2013 Chinese Grand Prix championship points

2013 Chinese Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Shanghai, 2013

2013 Chinese Grand Prix

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    25 comments on “2013 Chinese Grand Prix championship points”

    1. Alonso first in neck championship. His neck is double the size of his girlfriend.

      1. Lol well noticed, but at 5 feet 2 she is probably neck and neck with Alonso.

      2. He probably eats twice as much as well.

        But wow, if we can maintain this closeness untill Brasil I’m very happy!

    2. Vettel vs Alonso vs Raikkonen vs Hamilton title fight, I’m guessing.

      1. That debents on whether Mercedes can find more race pace. Right now they have the weakest race pace from those 4 teams. Hamilton is playing the picking points game like Alonso did last year but for such tactic to work you need a tone of luck and Hamilton isn’t very famous for it.
        Hell Alonso had quite a good events happening last year and still didn’t manage to get it.

    3. RED BULL still in the range! :P

    4. There’s your 7 points right there. I have to say, 1 more lap Vettel. Watching Vettel I think he could have pitted 2 laps earlier.

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        14th April 2013, 16:27

        +1, But given the short life span of the soft tyres, they would have risk Vet into destroyed tyres

    5. I’m predicting another title fight between Vettel and Alonso, and another bronze-medal fight between Kimi and Hamilton. The Williams struggling so badly makes me wonder will they score any points this season :(

    6. I predict the WDC will be driving a Red Bull, Ferrari, Lotus, or Mercedes.

      1. I predict Jules Bianchi will shock the world and win the WDC by a huge margin (in a parallel universe).

        1. Alonso and Bianchi in the red cars in this alternate universe? ;)

    7. The top 4 are all clear No.1’s in their respective teams.

      1. The top five please.

    8. Massa is not helping at all, as a Ferrari fan i’m disappointed it should have been 1-2 finish today…but +41 from someone with the same car…very disappointed as his fan

      1. The start was good but after his first pit stop he was nowhere, he could have tried to hold up Vettel a bit more but he put the door wide open! I had expected a lot more form him this race.

        1. @force-maikel
          exactly agree with you.

    9. Massa is on form, still lacks of something. Inconsistent race pace, inability when behind traffic for example.

      1. @eggry or better pitstop timing from ferrari

    10. The top 4 drivers in the sport top 4 in the championship, even after 3 races. It isn’t a coincidence.

    11. When Alonso said that he could score more points than last year the F1Fanatic twit after the Malaysian GP was
      “Well he’s two races in and 17 points down…” ,well a 9th place in the next race is enough to equal his points of last year in the first 4 races

      1. “Well he’s two races in and 17 points down…” ,well a 9th place in the next race is enough to equal his points of last year in the first 4 races

        @tifoso1989 Everyone loves to have a go at Ferrari, Alonso and Massa whenever they find an iota of a chance to, don’t they?

      2. Btw, @tifoso1989 has Alonso not equaled his points tally after last year’s Bahrain GP already?

    12. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      14th April 2013, 19:07

      Remember, I am a Vettel fan, but Alonso deserves DOTW this time.

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