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The Caption Competitions were a new addition to the site this year and they proved very popular.

We had two dozen different pictures on the site and thousands of amusing suggestions for captions. Here’s my pick of the best and who thought them up. Look out for more on the site next year.

Jenson Button, BAR, 2004


Fernando Alonso, Stefano Domenicali, Wrooom

“Fernando, use the best of your hair, we know how big it is.”

Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Valencia

“So Kimi, what are your comments about the test?”
“I was quickest.”


Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Ferrari F2012 launch

Massa: “Er, I think Lewis already crashed into this one.”

Pedro de la Rosa, Luis Perez-Sala, Jerez

“I say old chum, I seem to have misplaced my pipe.”

Jarno Trulli, Flavio Briatore, Renault, Suzuka, 2002

“Flavio look, I’m Spiderman!”
“I know. You’re hanging by a single thread.”


Cardboard Red Bull RB8

Red Bull have announced the next up-and-coming talent to join their young driver development programme.

Nico Rosberg, Michael Schumacher, Mercedes W03 launch

Apparently Mercedes’ engineers did not give their two drivers the memo about the new nose.

Dani Clos, Vitantonio Liuzzi, Pedro de la Rosa, Narain Karthikeyan, HRT

Radio 5 Live snaps four potential assistant commentators for 2013
Tom (@Iwishiworkedformclaren)

Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, Melbourne

“No matter how hard we try to find somewhere private it always feels like Lewis is right behind us.”
Ben Stone

Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher, Melbourne

“Tenner on Alonso leading after Malaysia?”
“Oh come on, don’t be ridiculous!”


Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Sepang

You see Felipe, I am not only faster than you but I also have more followers!

Frank Williams, Bernie Ecclestone, Barcelona

Bernie: “Bring out the 70-candle birthday cake from the garage!”
Don Navarro

Jenson Button, Gary Paffett, Brands Hatch

“This is where your mirrors are, you might want to check them in Canada this year.”
Jay_au (@Jay)

Sir Stirling Moss, Goodwood Festival of Speed, 2009

“If I ever break my leg falling down a lift shaft, I want crutches like these!”

Bernie Ecclestone, Felipe Massa, Valencia

Bernie: “I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times – Tamara is off the market!”
Alex Brown (@Splittimes)

Mark Webber, Red Bull, Hungaroring

“Urgh, smells like team spirit.”

Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Hockenheim

Nico got the wrong idea when Ross Brawn said that they weren’t achieving their goals on a regular basis.

David Coulthard, Weehawken police

“Sorry to bother you, Mr Coulthard. Someone mentioned doughnuts and we thought we’d better check it out.”

Michael Schumacher, Mercedes

I am still number one among the over-forty-years-old in F1. In your face, Pedro!

Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, McLaren

Hamilton: “You reckon Mercedes are going to have a championship-winning car next season?”
Boris (@Bozdee)

Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Lego Ferrari F150??? Italia, Singapore

Massa: “I don’t care if I have to stay behind Fernando. I’ll never Lego of my Ferrari seat.”

Christian Horner, Sebastian Vettel, Valencia

“I’ve downloaded McLaren’s new MP4-27 app… oh, it’s stopped working.”

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit

“I guess I should have chased Dietrich Mateschitz for his autograph when I was ten.”

Over to you

Do you have a favourite caption? Or would you like to suggest an alternative for one of them? Have your say in the comments.

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22 comments on “The best of the 2012 Caption Competition winners”

  1. Next year I’ll be going for youngest triple caption contest winner.

  2. I had good laugh looking at those again!

  3. This was a classic!!

    Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit

  4. Great stuff. Caption competition was a brilliant addition to F1 Fanatic!

  5. The first few are a bit lame, but most of ‘m are quite brilliant :)

  6. I loved the last one, that was brilliant!

  7. Also, amazing how spookily accurate the HRT one was by @Iwishiworkedformclaren – not that predicting the demise of HRT is completely unprecedented but still, it’s pretty funny looking back on it!

    1. Found the same, this is one that gained value over time …

  8. I loved the McLaren app

  9. Oase’s ‘MW: Urgh, smells like team spirit’ – is epic!

  10. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    22nd December 2012, 14:52

    PLease @keithcollantine, a caption competition about that Valencia podium pic with Alonso covering his eyes next to Schum!

  11. The best ones are the 2 that involve Bernie..Bring out the 70 candle birthday cake! Hahaha

  12. The first two are awful.

    The rest are hilarious though! Wish I could have thought of them :( haha

  13. Sir Stirling Moss grinding out the tough days of being a celebratory…

  14. good laugh….The lego ferrari had a better caption that wasnt selected

  15. A mix of the genius and the godawful!

  16. Given the approximate timing of the first photo, I always imagined this was Jenson looking for his Williams contract.

  17. great time reading all of them.

    Massa: “Er, I think Lewis already crashed into this one.” IS THE BEST in this list….@Robk23 good one

  18. The caption competition was the best new addition to 2012. Closely followed by the top 10 pictures of every race weekend.
    Keith, what new features are you introducing in 2013?

  19. Alternative for Massa and Mr B:

    Felipe: That’s a nice watch, Bernie.

  20. I loved all the caption competitions. I really enjoyed them through 2012. Thanks!

  21. Webber’s one got a better meaning now!

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