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Review the 2014 F1 season with some of the best images of the year – plus more galleries from every round of the championship.


The first test of the season at Jerez gave us a glimpse of the new generation of F1 cars in action. But after two further tests in Bahrain it was clear Mercedes were the team to beat.

Australian Grand Prix

Mercedes duly won first time out in Australia but Daniel Ricciardo was disqualified due to a technical infringement on his Red Bull, handing Kevin Magnussen a surprise second place on his debut for McLaren.

    Malaysian Grand Prix

    Lewis Hamilton bounced back from a technical problem in Australia to lead the first of the team’s 11 one-two finishes.

      Bahrain Grand Prix

      An epic tussle between the two Mercedes drivers was won by Hamilton, while Sergio Perez surprised with Force India’s only podium finish of the season.

        Chinese Grand Prix

        Hamilton comfortably made it a hat-trick of wins in Spain while Fernando Alonso reached the podium for Ferrari on the first weekend after the departure of team principal Stefano Domenicali.

          Spanish Grand Prix

          Another Mercedes one-two, and while Nico Rosberg pressed Hamilton all the way he couldn’t stop his team mate moving ahead in the drivers’ championship.

            Monaco Grand Prix

            A convenient error by Rosberg during qualifying in Monaco raised tension between the Mercedes drivers to new heights. This time it was his turn to lead a one-two, while Jules Bianchi earned his and Marussia’s first ever points.

              Canadian Grand Prix

              The Mercedes hegemony was broken by Red Bull. When the W05s hit trouble, Ricciardo broke through Rosberg’s defences to win, Hamilton having already fallen by the wayside.

                Austrian Grand Prix

                A surprise front row lock-out for Williams couldn’t prevent another Mercedes win, which went to Rosberg after Hamilton slipped up in qualifying.

                  British Grand Prix

                  Home hero Hamilton celebrated a return to winning ways but his path was eased when Rosberg retired.

                    German Grand Prix

                    A win for Rosberg in Germany meant both Mercedes drivers won their home races. Hamilton started at the back after a brake failure in qualifying but brought his car home third behind the Williams of Valtteri Bottas.

                      Hungarian Grand Prix

                      Hamilton began a second race in a row from the tail of the field after a problem in qualifying. Rosberg’s early lead was eradicated by the Safety car, bringing Alonso and Ricciardo into play. The latter passed the Ferrari to win, while Hamilton took third after disregarding an instruction from his team to let Rosberg through.

                        Belgian Grand Prix

                        Ricciardo took a third win after the Mercedes pair sensationally collided. Rosberg recovered second and restored his points lead to a peak of 29, while Hamilton eventually parked his damaged car.

                          Italian Grand Prix

                          Hamilton hit back in style at Monza. He took pole position and despite losing the lead at the start – due to an electrical glitch – won the race after Rosberg skidded off twice.

                            Singapore Grand Prix

                            Hamilton took pole position again but an electrical problem sidelined Rosberg at the start. The Red Bull drivers completed the podium – Sebastian Vettel ahead of Ricciardo for once.

                              Japanese Grand Prix

                              A race which will only be remembered for Bianchi’s horrific crash in murky conditions as the grand prix neared its end.

                                Russian Grand Prix

                                Russia’s first grand prix was inevitably overshadowed by concern for Bianchi. The Sochi Autodrom produced a processional race, won easily by Hamilton after Rosberg went off at the start.

                                  United States Grand Prix

                                  Hamilton extended his points lead further with his fifth win in a row, passing Rosberg on the way.

                                    Brazilian Grand Prix

                                    Rosberg took pole and this time Hamilton didn’t take the win off him – though he tried hard. A spin for Hamilton on lap 27 settled this one, while Felipe Massa claimed a popular podium finish at home.

                                      Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

                                      The championship looked settled once Hamilton beat pole sitter Rosberg to turn one, and the latter’s gradual demise due to an electrical problem later in the race sealed the outcome.

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