Renault’s F1 cars and liveries in pictures, 1977-2016

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Renault has revealed the look of its forthcoming Formula One challenger.

It is the third time the French manufacturer has competed in F1 as a full works team. Compare the design of its cars through the years below.

1977-79: Renault RS01

Jean-Pierre Jabouille, Renault, 1977

1979: Renault RS10

Jean-Pierre Jabouille, Renault, Dijon, 1979

1980: Renault RE20

Rene Arnoux, Renault, Interlagos, 1980

1981-82: Renault RE30

Alain Prost, Renault, Monza, 1981

1983: Renault RE40

Alain Prost, Renault, 1983

1984: Renault RE50

1984 Renault F1 RE50

1985: Renault RE60

Patrick Tambay, Renault, Estoril, 1985

2002: Renault R202

Jenson Button, Renault, Spa-Francorchamps, 2002

2003: Renault R23

Fernando Alonso, Renault, Hungaroring, 2003

2004: Renault R24

Fernando Alonso, Renault, Imola, 2004

2005: Renault R25

Fernando Alonso, Renault, Hungaroring, 2005

2006: Renault R26

Fernando Alonso, Renault, Melbourne, 2006

2007: Renault R27

Giancarlo Fisichella, Renault, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, 2007

2008: Renault R28

Fernando Alonso, Renault R28, Singapore, 2008

2009: Renault R29

Nelson Piquet Jnr, Renault, Melbourne, 2009

2010: Renault R30

Robert Kubica, Renault, Valencia, 2010

2011: Renault R31

Nick Heidfeld, Renault, Nurburgring, 2011

2016: Renault RS16 launch livery

Renault R16, 2016

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18 comments on “Renault’s F1 cars and liveries in pictures, 1977-2016”

  1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
    3rd February 2016, 13:11

    2010 was a sexy car!!!

    1. Thats a sexy ass car. Id take it to dinner.

    2. @omarr-pepper Damn right or the 2008 cars, now those were some beasts. These new hybrids look like plastic matchboxes. Just listen to the onboards, the chassy makes this sound like it’s about to fall appart.

  2. But why do we have to keep being subjected to images of the Renault R29 @keithcollantine! ;)

    1. @geemac I would have used a less focused picture but it never went fast enough to cause lens blur.


      2. Bah-dum-tsh!

  3. 10 years ago half the grid was mostly white: BMW, Toyota, Super Aguri and Honda.

    Nowadays it’s the same with grey/black. The hell with these guys!? Things don’t need to be complicated to look sexy, I don’t see how they save money or anything with these kind of things. Just 1 splash of white, a line, and it’d have looked like the old 70/80’s Renaults… but no.

  4. Black because that paint weighs less?

  5. At least the Total red is gone, but why so little yellow :(

  6. A little bit of sick came in to my mouth when I saw the 2007, 2008 and 2009 Renaults. Abominations! 2003 was a lovely car.

  7. Those tyre sizes on the RS01 what I want to look at at modern F1, that look is just stunning. Remembering myself as a kid, that kinda look was really “racey”, and the look I was fantasizing about.

    Also I was always wondering if a rear wing support structure like on the RE20 wouldn’t be safer than todays narrow in case of wheels touching

    1. Then you compare them to the tyres on the new car, where from front profile (top picture) you can’t actually see the rear tyres at all!

  8. The rear tires on the RS01: t looks like two tires glued together! That car would have looked at home on a drag strip. Must admit that strictly in terms of aesthetics, I really liked the look of grooved tires (without the stupid colored stripe on the tread). I don’t think the slicks look nearly as nice.

  9. I still think the RS10 is one of the best looking F1 cars, love that color scheme….

  10. The R24-26 era is my favorite livery of all time. I really miss that yellow and baby blue, and the car was beautiful to boot. Can’t believe only three years later this same team created the cringe-worthy R29.

  11. Man I’d love to see something like the RE60 livery

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