2014 Spanish Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2014 Spanish Grand Prix

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The fans and marshals were showing their support for Fernando Alonso at his home race in Spain. Here are their video perspectives on the Spanish Grand Prix.

The Ferrari garage during practice

The marshals’ view

Turn one braking zone

Human pyramid

Marshal chases Alonso for autograph

Haryanto crashes out at GP2 sprint race start

Alonso acknowledges his fans



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2014 Spanish Grand Prix

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8 comments on “2014 Spanish Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

  1. That human pyramid video was awesome!

    1. Certainly original. It looks pretty risky, especially over asphalt. I assume that they were some sort of professionals, or that at least they’re trained and have a lot of practice.

  2. They sound brilliant, whats all the fuss?

    1. That’s what I thought, much better than on the Tele.

  3. they sound earth shatteringly… quiet. the fan videos show the true story, low revving (not a problem in itself) and very quiet. lets hope the fart can Mercedes are trying out adds some volume and character to the v6s.

  4. FOM really need to step on it, these cars sound great. Like little spaceships under braking.

  5. whoa! looking at start the sound doesnt match the speed of cars… thumbs down for V6 turbo!! ugly looking cars makes it worse :(

  6. Cocaine-Mackeine
    15th May 2014, 18:49

    Wow, nobody has to wear earplugs during the start anymore….. what a shame, in the past the ones who didn’t wear thise were really brave!

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