too long here. It could be another Turkey if so.

      I would like to see DRS used on both straights, but deployed late enough on each straight so that the overtake is still something of a challenge.

      This will liven up the possibility of KERS being used on other parts of the track – remember we have the start/finish line where there are medium speed corners before and after it.

      There is some hope. I hope they just make the most out of what little potential they’ve got.

      1. Turkey 2011 far better choice than abu dhabi 2010 lol.

    8. The 2011 regulations didn’t make Valencia exciting, and I doubt they’ll liven up this place either :(

      1. I 2nd that. The previous races here haven’t been that great, and the only things that make us remember the circuit are the hotel, the pitlane, and the twilight transition. We’re in for another procession I fear.

        1. y’know, I’m kind of hoping that Alonso gets stuck behind Petrov for 30 laps again.

          1. I hope that most races :p

            1. Just to see the “ceiling Vitaly” photoshops on Autosport :D

    9. didnt Lewis say that their DRS hasnt been good and they been slower in a str8 line than some of the smaller teams…? Vettel gonna dominate the race and its gonna be a boring procession again. i think right now its not a sport but a replica of the Schumacher/Ferrari era…

        1. I believe McLaren did earlier on this season not Lewis,although Upgrades on their Rear wing were mainly based on making it optimised for DRS

          1. indeed, McLaren changed it and used the new wing at least since Suzuka to get closer in qualifying @younger-hamii

    10. I’m sure he meant the circuit of Yawn Marina. He’s right though, the sunset will be beautifully reflected by the silver McLaren. How does that Red Hot Chili Peppers song go again? Oh yes, “just a mirror for the suuun, just a mirror for the sun-sun-suuun… These F1 cars are just a mirror for the Abu Dhabi sun.”

    11. I think that Yas Marina suits Lewis’ Driving style as well as McLaren(naturally?),Always performed really strong in Qualifying & the race(ignoring his Brake problem that lead to his retirement in 09) but desperately as a McLaren fan, I hope everything works out for him,Needs a couple of wins under him,winning both Abu Dhabi & Brazil will do,& the 2012 Lewis that his Father promised to appear at the end of this season.

    12. I like the circuit alot. The 90 degree turns are nice and the long straights. A real challenge for the drivers, it makes decent racing though mostly for mid field cars, its and a really great looking circuit!

      It’s just different – I really don’t see the blind hatred for this track?

    13. Didn’t McLaren say that Abu Dhabi suited them last year?

      I can’t remember which McLaren driver won that race…oh right.

      1. suitable car doesn’t always mean winning for 100%… but having both drivers on podium and the fastest lap mean something

        1. @DavidS @snafu Exactly. The track probably does suit the MP4-26 very well. A long straight and plenty of low speed corners.

          That said, the RB7 won in both Spa and Monza this year despite being one of the slowest cars (regarding top speed, anyway).

          A lot depends on how Saturday goes, anything can happen in the race.

    14. daniel (@clappy123456789)
      5th November 2011, 7:34

      just get 2 podiums in these 2 races dont worry about jenson finishing infront of u in championship it s done now uve ad your worst year and hes ad is best year just get ur mojo back 4 next year although i think ferrari and red bull 4 next year look at silverstone wiv the off throttle ban and that wont be their next year but get a win and podium in brazil and will see a new lewis hamilton in 2012

      THE BEST IN F1

    15. kenneth Ntulume
      5th November 2011, 10:23

      Lewis, just so u may know, Massa too “gait”got……..plans….no what i mean(wink wink)

    16. I still don’t see him winning the race over the Red Bulls. The KERS and DRS are strongest on the Mclaren like he said, but I just can’t see past a Red Bull win. Is there a double DRS zone or did I just imagine hearing it?

    17. There are 4 straights so there is a good chance of 2 DRS zones.

      1. Hmmm I can see 2 long straights and the start/finish, but where is the 4th ? Do you mean just before the chicane ?
        I hope there is no DRS in the long backstraight.
        They could put it at the start line and toward the end of the 2nd straight, so that they are closer through the dull sector 3.

    18. My prediction, Button will beat Lewis again and there may be an incident involving Massa! Too soon?

    19. Alonsomatic (@the0506alonsomatic)
      7th November 2011, 16:23

      It’s not because I am not Lewis fan but hasn’t Lewis been saying this for the past 3 years?

    20. The problem with McLaren at the moment is not their car as such. It’s how they set it up. They have had woeful tactics this year. They changed the rear wing so that they would be able to run higher wing angle and get great benefit from DRS. Which is great for Saturday, but it’s totally unbalanced on Sunday.

      They SHOULD be very fast on straights, a long time strong point of McLaren, but they aren’t. Why? Because they set the car up to make the most of their ‘fancy’ rear wing. But it doesn’t work when you can’t open DRS every 3 seconds. They would be fast if they could get tucked up behind another car and run their wing in the DRS zones but they have forgotten that they have to get there and stay there first WITHOUT DRS.

      This is exactly the kind of track that will show that up again.

      I also am interested in the fact that both drivers (but especially Hamilton) complain about front wing angle during the race quite often. I get the feeling that the over aggressive rear wing is fine in quali when you aren’t looking after the tyres and can throw the car around a bit to counter the understeer with a dab of throttle but on race day when they are trying to look after the tyres they get too much understeer and have to dial in more front wing which then exacerbates the straight line speed issue. Hamilton has so many tyre issues because he doesn’t like a front leading car and aggressively compensates for it. It suits Buttons style MORE but it’s still wrong.

      Red Bull on the other hand set their cars up for the race – they can afford to lose some pace in quali to run a skinny wing and sail past on the straight even with a slightly weaker engine.

      The other issue that McLaren will have this race (and Mercedes and Red Bull might do well with) is traction. You NEED good traction out of the slow corners on this track to make an overtake, the bulls seem to have good traction and can probably afford to run a bit softer at the back, McLaren have been struggling with this.

      To sum up, I can’t see a McLaren win this race. They have been poor all year with setup and tactics. I love them dearly but they need to go back to school for next season and get the basics right.

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