Kevin Magnussen, Renault, Spa-Francorchamps, 2016

Fitness test for Magnussen after Spa crash

2016 Belgian Grand Prix

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Kevin Magnussen will undergo a fitness test on Thursday to confirm whether he is able to compete in the Italian Grand Prix following his crash at Spa on Sunday.

Renault said in a statement they expect to confirm their driver is able to compete in this weekend’s race after being taken to hospital following his high-speed crash at Raidillon during the race.

“After initial checks at the circuit’s medical centre, Kevin was referred to a local hospital in Verviers for further routine examinations,” said Renault.

“Kevin had heavily bruised his left ankle but the tests showed no fracture or serious injury and he was released from hospital the same day and returned home to Denmark. He has since undergone further checks in Denmark that indicate he is able to race at the Italian Grand Prix in six days.”

“The FIA will confirm Kevin is fit to compete following a final assessment on Thursday in Monza.”

Magnussen said: “I’m feeling much better, which is very good news. I’ve had several checks that show I am fit to race in Monza and I am sure I will be in the car this weekend.”

“We were running in the top ten in Belgium and I’m very motivated to repeat this again in Italy.”

2016 Belgian Grand Prix

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    18 comments on “Fitness test for Magnussen after Spa crash”

    1. Cue speculation on his “replacement”

      1. Why? I have seen Renault praising him enough to believe that he has a very solid chance of keeping his drive for next year @strontium. Or do you think it’s a bit like how Ron Dennis kept saying Alonso would drive and then in the end they had to call in Stoffel?

        1. @bascb the latter, just for one race, although I don’t think that will actually happen, just that it’s (probably) inevitable that there will be a lot of speculation for a few days as to who could stand in if necessary.

          1. speculation for sure, yeah. Although I guess Kevin should get through the FIA tests today or tomorrow.

            1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
              31st August 2016, 10:21

              With most of the younglings occupied, I reckon Buemi would be a good one-race substitute, as he’s recently been driving F1 machinery testing the 2017 tyres for Pirelli, and he’s just won a championship for Renault

    2. I wish Kevin a speedy recovery.

    3. How amazing to be sitting in that car, in that crash, and to walk away with a bruised ankle. Having grown up around road racing since the late 1960s I am in awe of how much safety has improved.

    4. Ohhh he lost hes seat u think?? Did Alo cos of crash did Schumi, Prost, Senna????

    5. Has Magnussen shown his worth to be in F1 or is it also a question about how much sponsor money he can bring along to ensure he has a seat in 2017?

    6. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      31st August 2016, 10:25

      Reading between the lines from a Vasseur interview over the weekend (I think it was Ted’s notebook maybe?) I get the impression that so long as McLaren take up Vandoorne, we’ll see K-Mag in the car next year

    7. Did you see his qualify…4/10 in front of Palmer in Q2..and running Q1 on used tires after a cancelled lap – but still quicker…He deserves another season..really..Renault would be fools not to give him the chance..he is maybe the biggest talent since HAM and ALO..
      Who was the last MClaren driver on the podium..who took the Renault 3.5 victory in front of Vandoorme in 2014..I could continue…

      1. He is nowhere near the biggest talent since Hamilton and Alonso. He was beaten easily by Button and is hardly demolishing a below-par driver like Vandoorne. He probably deserves another season but he is not that good

        1. oops I meant Palmer not Vandoorne lol

      2. Nu, since you ask, you seem to have forgotten that Button was also on the podium in the same race that Magnussen claimed a podium, so Button would also qualify as the most recent McLaren driver to score a podium – not to mention, as Kavin notes, that Magnussen was comprehensively beaten over the rest of the season by Button.

        You certainly give the impression that you will continue, whether asked to or not, with your claims about Magnussen, but I think that we will have to disagree about his merits.

        1. Magnussen actually repeatedly showed to be faster than Button, when they raced together.
          But clearly Magnussen was lacking the race craft that only a WDC and 10 years of experience in F1 racing can give you.
          So yes, Button was most often ending the races ahead of Magnussen.
          And Magnussen is 13 years younger than Button, so clearly much higher potential to get better than what Button ever was.
          But as we all know, including Button until his magic year in the Brawn GP car, you still need a great car and team behind you to become successful in F1.

    8. So you think PAL is slow…he is not..thats one of the bigest mistakes by the fans – PAL is in class with WER and VAN.. but people often think so…he is doing allright as a rookie – but the car is not worth its drivers.. I hope both PAL and MAG is in the Renault in 2017..they deserves it.. then remember: MAG is much younger than PAL….he is a real talent..

    9. K-Mags comment to a Danish newspaper:

      The reporter; “when do you know, that it will end badly”

      K-Mag; “When your driving bagwards, then you know, you can’t get away from the barrier”


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