2015 Mexican Grand Prix grid

2015 Mexican Grand Prix

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Row 11. Nico Rosberg 1’19.480
2. Lewis Hamilton 1’19.668
Row 23. Sebastian Vettel 1’19.850
4. Daniil Kvyat 1’20.398
Red Bull
Row 35. Daniel Ricciardo 1’20.399
Red Bull
6. Valtteri Bottas 1’20.448
Row 47. Felipe Massa 1’20.567
8. Max Verstappen 1’20.710
Toro Rosso
Row 59. Sergio Perez 1’20.716
Force India
10. Nico Hulkenberg 1’20.788
Force India
Row 611. Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’20.942
Toro Rosso
12. Romain Grosjean 1’21.038
Row 713. Pastor Maldonado 1’21.261
14. Marcus Ericsson 1’21.544
Row 815. Felipe Nasr 1’21.788
16. Alexander Rossi 1’24.136
Row 917. Will Stevens 1’24.386
18. Fernando Alonso* 1’21.779
Row 1019. Kimi Raikkonen** 1’22.494
20. Jenson Button*** No time

*15-place penalty for power unit components change
**35-place grid penalty for power unit components and gearbox change
***Did not set a time in Q1, granted dispensation from the stewards to start. 70-place grid penalty

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22 comments on “2015 Mexican Grand Prix grid”

  1. That should be another interesting start. Let’s see if Nico learned anything…

    1. Well I think he’ll definitely be protecting that inside line into T1. Only problem for him is if Lewis stays alongside, it’s the outside for T2. Should be interesting.

  2. I hope as the champs are done, Merc will let both drivers fight.

    1. They always let both drivers fight.

  3. 20 pole positions. Get in there lad. If only he was as competent at racing.

  4. Hamilton and Rosberg worrying about each other, vettel blasts into the lead Hungary 2.0

    1. He could get a tow.

  5. The Red Bull drivers nailed it.. a thousandth of a second separates the two ! incredible…

    1. Not really. When they both did their first laps Ricciardo was further behind actually… Looks closer than it actually was.

  6. One Ferrari and two Mclarens at the end of the grid : I wouldn’t have thought that possible some years ago…

  7. Congragulations Rosberg for the job well done although I am a Hamilton fan though. Lets the best man win tomorrow..

  8. the pole is on the left side of the track, isn’t it. With such a green track it seems the even numbered spots won’t be easy to start from.

  9. Never thought I’d say this, but it was so predictable that I now “tune out” Mercedes and watch the rest of the field. This sort of predictability for the front of the grid has become statistical, mathematical, unavoidable — it’s not just dominance, it’s uncompetitive, it’s killing a great sport.
    There have been years where drivers and/or marques have been prevalent. But there have never been years when the “rules” have so blatantly stopped the majority of teams from catching up. We can blame money, politics, Ecclestone, Todt, whatever, whomever — but the end result is approaching a “spectacle” catastrophe that might lead to huge financial profit for “the few”, but be terminally, totally, irrevocably fatal to the pinnacle of motor racing.

    1. It’s not always the same Merc at the front.
      Also interesting is that mercedes power 6 out of the top 11, but renault power 4 out of top 11 with their inferior power unit. If redbull used the new power unit available to them they would have done better in Texas and here.
      If they are that good with a crap engine it’s no surprise no one else wants to share their engine.

    2. i don’t understand why so many people still think the rules stop people from catching up did no one see what Ferrari did last year and you are all aware development has been opened up for next year for the same amount as 14-15 which was clearly more than enough to catch up.

  10. I think we could see a collision tomorrow between the Mercedes.

    Vettel for the win. Perez for a podium.

    1. For that to happen, Rosberg would’ve had to grow a pair since last weekend, which is doubtful. However, since there didn’t seem to be a massive Mercedes advantage throughout all the sessions, that Vettel win may seem a possibility. I think a great race is awaiting. I hope I’m not proven wrong.

      1. @toiago don’t underestimate the potential actions of a mad man. Nico is completely wired at the moment.

    2. Lewis will back out and take the unsettled Rossberg at the next bend.

  11. Interesting to note that the cars are basically in 2-by-2 formation, except for Verstappen getting ahead of the ‘to-be Aston Martins’, after they ran too late in Q3: Mercedes-Ferrari-Williams-Red Bull-Force India-Toro Rosso-Lotus-Sauber-McLaren-Manor

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