Pictures: Sports car greats attend Austrian GP Legends Parade

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A collection of great sports cars including a Porsche 962C, Bentley Speed 8, BMW V12 LMR, Ferrari 512 S and more appeared in the Austrian Grand Prix Legends Parade today.

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11 comments on “Pictures: Sports car greats attend Austrian GP Legends Parade”

  1. DAT Bentley… what a beast.

    1. @fer-no65 It’s the BMW V12 LMR for me. I love the pictures of Robert Kubica driving it at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez (before it was butchered by Tilke) a few years ago:

      1. Surprise, I love the 962 the most. What a car that is, saw them actually race at Classic Spa earlier this year.

        1. There’s a lot of beautiful cars there, but for me it’s between the 917 and the 512S.

        2. @xtwl I had a Porsche 962 slot car as a kid, loved it! (Though not as much as my Jordan 197…)

      2. Agree with you Keith. The Bentley is awesome but, I’m a BMW guy and I absolutely LOVE that LMR!

        1. I’ve always held a place in my heart for the CSL as well. Beautiful pics, thanks!

      3. That Bmw was a Williams car. Great livery, unique design, no roof. Sure all Porsche’s but the 917 pink pig were beauties though the pink pig stood out.

    2. Unicron (@unicron2002)
      8th July 2017, 21:20

      The Bentley Speed 8 does things to my insides! What a beast. What a beautiful beast.

  2. Just awesome cars, great pics, thanks Keith, great to see Hans is still looking racy in the 962, always rooted for him Derek Bell and the late great Al Holbert.

  3. @Related ..I knew I’d bookmarked this, Riverside Raceway, 1986 Los Angeles Times Grand Prix, the 962 was leading, we were in the turn 6 grandstand… there was a massive crowd which went silent when happened.
    …followed by a massive cheer when miraculously all the drivers walked away !

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