2017 Australian Grand Prix championship points

2017 Australian Grand Prix

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2017 Australian Grand Prix

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19 comments on “2017 Australian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Great start to the season. If Ferrari can keep it up, we could be in for an epic 2 team battle for the WDC and WCC titles for the first time since 2008. Looking forward to Hamilton vs Vettel all season long.

    1. Sundar Srinivas Harish
      26th March 2017, 8:05

      We could see RBR leapfrogging to the top like they did last year. I’m hoping for a 2010 repeat!

    2. MG421982 (@)
      26th March 2017, 8:08

      +1. Actually BOT being closer to HAM than RAI to VET might be a helping hand to Ferrari OR a punch in Mercedes’ WDC race. I mean BOT might “steal” some precious points from HAM… while it doesn’t look like RAI will give VET a headache. The reverse of the medal is that RAI seem so far behind that it won’t help VET either by splitting the Mercedes or by getting ahead of them. So, things might be even in the end. The sure thing is that RAI won’t help much Ferrari in the WCC.

      1. @corrado-dub Of course he can, he can keep front runners behind when they pit. Today it was Max who held Ham but if Max wasn’t there it would have been Kimi. Not to mention Kimi will have better days but never take points from Vettel.

      2. I won’t say too soon about Kimi. Maybe he was half asleep in the race.

        1. Ru Chern (@)
          26th March 2017, 9:12

          I felt like he was sleeping too.

          When you look at the lap times both the Finns were depicting that they were not interested at all. The battle was quite spicy in the opening laps between the 2 best drivers in this era.

  2. For the first time since Melbourne ’14 Mercedes are not leading the constructors’ championship.

    1. @ogw86 For the first time since 2013 Ferrari are!

      2013 Australian Grand Prix championship points

  3. Hamilton looked very happy in the photo even though he was only 2nd. I wonder why?

    1. Easy: after one or two years of dominating, you get bored of it. Everyone wants to fight and then become champion over dominating the field. Too bad it’s been so long ago we had a 2 or 3 way wdc fight. 3 years Mercedes, 4 years Red Bull.

      1. @addvariety 4 years of Red Bull? Is that why two of those were decided in the last race between 4 drivers in 2010 and Alonso/Vettel in 2012…

      2. 2 years of RedBull LOL.

        Vettel was the 2nd least expected to be champoin in 2010.
        And 2012, that’s another story.
        2013, first 7 races, 7 different winners.

        1. @subhashs ”2013, first 7 races, 7 different winners” – Wrong, that’s what happened in 2012.

          1. Still only 2 seasons of Red Bull domination.

          2. Yeah yeah, you all know what I mean. I meant that even though some years might’ve been close fought, the majority of the championships the last decade have been because of one manufacturer had the best car. And even if you win 2 years easy and 2 years by fighting hard, it’s still a 4 year domination.

    2. Having a season-long battle between him and Vettel would mean that Vettel probably wouldn’t sign for Mercedes for 2018 (provided Mercedes make Vettel the offer).
      Given that Mercedes is not keen on Alonso and Ricciardo is not available, Hamilton is happy knowing he could have a peaceful teammate for 2 years

  4. Congrats to Felipe Massa to win his first round against Force India!

    1. The Williams is way ahead of the Force India’s, you can clearly see this in the lap times. What can help FI out this seasson is that they have two decent drivers that can point whereas Williams have only Massa.

  5. Bottas might be a much better driver to have on the sister car than Kimi, given how close things seems.

    The guy is hungry to show what he is capable of. Kimi on the other hand, only cares to know good teams still want to pay him to drive and that’s it. He can have abysmal races or the best ones, at the end of the day he won’t comit to be competitive all the time, only on tracks he likes to drive. And on the dry. The guy has been awful on wet conditions the past years.

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