Mercedes switch Hamilton engine after qualifying troubles

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In the round-up: Mercedes has confirmed that they will replace the power unit in Lewis Hamilton’s car following the issues that left him unable to set a time in yesterday’s qualifying session.

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After the most entertaining qualifying session of the season by far, @bullmello offers a reflection.

Firstly, how refreshing to see a “normal” qualy session where it comes down to drivers and teams giving their best performance, or not. No gimmicks.
Even though Rosberg ended up on top, he had to drive the lap to do it. Who knows how much Ferrari could have been with a better lap form both drivers.
Race start, obviously the start at the front will be fascinating between ROS, RIC, RAI and VET. But, keep an eye on SAI and VES, that could be very interesting.

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Happy birthday to Romain Grosjean who is 30 today!

On this day five years ago Lewis Hamilton scored a memorable victory for McLaren in the Chinese Grand Prix, passing Sebastian Vettel to win while Mark Webber climbed from 18th to third place.

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17 comments on “Mercedes switch Hamilton engine after qualifying troubles”

  1. People who think that was an over reaction to a puddle have never played Pole Position.

    1. I wanted to see which drivers are actually good, and not rookies. But we were robbed of the chance to finally see them use some skill and brains for a change.

    2. @scalextric

      Ok, that made me laugh out loud.

      Remember the FIREBALL!?

    3. Yeah @scalextric, that was my COTD. Lol

  2. I too, “sometimes wish Max Mosley were back in charge”

    1. Maybe occaisionally, but never with Jean-Marie Balestre, he made Bernie look sane and rational.

      1. @beneboy I think even scarier is that Balestre made Bernie look “less corrupt” by comparison. Wow, I can’t believe that’s even possible but there you have it.

  3. I find it fascinating that people see Mosley or Balestre as “better” (or “less worse”) than Todt.

    If those two were in charge today, they’d probably behave in exactly the same way. When the business is broken, those dinosaurs all make the same decisions. Comparing Mosley and Balestre to Todt is just as wrong as comparing Fangio with Schumacher and Hamilton: different eras, different circumstances.

    The political war would still be there. We HATED the Mosley years! And for what I’ve read about the Balestre years, they weren’t that much happier either. And they enjoyed big grids, tobacco advertisement and loads of money in sponsorships, no “social media” to worry about, etc. They had a sport in much better shape and YET, we absolutely hated the way things were decided. Yes, Mosley improved safety and we will all thank him for that, but then?! Mosley killed the smaller teams, Mosley made more deals together with Bernie than anyone else, he made Ferrari the power that it is, he played his part in dividing the teams, made ill fated decisions along the way, and was part of what was then frequently named “the Ferrari International Assistance”.

    Doesn’t anyone remember that?! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills… Keep Mosley away, please! And remember that whatever puppet comes next in place of Todt, he’ll also be properly trained to ruin this sport.

    1. I will always remember Mosley for refusing to make some kind of compromise happen to avoid the travesty of the 2005 USGP.

      1. Have to agree @fer-no65,@gripgoat; In the last years both FIA and Bernie have been behind some of the worst ideas in F1, with the teams being the most sensible partners, even if often split and opportunistic. And that is scary.

        At the moment, a more decisive F1 would be an F1 I’d probably not want to watch. We need good decisions and governance, not change for the sake of it.

        1. Sorry, @grippgoat,misstyped your name above.

    2. Agree @fer-no65 . Some folks seem to have short memories. F1 needs to move forward, not backward. The past is what led to where we are now. The future path should solve the problems of the present and make the racing better which will give the best chance for F1 to survive and thrive. (Being realistic, I’m not holding my breath.)

    3. Mosley would at least do something. Todt does nothing at all, and is content to sit on the sidelines and watch the sport fall apart.

  4. Haha, just had a fun little side experience on the Telegraph article. Saw an article linked about how Lewis Hamilton is the worst dressed man in sport, which in turn linked to an article about how he was the best dressed man in sport, which in turn linked to yet another article about he was the worst dressed man in sport.

    I’m glad I follow F1 rather than fashion, that’s for sure.

    1. That is highly amusing.

  5. I have a question…As a team If you have three drivers an you change them every other race… You do have 15 engines? 5 for each driver?

    1. You have 5 engines for the car, no matter who’s driving. Vandoorne used an engine that will be reused by Alonso.

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