Fan’s video shows Maldonado’s crash with Glock

2012 Belgian Grand Prix

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Pastor Maldonado’s collision with Timo Glock which earned him a penalty for the Italian Grand Prix is seen in this video shot by a fan at Spa-Francorchamps.

Maldonado ran into the rear of the Marussia driver immediately after the restart on lap five of the Belgian Grand Prix. The contact ended Maldonado’s race and dropped Glock from 16th to 19th.

The Williams driver received one of his two five-place grid penalties for this weekend’s race for the crash – the other penalty was handed down for his jump start.

Glock believed the collision cost him a better result: “We knew we could be stronger in the race and we were; we could have been stronger still but for the problem with Maldonado which lost me time earlier in the race and created a bigger gap to Petrov at the end than might otherwise have been the case.”

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40 comments on “Fan’s video shows Maldonado’s crash with Glock”

  1. Surely the stewards saw the replay of the crash, as they handed out a penalty – but why didn’t they show us?

    1. Too obvious.

    2. They’ve also got the telemetry, so they could probably have used that to recreate where the cars were and what they were doing. In this case, the could have seen that Maldonado was being rather too ambitious.

      1. Or they saw this, originally posted by @goofy elsewhere on this site

  2. Glock was just Maldonado-ed, sadly another victim. When & who will Maldonado strike? I reckon Riccardo at Suzuka next.

    1. You really think Maldo will drive sensibly in Monza AND Singapore? I admire your confidence in humanity, but some things just aren’t achievable ;) . Now my guess is he’s gonna do a Liuzzi at Monza!

    2. Are you seriously suggesting he’ll make it through the first chicane at Monza unscathed? I reckon hit team mate’s next.

    3. I wouldn’t want to be infront of him on the grid at Monza.

      1. the bad thing is, he has a 10-place grid penalty so there will be a good amount of drivers starting in front of him.

      2. There’s a 1 in 20 chance Maldonado will win at Monza, but a 19 in 20 chance he’ll crash somehow.

        1. He proved at that recent demo run that he could crash all by himself (and in Australia for that matter) so I’d say 20/20 chance… haha.

          1. +1 LOL
            I Registeref this site just to reply this message. You made me laugh ..

          2. It is a difficult game isn’t it? One has to escape all these crashes possibilities and then claim the win :)

      3. @hey You wouldn’t want to be able to see him on the grid let alone be in front of him.

  3. There was some kind of limit of how many onboards they can record at a time I think. Don’t remember where I read about that and who was controlling it. Maybe Maldonado’s onboard wasn’t recording it at time and at some points there are cameras which will be turned by cameramen, so they might be pointing at wrong direction.

    Anyway, Maldonado’s onboard should always be on as long as he is in the race. Therefore incidents could be caught easier.

    1. That would really surprise me if that was how it is filmed. I would have thought that every cars onboard camera would be recording at all times the car is in motion. It seems silly not too.

  4. someonealreadyhasmyname
    5th September 2012, 21:55

    The same person who shot the above video also has a nice one of the start, on the left of the shot you can see Grosjean vear into Hamilton – and it’s all over so fast…

    1. Wow, that video made me gasp having seen the wreck who knows how many times now. But from the stands with the crowd cheering, and then their reaction made that video so powerful.

  5. Ah, good ol’ Pastor.

    1. Pastor Crashonaldo.

      1. Crashtor Malfunctionado

        1. Pasta Marinara (courtesy of Alan Jones)

        2. Perfect terminology

        3. malfunctionado xD lolz

          I wonder where the scouts for the local venuezualian destruction derby’s are nowadays?

      2. This is the best. I like it . Crashonaldo…..

  6. grosjean and maldonado fought to a draw for **** of the day in belgium. with grosjean out for monza will hamilton and massa renew hostilities?…both are under huge pressure these days. maybe there will be a surprise winner (loser) this time?

  7. I think Maldonado was very furios and mad on him, and that’s why he hit Glock, because Grosjean made the big crash in first corner, and not him. But, I’m sure, when he will see that ‘delicios’ first corner at Monza…Mama mia..

  8. I’m pretty sure this video of the start shows that Maldonado was actually almost perfect at the start. He timed it wrong, but it couldn’t of had been more than .05 off, seeing as the car pulls away almost exactly as the light goes off.

    1. If you watch closely you can see him move forward before he turns the wheel (to avoid a collision ironically) at the time of the light going out, so I think he actually jumped the start by quite a bit actually… certainly enough to disappoint Charlie somewhat.

      1. Yeah he jumped it by a lot. I remember in the coverage they showed a replay of the start from the camera over Charlie’s shoulder and you see him watch Maldonado fly off into the distance and then slowly shake his head in disappointment.

        1. Haha, yes, that one was priceless. :)

  9. Another skillfully executed pass.

  10. I dunno, it’s easy to jump on Maldonado, but from this angle it’s very hard to see who is at fault. However, the Penalty suggests that it’s Pastor’s.

    1. yeah its a tough call…its hard to see from any angle that Glock was 3/4 of a car length up on entry :)

      1. Well i think that Maldonado should be suspended.. the guy is poco-loco. he drives around like he’s steering a tin-top car.
        I kind of agree with Grosjeans penalty because of the fact that i believe that F1 drivers should be the best of the best, and should also display the best and most sportive behavior. In this point of view Maldonado should also be suspended, and MSC should get an ‘Armstrong-penalty’ .. just scratch him out of the history..
        But then again.. F1 is not a sport, it is a political game mainly, wich happens to involve nice quick cars :D

  11. While other teams are working on double drs and other aero tweaks for their cars Williams is working on a cattle catcher that will not affect airflow over the front wing so that Maldonado will be able to possibly complete races where he choses to go thru cars.

  12. Haha, my little Spa video’s gone viral in the F1 community? Great, love to share the awesome experience I had in Spa last couple of days.

    More stuff (photo’s and links to the video’s) can be found here, at our lovely little F1onboard forum:

  13. Had Grosjean raced at Monza, all of the championship leaders would have started from the pitlane.

  14. For the record, fine that he gets a penalty, but that is certainly not the worst we have seen Maldonado do, a lot of drivers could have made that error.

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