Yas Marina circuit was focus of alleged bomb plot

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In the round-up: A man accused of being a supporter of Islamic State is charged with terrorism offences including a bomb plot which targeted the Yas Marina circuit.


Comment of the day

Three-way scrap for the lead at Montreal in 2010
Do you miss the pre-gimmick era?

The greatest years in Formula One were those from 2006 until 2010. 5 different world champions in 5 different teams across five seasons, there was never really a dominant team. Ferrari was not the sole face of Formula One in these five years, but on average were more competitive than any other team, and were contenders in every season apart from 2009.

During this period, you never knew who would win ahead of time (this anticipation ahead of a weekend made up for the limited wheel to wheel racing) and there was no artificial no sense like DRS and Pirelli tyres. Everything this sport has done since 2011 has been a step backwards, and the enormous drop in viewing support this.

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On this day in F1

Former F1 racer Guy Edwards turn 73 today. Sadly his son Sean, a successful Porsche sports car driver, was killed in a crash while instructing another driver in Australia two years ago.

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53 comments on “Yas Marina circuit was focus of alleged bomb plot”

  1. Hey, speaking of Wurz, he’s been confirmed in one of the prototypes racing in the 2016 24 Hours of Daytona… Will definitely be rooting for him!

  2. For me those moments where they showed Carmen Jorda in the pitlane were the most exciting moments of the season…

    1. If it were up to me, I would impose a ban on all pitlane/celebrity shots during the race. Especially those of Carmen Jorda, which are indicative of all that’s wrong with F1: no-talent hacks allowed in the paddock solely for the reasons of money and marketing glamour.

      1. @pastaman We’ve had Taki Inoue and Yuji Ide……..

        1. @davidnotcoulthard Ok… so you are agreeing with me then?

        2. And Bernie..

          1. Having shots of celebrities during the race is debatable but I have no issue with shots of the crowd and the pitlane, the crowds support and reactions are an important part of any sport.
            The pit stops obviously need to be seen and I also like to see the engineers and other team members occasionally to remind us that it’s a team sport and show just how much work is going on outside of the car during the race.

            Although it can be irritating if they cut away from a good battle I think it’s important that we get coverage of all aspects of F1.

      2. I think that’s part of teh glamour F1 incorporates.

    2. For me, the moments where they showed Jorda and others were the most cringeworthy moments of the season. They don’t add anything to the coverage, distract from the races and indicate to me that the TV director is a dirty old pervert.

      1. Don’t be so square. Just look at her….fantastic. She should wear a bikini in the pits though. Mire grid girls as well makes F1 better.

        1. Because what really helps gender equality is more misogyny.

          1. I see no misogyny in showing attractive women.

  3. Brundle is employed by F1’s #2 problem. I guess he too fell into bias. Having Ferrari interested in changing f1 is all the support one could hope for, everyone has collectively said that F1 needs a sprinkle of vitality, now let’s go ahead. The one obligation F1 has right now is, to ditch DRS. What F1 should do for the sake of everyone is to try and avoid monopolies, via financial overpowering, f1 is falling into the hands of the teams, the teams can’t run f1 democratically, that said F1 can’t run democratically in times of crisis, like ancient rome, f1 needs a dictator. Capitalism is the way we live so we can’t end that, and the rest is subjective, the looks the sound the action, that’s not an obligation that F1 has to deal with.

    1. Plus his tongue is so far up Lewis’s a r s e he can taste what Lewis had for breakfast.

      1. For someone who dislikes Hamilton so much, you do seem desperate to keep talking about him, shoehorning his name into every possible crevice.

  4. ISIL wanted to bomb Yas Marina Circuit? You know what they say about stopped clocks, twice a day…

    1. Thanks for maing me chuckle!

  5. They’ll need a bomber aircraft..

  6. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
    30th December 2015, 9:50

    This is totally scary and frightening news.

    1. @iluvsoundtracks That is exactly what the terrorists want – to terrorize you. So with you they are succeeding. I suggest you keep calm and go about your normal life – show them that they cannot make us even a little bit afraid.

      1. Even better than that, give them the one finger salute whilst mooning them…

        The moment you change any part of your routine because you’re scared is the moment they can conceivably claim victory.

  7. Re women in F1: I’m happy for Wolff that she has got three years of experience at Williams, and from what I can work out she will continue work on inspiring women to work in motorsports, which is fantastic. On the other hand I am glad that Jorda is out. I was really worried that the reason I didn’t take Jorda seriously was purely due to gender, but thankfully there are counterexamples like Wolff and Adderly Fong who prove that being taken seriously doesn’t have anything to do with gender. I really wonder, in terms of being an ‘inspiration for young girls’, whether her presence has done more harm than good.

    Anyway, what’s next for women in F1? Well, there are not many in the junior ranks. Off the top of my head, there are Beitske Visser, Samin Gomez, Tatiana Calderon and a couple in F4, but all of them aren’t really setting the world alight at the moment. I know there’s a Spanish girl in karting who is doing pretty well, but that’s about it. So it’s not looking very bright for the next few years. In my opinion, the problem is still that few girls (or more accurately, their parents) choose to participate in karting events, which is just really hard to change.

    1. Exactly. Well said. And frankly, I don’t see anyone thinking about how to change that.

      I really hope Wolff actually gets a chance in a race seat, I think she’s at least close enough to justify it. At the worst it would show that look, it’s still possible to do.

      1. Shes had a few chances in raceseats already but they where all above her levels.

      2. No man with her skills and achievements would ever be considered for F1. Being a female can’t get her an easier path to F1. She must be treated on equal basis with her men counterparts.

    2. My five-year-old daughter got a microscope, meccano, biology and astronomy books for Christmas (it’s what she asked for). Her friends got pink fluffy toys and make-up sets. Their mums think my wife and I are mad. There’s still a long way to go to break out of gender stereotypes.

      1. Send her to Nasa

      2. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
        30th December 2015, 11:43

        @tribaltalker congrats for instilling on ukur kid what really matters. I wish more people realised that.

        1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
          30th December 2015, 11:44


        2. @omarr-pepper – thanks for your kind words. But like I said, it was what she wanted – if she had asked for pink fluffy unicorns, that’s what she would have got.
          On the other hand, I’ve taken both my kids to local motor racing events and neither was really interested. But you’ve got to give them the opportunities – and it’s fun to do, too.

        3. @omarr-pepper, @tribaltalker – On the other hand, what is a 5 year old going to do with those presents. As a parent it is about presenting the opportunities without pushing your kid into it. One day a talented girl will come along and she will be interested in karting and racing (most likely she will have a father who is too) and if she is lucky enough and good enough she will reach F1.

          @andae23 What one must not forget is how slim the chances are for anybody, female or male, to get into F1. Yes, we have a lot of paydrivers but also those racers earned their pedigree somewhere.

      3. Bambino Karts start at 6yrs, something to think about for next Christmas :). Excellent choice of gifts though.

    3. In my opinion @andae23 the ‘problem’ is that on the whole girls are less aggressive than boys. Racing is essentially aggressive, with the strange need to go round in circles faster than anyone else, just to show you can. I admire girls for having other priorities.

      Some girls are aggressive of course, but we need much more of an outlier among them to be at the top level. This is why I’m all for a women’s championship, where we can accept standards are lower without despising anyone for that fact.

      1. @lockup I’m not so sure, if you look at women’s football, women’s hockey or whatever, those women are just as ruthless as the male teams. I’m convinced the mental part of Formula 1 is not an issue at all for women. But yeah, I already alluded to it, if parents want their daughter to play with Barbie dolls instead of putting them in a kart, then of course chances of seeing them in F1 one day are slim..

        1. I know what you mean about women’s football omg @andae23 but they’re a tiny subset. There are differences that are quite valid, between men and women. Girls having less testosterone is one of them :)

      2. What i fail to see is a problem in the least.
        Why to we must have women racing in F1 exactly? Because of silly appearances to certain feminist groups and media?
        Women that are interested in racing should be free to try, that is all.
        If a woman can win karts and F3 and GP2 etc and get an F1 seat then good for her.
        If no woman can do it or they ain’t interested, then that it’s fine too. That is how being free is.

    4. Woiff was a pay driver of limited talent that served ZERO purpose. Her simulator work is questionable at best given her large lack of F1 experience. Claire is all about femynism, see the 2015 awards she’s handing out and who she praises, but thusfar it’s been a detriment to the team. And until someone proves Lance Stroll is actually male…

  8. Do Lauda and Wolff remind anyone else of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock?

    1. More like Mr. Spock and Captain Christopher Pike.

      1. I apologize for and withdraw those last comments.

  9. Get rid of drs, get f1 back onto live free to air TV and get more teams in f1 and make sure the teams are paid more equally so they can stay in. Get rid of Ferraris veto, if they want to leave they can. The rest will sort itself out.

    1. Whisperings of the peanut gallery. Ferrari do not need the veto and they still would hold the most power. Red Bull have engine rules proposed just by moaning. Merc also have huge power with no veto. Thing is most the world do not care for the easy to replace little nobody teams. You may not like it but our opinions are worthless, I do not like what Putin has to say but what he says and does is far more important than me, just accept it some people and organisations are just above the rest.

  10. Most importantly… Get rid of budget caps… Stabilize aero rules… Allow testing again.

    If teams want to test let them… Ban of testing was worse thing to happen for young drivers.

    Drs is debatable, though most of us dont like it… While budget caps insured teams cannot improve from a slump while spending if anything increased.

    1. @jureo, it does seem a bit strange that you have previously complained about the influence of the larger teams, and yet quite a few of the measures that you have been proposing are often structured in such a way as to effectively give those teams an ever larger advantage.

      1. Indeed I have, but I imagine in a land od unlimited development Mercedes wouldnt be much faster… But I bet McLaren and Ferrari would be. Red Bull already are but suffer power voes.

        I long bought the “save money” mantra. But no more… There is no help for low budget teams anymore… There are no rules that would make it fair for all. No rules F1 would accept…

        So make it No rules-with reason.

        Personally I believe there should be just a set of safety rules, engine rules and sporting rules. Develop whatever wings you want, wathever weight distribution, whatever underbody.

        Convergent Chassis are killing F1, all cars now look the same, best optimized go fastest. No real inovation just endless front wing itterations. Useless.

        Open up the rules, so we get to see more veriety.

  11. Despite DRS there wasn’t much wrong about F1 in 2011-2013 that wasn’t already there in years mentioned either. One team got a little more dominant but looking back to those years having witnessed 2014-2015 those were very good years.

    1. Yeah, years 2011-2013 teams enjoyed relative rule stability. If it wasnt for Seb Vettel outperforming we would have cracking seasons… Engines were mostly same…times were good.

  12. IMO, it’s time to end the whole ‘women in F1’ topic as it does no favors for anyone, and start up a women GP series. It might be unusual in the beginning, but so it was for most sports. Even chess has its own women championship, and it’s nothing weird or demeaning about it. This will promote women in motorsport generally, and in time might even foster a talent worthy of an F1 seat on merit. As much as I like to look at Carmen Jorda, I would rather see her fighting with the likes of Wolff on track and spraying champagne on the podium than as an object of lust in an F1 garage.

    1. You’d struggle to see Jorda on a podium regardless of the quality of her competitors.

      1. Jenson and Fernando made it to a podium this year, maybe Jorda could have joined?

        1. Given her performances throughout her entire career, I suspect podiums actively repel her.

  13. A bomb ? Well, they just wanted to get rid of ugly-useless-boring-slow corners and help building a new track !

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