What do drivers ask in their pre-race briefing? New video reveals all

2017 Spanish Grand Prix

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F1 has published rare video from inside the pre-race briefing for the drivers at last month’s Monaco Grand Prix.

The footage shows drivers in discussion with race director Charlie Whiting on key points from the previous race in Spain and their first experience of driving the Monaco circuit in 2017.

Among the points of discussion was Lewis Hamilton’s driving while battling with Sebastian Vettel in the Spanish Grand Prix. Following a question from Romain Grosjean, Whiting explained why Hamilton hadn’t been penalised for the manner in which he left the track.

“Well the interesting point there was it was very close because what the notes that I wrote said what that if you go over the bumps, if you touch those two bumps across, then you have to go around the bollard. Lewis didn’t quite hit the bumps, just missed them.”

“What Lewis did was absolutely in accordance with the notes we sent out. He didn’t go over the bump, he just missed it. If he had go over the bump, if he’d put one wheel on it, it would have seemed a little harsh to have to go all around it.”

Max Verstappen also raised a question about a kerb which had been installed at turn 16 in Monaco which he felt was too high.

“These guys that built the circuit say that it’s exactly the same kerb [as last year],” answered Whiting. “I don’t think there’s much we could do about it now because it’s a fairly solid thing but it is the same kerb that was there last year.”

Daniil Kvyat asked Whiting whether he had considered “to put a wall like it was 20 years ago or no it’s not an option”. Whiting said “I don’t think that’s an option because of the approach speeds.”

You can watch the video here.

2017 Spanish Grand Prix

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    17 comments on “What do drivers ask in their pre-race briefing? New video reveals all”

    1. Hans (@hanswesterbeek)
      10th June 2017, 10:52

      I absolutely love that F1 is broadcasting this footage now. Again a +1 for Liberty.
      I am also astonished by the feeling that there is so much more storytelling and so much more other materials that can be produced in an F1 weekend than what Bernie always wanted us to believe :)

      1. Spot on! I love it too! That’s a real pleasure to see it’s not just words but that extra content is regularly broadcasted. Videos, articles, various themes and interviews, stats… Kudos to them!

        1. Umar A (@umartajuddin)
          10th June 2017, 15:11

          +100 Would love to see more of these.

          But did anyone else notice how distant Lewis seemed from the rest of the drivers? His body language and demeanor and interactions with the other drivers just seemed to stand out a bit.

          1. He was just sitting there and listening, he looked no more “off” than any other driver who didnt speak.

    2. Looks like a disorganized not-taken-serious meeting. I doubt anything good comes from it.

      1. @me4me Sounds like most meetings I’ve been in…

        1. Lol a friend of mine once said the only good thing to come out of meetings is the people.

          @me4me I’m not sure what you were expecting but for me knowing these guys can be a bit like a ‘band of brothers’ is cool. I don’t mean to sound naive…of course they don’t all get along all the time…but I just think in a worst case scenario these guys would have each other’s backs. But then I’ve always been a bit of a softy when I see opponents in sport give a pat on the shoulder or a wink of respect to a rival even though they aren’t supposed to show any ‘weakness’. Sometimes these opponents grew up together and were teammates in their youth and still can’t believe their good fortune at making it into the bigs doing what they love, so they have a healthy perspective.

    3. Imagine showing up with a notepad of fan issues.

      1. As a fan, if I were in that meeting I’d certainly want to talk more about that turn one run-off in Spain.

        What a load of claptrap. One rule for if you touch a kerb, one rule for if you miss the kerb, one rule for if you are racing another car. The easy way to sort out that would be to replace it with simple grass and gravel.

    4. Sundar Srinivas Harish
      10th June 2017, 12:05

      Daniil also took a pot shot at one of the yellow tramp…. err, kerbs, that broke his suspension in Austria last year. :P

      Sounds like a funny guy, I bet he gets along with Papa Piquet.

    5. Best part was Kimi smiling!

    6. Glad to see drivers asking for more walls and less roadbumps even on the tightest track on the calendar. Noone enjoys the airfield racing.

    7. Massa’s hand gestures were very similar to Piquet’s in that infamous video at Suzuka 1990

    8. My salute to Liberty Media. Their approach of running F1 should have been adopted years ago during the Bernie era. Again, kudos to Liberty.

    9. To those praising Liberty for this, It should be noted that the decision to start filming the drivers briefing was taken before Liberty were involved.
      Broadcasters have as far as I’m aware had access to the footage since Japan last year but simply not broadcast any of it because most of the time nothing of any real interest is discussed or comes out of them.


      1. I did not know that. Thanks !

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