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Kimi Raikkonen said Ferrari feel they are in good shape after he headed the final day of the first pre-season test.

Asked if the atmosphere in the team was more positive now than last year, Raikkonen said “it’s been positive all the time and we’re working well together but obviously you guys try to make that very negative feeling”.

“The team hasn’t really changed since last year,” he added. “It’s always exciting to start the year. So far it’s been all running pretty smoothly. Where we’re going to end up during the year I don’t know but so far is good.”

Testing day four in pictures
Raikkonen was quickest on both days he was at wheel of Ferrari’s new SF70H. He said the test had “run pretty smoothly” for the team. “Normal testing, no issues and was like we planned.”

“Obviously [the cars] are different, quite big rules changes, you have more grip and the cars are faster,” he added. “They are different but they are more like used to be. They’re different: are they more hard, easy? It depends. I think it’s always harder to go fast but I like them.”

The Ferrari driver was one of several who crashed out in last year’s wet Brazilian Grand Prix during which Pirelli wet weather rubber came under scrutiny. But having run their new full wet tyres today Raikkonen said it was difficult to tell whether Pirelli had successfully addressed its problems.

“Honestly it’s really hard to say from three laps,” he said. “It’s always hard when you have to wet the circuit, it’s never the same as when it rains. So I don’t know.”

“Hopefully we get at some point a bit more running and obviously then Pirelli they get more information. For them it’s hard also, we haven’t done any testing with those tyres and it’s a bit tricky to make tyres when you haven’t been able to test them. Let’s see, we have to be patient with those and we’ll see when we have to use them.”

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14 comments on “Raikkonen says Ferrari are feeling positive”

  1. I’m very optimistic about Ferrari this year. It may sound ridiculous because of how Ferrari has been for the past however many years, but there’s something about it that just feels different.

    I don’t know what it was, but even before testing, the car looked like a Championship contender. It reminded me of the Championship winning cars. An aura about it, which hasn’t been there in previous years.

    I don’t know, as I said, it probably sounds ludicrous, but it feels different this time around.

    1. Kimi was 66/1 to win the title only a few days ago. You would be lucky to get a third of those odds new with the bookmakers. I agree there is something about Ferrari at the present mo the spells ‘positive’. Good luck to them.

    2. I get excited, then I remember that Ferrari had fastest lap last year during practice season. Hard to know much, because Merc is always able to knock another half second off its best lap time. Ferrari needs to be .6 second quicker before I get excited, and without any light fuel gimmicks, etc

    3. I think what is different is Ferrari’s mileage compared to last year. I don’t remember exactly, but Ferrari was barely doing ~70 laps each day last year and they were around 5th or 6th in that aspect. This year, they are doing 100+ laps easily.

    4. I feel exactly the same way mate. From when I first laid eyes on the new car, watched it in action, saw the time sheets and heard the feedback from Kimi and Seb. As a long time Ferrari supporter, I hoped we’re not disappointed.

  2. Some sunshine for Raikkonen fans..finally:)

  3. I agree, when I saw the car it looked like they really meant business. It’s innovative which Ferrari haven’t been for many years. And after the first test it’s clear they have something to work with now. I have my hopes up for a good year for team.

    1. Meant to be a reply @jamiefranklinf1

  4. Michael Brown (@)
    3rd March 2017, 0:15

    Those are some awesome sidepods

  5. the way the car looks on the track is really encouraging. it is very stable through low and high speed corners and seems very driveable. It seems more stable than the mercedes right now from an aerodynamic standpoint and in a year where the cars and drivers should be at their limit for a higher percentage of the race being able to rely on the car to be predictable is going to be big. I also feel that the more durable tires that should allow drivers to attack should help drivers like Vettel and Raikonnen vs drivers like Hulkenberg or Rosberg last year who are not as good at pushing the maximum out for multiple laps in a row when it counts without destroying their tires but are really good at getting consistent runs out of their tires and making them last.

  6. Car behaves good on track according to the pundits on site. Reliability is top so far and a team principal that keeps his mouth shut about affairs remind me of the Schumacher days. Just shut up and get on with it, which is one of the many reasons what gave them so many titles at the turn of the century. Good vibe hanging around the team right now.

    But IF they are close to Mercedes in pace and overtaking is more difficult than it already was, then strategy will be the deciding factor like it was an decade ago. Can’t test that one till Sunday at Melbourne. Are they capable of thinking quickly under pressure? 2016 says no.

  7. I too feel like things are looking up for the Scuderia. Stable car that is fast out of the box is a great sign.
    @Ruben: Yes I agree regarding strategy. It would do Ferrari well to get a top tier strategist in house. In the Schumi era they had Brawn and Todt. Both of which were awesome. One of my favorite races was when Schumi switched to a 4 stop and ran quali laps for over half they race to take the win when every one else 2 stopped. I think it was either Spain or French GP. Maybe someone with a better memory than mine knows the venue. All I remember was the excitement of the race. :)
    Slight case of CRS…..getting old. :)

    1. Magny-Cours 2004

  8. Herowassenna
    6th March 2017, 7:10

    Hungary 1998 was even better in my opinion. Behind both Maccas after 1st pit-stop. Schumacher was called in for an early second stop.

    Brawn: Michael, we need 19 qualy laps.

    MSC stopped 3 times that afternoon. By the time Mclaren sussed what was happening it was too late. Brilliant.

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