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Ten of the best pictures which tell the story of the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

Felipe Massa

The FIA relaxed its ban on drivers changing their helmet designs during the season – surely the most petty rule ever conceived – and Felipe Massa was one of several to sport a special design for the Monaco Grand Prix weekend. The artwork was created by OS Gemeos and depicts Massa’s son and wife on the top.

Sebastian Vettel

After a quiet Thursday Sebastian Vettel propelled Ferrari to the top of the times in final practice. But once again the team struggled in qualifying and he had to settle for fourth on the grid, where he finished the race.

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo was flying all weekend, the Red Bull RB12 kicking up showers of sparks at the bumpy exit from the tunnel.


A pre-race downpour meant the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix began behind the Safety Car.

Jolyon Palmer

Soon after the race got underway Jolyon Palmer spun his wheels in fifth gear on a painted pedestrian crossing at the start of the lap and crashed heavily, causing huge damage to the front of his Renault RS16.

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen met the barrier at a lower speed at the Fairmont hairpin. The Ferrari driver incurred the wrath of Romain Grosjean by slowing in front of the Haas driver as he tried to limp back to the pits.

Fernando Alonso

McLaren equalled the best result of its new Honda era thanks to Fernando Alonso, who expertly trod between the damp edges of narrow dry line.

Max Verstappen

It was a tough second weekend in the Red Bull for Max Verstappen. Having already hit the barrier at Massenet in practice he came unstuck at the same bend during the race. Prior to that he had made up several places from his pit lane start, which was the consequence of another crash at the Swimming Pool complex during qualifying.

Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo

An aggressive strategy from Mercedes put Red Bull under pressure and it worked – a slip-up in the pits lost Ricciardo the lead to Hamilton. The pair went wheel-to-wheel as Hamilton held off his rival to the flag.

Lewis Hamilton

Having come close 12 months earlier Hamilton finally took his second Monaco Grand Prix victory and ended a 217-day wait for a follow-up to his last F1 win.

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  1. No Magnussen-Kvyat or Nasr-Ericsson photo? =)

  2. Checo is looking up thinking the wth is Lewis looking up at lol

    1. Yes I think this would be good for a caption competition. I’m useless at that but I enjoy what others come up with.

      1. Checo: “Why don’t you love me as much as Lewis God?”

  3. Hamilton and Prince Albert are re-creating that scene from the movie Titanic.

  4. I’m guessing he’s thanking God/the heavens for not raining again at the end.

    1. yeah, I was thinking the cross the first time I saw the picture… for what ever reason (maybe because Lewis is typically used as a scape goat by a lot of people looking to vent their frustrations), but it looks like hes giving hug to the man upstairs. I think Lewis did a great job that day, but I have to say his win was something of a minor miracle.

  5. I’m kind of shocked that Palmer’s front bulkhead seems to be destroyed from what was an oblique blow into the wall on the straight. Yes he went in later to the St. Devote barrier but the damage seemed to done already. I thought the days of seeing drivers’ feet potentially flapping in the breeze after a wreck were done. That looked like a close call. On the bright side, very pleased about the performance of the tethers there. You can see them frayed out, suggesting they absorbed a lot of energy and stayed connected, which is the idea.

    1. I’m not sure that the bulkhead actually has been destroyed. Might be a trick of the light.

  6. Was hoping to see a picture of Ricciardo’s car with no tires.

  7. I think if my memory serves me correct now (correct me if I’m wrong), this is the third race in Monaco where Kimi has crashed at that hairpin.

  8. *yeah, I was thinking the cross the first time I saw the picture… for what ever reason (maybe because Lewis is typically used as a scapegoat by some, sociologically speaking (worth googling about imo)), but it looks more like a warm embrace for ‘the man upstairs’. To be honest, I still can’t believe he won that race.

  9. Thanks for the pictures, they are very nice!

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