Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Shanghai, 2013

Lotus to evaluate Double DRS before Spain

2013 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Shanghai, 2013Lotus say they will test their Double DRS after the Bahrain Grand Prix in time for the next race in Spain.

Technical director James Allison said they will conduct straight-line aero tests on the passive device, which enhances the DRS effect above certain speeds.

“We still have work to do with it,” said Allison. “We?ll be trialling the DDRS again between the first round of flyaways and the start of the European season when we have an opportunity to do some straight line testing.”

With just five days between the end of the Chinese Grand Prix and the beginning of practice in Bahrain, teams have limited time to bring upgrades. However Lotus will have some new parts to test this weekend:

“We won?t be bringing anything particularly revolutionary on top of the China upgrades, but we will trial a suspension modification ?ǣ internal rather than to the wishbones ?ǣ which is an evolution of something we ran to good effect during pre-season,” said Allison.

“You?re always trying to find the right compromise between the mechanical grip that the suspension?s articulation offers to the tyres and holding the aerodynamic platform at the optimum height from the road, and we believe this is a step forward in helping us achieve that.”

Allison added the configuration of the Bahrain circuit should play into Lotus’s hands this weekend: “There are things that are special about Bahrain which might make us more optimistic.”

“For example, it is one of the most aggressive tracks on the rear tyres and if we have a particular strength it does seem to be that when we get the car set up just right it does seem to use the tyres rather gently.

“Secondly, in Kimi in particular, we have a driver who is able to get the car to go quickly without really burdening the rear axle.”

2013 Bahrain Grand Prix

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20 comments on “Lotus to evaluate Double DRS before Spain”

  1. It’s a passive f duct isnt it? … double drs is banned now

    1. that’s correct

      1. i really dont understand one thing about FIA in dealing with rules like double DRS and so on, because red bull used it to good effect, i think teams like ferrari and mclaren…are the only ones who really follow rules…tongue in check……

  2. Excellent news! The DDRS system is one of the most interesting concepts in F1 from the last five years, so it’s great they are still trying to make it work. Also, is this the first time someone from Lotus has called it ‘DDRS’ instead of ‘the device’?

    “We won’t be bringing anything particularly revolutionary on top of the China upgrades, but we will trial a suspension modification – internal rather than to the wishbones – which is an evolution of something we ran to good effect during pre-season”

    It’s quite what they mean with that ;)

    1. *It’s quite obvious what they …

  3. Ah finally. It has only taken them around 7 months to test it since they last did so. In that time, they have missed a lot of races where it would have helped enormously, notably the last race, China, which has the longest straight in F1. Why they have not at least tested this before now (that is what pre-season and free practice is there for), I do not know. Seriously, just sticking it on for a few laps in an FP1 session would have helped enormously in development. It’s not as if it has to be added to the car as such, as they have had those stupid red “ears” next to their intake since the first test. This better be a huge leap they will gain from it, otherwise it will be a HUGE waste of time and resources. Let us not forget, they essentially built the car round it this season.

    1. They tested it plenty in pre-season. They just couldn’t get it to work in a way that inspired driver confidence. The device is simple to manufacture but hideously complex to make work in usable fashion.

  4. Kimi ‘s driving style offer great advantage for himself on being gentle to the rear while harder on the front.

    Its much easier to tend the front with setup rather than the rear.

    This might be the reason why Romain been struggling so much. James Allison said that he was very harsh on the rear instead of on the front.

  5. If a guy’s fly is unzipped, is it okay to say, “Dude your DRS is open”?

    1. I think that device wouldn’t help reduce drag but it would surely help cooling.

  6. The passive device don’t enhance only the DRS, this device replace the DRS where it’s forbiden , working on the entire track above certain speed.

  7. What about Mercedes? They’ve also been testing it since last year, actually the only team ever to have a triple DRS!!! although briefly, in mid season testing.

    1. @mantresx To be honest I think Mercedes had to get the basics right before spending as much time on that as they did…and it certainly seems to be doing them some good.

  8. I must say, James Allison is one of the people i appriciate most of all people in F1. He seems like a great guy, and always shares some interesting inside info that others don’t dare to talk about.

    1. I was about to say the same. I like James Allison.

      1. I like people at Enstone. The best Engineering squad, if you ask me… Good luck Lotus!!!

        1. I also have a great respect for the Lotus engineering team , I just hope another team (looking at you Merc) doesn’t try to steal him away, at least not as long as Raikkonen is there, it would be a real shame to see them fall back into the midfield indefinitely, it is much better for F1 to have 4 teams (5 if Macca get their [mod] together) who are capable of winning races, makes for a more interesting championship.

  9. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    17th April 2013, 11:34

    This whole “double DRS” system must be hugely complex, because they’ve been trying to get the S.O.B to work since midway through last season.

  10. Excellent news! I hope that DDRS will bring the better results for Lotus team if it finally will be provided. I’ll wait for the news that the DDRS has been successfully tested and installed in the racing bolides. It would be awesome!

  11. Why don’t we sacrifice Grosjean to use the DDRS up until he goes faster than Kimi..

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