Circuit Gilles Villeneuve gets new ten-year F1 deal

2014 Canadian Grand Prix

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The Canadian Grand Prix will remain at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for a further ten years.

The Montreal circuit has held Canada’s round of the world championship since 1978. It has only failed to appear on the calendar twice since then, in 1987 and 2009.

Following its last absence from the calendar the Canadian government stepped into to help secure a five-year contract. The new deal will see it remain on the schedule until at least 2024.

“It’s great because Montreal is one of the best races in the year, for all of us,” said Nico Rosberg after taking pole position for this year’s race.

“It’s a great track, the fans are fantastic, so enthusiastic so I’m very happy and I’m sure everybody is, that we’re going to be coming here a lot more often in the future.”

Lewis Hamilton, who scored his first F1 victory at the circuit in 2007 and has won the race three times, said, “it’s one of the best races of the year”.

“But mostly the fans here are just, again, some of the best that we get to see,” he added. “They really make the atmosphere and the city is incredible, great food, we enjoy coming here so I’m grateful that that’s been done so hopefully we get to race here many more times.”

2014 Canadian Grand Prix

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16 comments on “Circuit Gilles Villeneuve gets new ten-year F1 deal”

  1. What an apt picture for the article Keith!

    1. Ha true, but that “Quebec original” sign in the background is a bit too small and too far up the wall of champs, it reminds me when they had the “welcome to Quebec” one right there.

  2. I read it had no contract just yesterday, thinking that it is a disaster that Montreal has no contract for next year! Brilliant news, but with one large problem – technically 23 races have contracts for next year, and I therefore can see at least 3 of them going, but which ones?

    1. Bernie has said that India will likely not be on the calender next year, and i doubt that as long as India classifies it as entertainment and is heavily taxable will not return.

      I don’t think that India/Korea’s replacement Azerbaijan will be finished in time personally, and the Mexican race may not be sorted quickly enough.

      Even the NY/NJ race is unlikely in my opinion for next year. but we will see.

      1. My kingdom for an edit button, all those are the same link about the Indian race.

        1. France could appear on the calendar next year. Mexico and Baku should be done and to get a possible slot on the calendar then Baku will have to be placed after Sochi and Mexico after Texas but before Abu Dhabi/ Interlagos

          1. Bernie said it very clearly that France won’t be on the calendar (as others ARE paying what he wants) William

      2. Yes. I don’t think we will see India back sadly, and America NJ race probably won’t be ready, and I have a feeling that this is their last chance now.

        One other thing I’ve just realised: For the past 3 years the Brazilian GP have gone on about revamping the circuit, yet nothing has ever happened.

        1. Yes I know he said that at the last round of the championship but he says some things when he doesn’t mean it. With New Jersey expected to fall through then maybe France could get a slot. BasCB

          1. I’d love to see France back, but I cannot see it happening. Bernie owns Paul Ricard, the most likely location should it return, and Bernie won’t particularly want to not be getting all the money from hosting the race.

            Also, I doubt another race would be added to take another race’s place, given how busy the calendar will be already.

          2. Only 21 is going to take place if you take out India and New Jersey.

          3. Yes. I can see that being a possibility maybe, but 23 almost definitely cannot happen. There was uproar about just 22 for this year!

  3. Ron (@rcorporon)
    8th June 2014, 0:01

    The crowd went nuts when they announced this on the speakers. Great to hear!

    1. Indeed, great news that this track will stay on for another decade.

  4. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    8th June 2014, 3:20

    Great news! :D

    Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is a terrific track that always produces exciting racing and the fans are loud and love it!

    1. Agreed. I personally love how the racing here is far exciting. Drivers going on full speed, brushing the wall, tomorrow it should exciting to see that, and more knowing that there’s nearly no grip on the circuit.

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