Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Baku City Circuit, 2016

2016 European Grand Prix championship points

2016 European Grand Prix

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2016 European Grand Prix

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14 comments on “2016 European Grand Prix championship points”

  1. 78 > 81? Nice math!

    1. And now it will stay like that next 5 days.Like many times before when mistakes show up.

      1. Yeah? Also Sergio Perez has one point lead to Massa. 39 vs 38, respectively.

        1. Over the years i learned that charts on this page are not to be taken very serious. Why is that amateurish job done now even with ads added it is beyond me. Like i said even if in comments people tend to say what is correct it still stays with wrong data for days.

          1. ColdFly F1 (@)
            19th June 2016, 16:41

            @dex022, nobody forces you to visit this site.

            PS – what I don’t like here, are these moaning comments like yours.

          2. probably because people forget to add @ keithcollantine (without the space) in the comments when they try to be helpful and end up being just pedantic?

      2. @dex022 In fairness, imagine how much work it actually takes to pump out all these articles so quickly.

        1. Is one man doing all that work? If that is true then hire some stuff since there are ads now to help with funds.

          1. @dex022 this demonstrates that you have absolutely no idea how hard it is to maintain such a blog and how little you are being paid for ads. Again, you have the possibility to contribute by donating, making constructive comments… or just stop being sarcastic and say thanks.

          2. pastaman (@)
            20th June 2016, 13:06

            @dex022 has already demonstrated his lack of knowledge many times, this is just another example.

  2. So this race basically cancels out Canada just like Monaco cancels out China

    1. Yep, but still less than a win between them (24)!

  3. There’s still hope for Rosberg.

    Man, it just seems like one of the Mercedes’ drivers are randomly awful at some races. Really poor driving from both this season.

  4. Alonso, Vettel have more points than you.

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