“No one remembers who finished second.” Or do they? Take the quiz

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Second place was a poor reward for Fernando Alonso after a series of consistently excellent performances in 2012.

There are those who say that “no one remembers who finishes second”. Whether it’s true or not, it seems a good place to start for an F1 Fanatic quiz with a slightly different theme.

This quiz is all about finishing second and will give your F1 knowledge a serious workout.

As usual you’ll be up against the clock so when you’re ready, take on these 20 questions in five minutes – and we’ll find out if anyone really does remember who finished second:

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How did you get on? Share your score in the comments – but remember not to leave clues about the questions!

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24 comments on ““No one remembers who finished second.” Or do they? Take the quiz”

  1. Definitely a difficult quiz.. Too tricky for me.. So difficult to remember I had to stop myself banging the keyboard in frustration…

    1. @keeleyobsessed Ah… mission accomplished :-)

  2. 10/20! Pretty pleased with the result!
    I was certain of some answers, whilst others I randomly guessed… :P

  3. I pretty much remember the second driver for every race or championship for which I remember the winner too. But for some races, I had no clue who even won. :)

  4. 7/10… I guess I belong to the crowd that doesn’t remember who finished second ;)

    1. *should be 7/20 of course -facepalm-

  5. 16/20. Ι wasn’t expecting at all this result. Difficult quiz.

  6. This one was really tough. I got a 3/20. I’ve scored as much as 11/20.
    Good job.

  7. 15/20, it seems I remember surprisingly many of these.

  8. Damn, forgot to submit before the time ran out. Ah well, being one of the younger F1 fans on this site, I very much doubt I got many correct :L

    1. To finish first, first you must finish :P

      I only got 2/20 and I’m probably not among the younger visitors…

  9. 10/20, pretty pleased! Apparently I also got 0… which is slightly confusing. Maybe because I clicked submit literally as the clock hit zero!

    Is there any way at all to view which answers were correct?? Almost all the fun lies there.

  10. It was a difficult one.

    I messed up completely. Ran out of time and pressed back button to go back previous page to submit. When I resubmitted it said it is taking up my previous score which came up as 0. :( something went wrong. I knew few of the answers were correct for sure.

  11. @keithcollantine On a basic glance at the leaderboard i feel though there are some high scorers (Congrats to @Gooby), the overall statistics skews towards the fact that people tend to forget the person who finished second !!! maybe a detail look can give a different perspective. What is your opinion based on the statistics ?

  12. Damn all these quizzes are for veteran F1 fanatics!

  13. Enzo Ferrari actually said “no one remembers who took second place and that will never be me”.
    He also said “second is the first of the losers” and “consistency is the most important thing in business”.

    All of them very true.

  14. Very pleased with 14/20! Not bad at all, and with a minute to spare to stew (and fail) on the last question!

    Would be good if we could review our answers and the correct ones after submission if that’s possible… just a thought! :-) thanks for another tough quiz!

  15. 17/20, not bad.

  16. I had to go help dad with his wings, and when I came back, restarted the quiz, I looked at my results and it said my previous was counted, which was 0 obviously. :C

    I got 8/20 when I did do it.

  17. 13/20. Decent I’d say.

  18. Rats, my PC crashed before I could submit my answers!

  19. I don’t see the need for (a) the time limit or (b) not telling us the answers at the end… this is just for fun, right?

    1. @jonathan189 Of course, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be challenging or that it should be easy for people to cheat.

      However I would like to add a feature allowing people to check their answers at the end.

  20. The winner take it all.

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