Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher, Giancarlo Fisichella, Shanghai, 2006

When will Schumacher’s other records be broken?

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For over a decade Michael Schumacher’s name has appeared at the top of every one of Formula One’s benchmark achievements.

He’s won the most races and world championships. He’s led the most laps and set the most fastest laps. And he’s had pole position more times than anyone.

Until today. Lewis Hamilton’s bravura performance in a rain-lashed qualifying session at Monza was worthy of breaking the all-time record for most pole positions.

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Will this be the first of many Schumacher records to fall to Hamilton – or another of the current drivers? Here’s how five of Schumacher’s other major achievements stand up.

Pole positions

Schumacher took the record for most pole positions from Ayrton Senna. The Brazilian great had a higher pole position strike rate than Schumacher and Hamilton.


Hamilton remains 33 wins shy of Schumacher’s victories tally and Vettel has only just passed halfway to his hero’s total. But with both able to stay in the sport for several more years and with the calendar likely to get longer, they could have a chance to catch up.

Fastest laps

Fastest laps are Kimi Raikkonen’s forte. But he isn’t collecting them as quickly as he used to. Since returning to Ferrari in 2014 he’s only had six.


It’s conceivable that Hamilton or Vettel could catch up to Schumacher’s tally of seven titles before they reach his wins total. One more for Vettel this year would put him on five, tying for second place with Juan Manuel Fangio.


Hamilton is 44 podiums shy of catching up with Schumacher. He’s going to be in a Mercedes until the end of next year and possible a few more after that, so this also looks like an achievable goal at the moment.

Laps led

The dominant manner of many of Schumacher’s wins is reflected in his huge tally of laps led – almost 2,000 more than any other driver. For this record to be beaten we’ll have to watch a lot of processional races dominated by Hamilton or Vettel.

Over to you

When will Schumacher’s other major records fall, and who stands the best chance of beating them?

Or will some of his records remain unbeaten? Have your say in the comments.

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19 comments on “When will Schumacher’s other records be broken?”

  1. Jonathan Parkin
    2nd September 2017, 20:59

    Another Schumacher record is the record for the most second places. I believe David Coulthard has the record for the most third places

    1. I think it has to be Kimi Raikkonen not David.

      1. Kimi has the most 3rd places. 34 to be exact. He also has the most 2nd and 3rd places jointly. (He’s fourth in 2nd places overall.)


  2. 91 wins is mighty isn’t it? No-one else is even approaching close. That said, if Merc remain competitive for another 4 years, Hamilton stays with them and takes 7-8 wins a season it is possible.

    1. @f1bobby, mind you, it has to be said that Schumacher did have an extremely long career in F1 – his first stint alone, at 16 seasons, was one of the longest in the history of the sport (his total career spa, at 19 seasons, is joint equal with Barrichello, and in terms of entries he has the second highest total, with only Barrichello beating him in that regard).

  3. The most podiums is definetely within reach for Hamilton. 2 years and a half in a top team should be enough. Wins are trickier, but possible. The championships record frequently seemed reachable in the past (think Senna in early 1994, Alonso in early 2007, Vettel in early 2014) only too prove itself the most elusive of all.

  4. It depends on the teams, really. If Ferrari and Mercedes keep battling it out as hard as this year, Schumacher’s stats will probably be safe for another generation. Specially the wins tally.

    But if any team reach Mercedes levels of domination, it’s very possible.

  5. Remember, MS pole record was artificially low because he started with a heavy tank for many dominant years.

    1. On the other hand, fastest laps is really high because he was winning during the refuel era

    2. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      3rd September 2017, 11:24

      Also Michael’s day had 16-race seasons

  6. Having 3 more races per year while you’re in a dominating car or at least one that can take pole and win a race every year makes a difference. Also starting younger. Imagine Verstappen having started at Mercedes and enjoy a race winning capable car every year. He’d set some records that would never be broken. You can’t get into F1 at 17 anymore.
    Still, beating Schumi’s record of 91 wins would be impressive, while also a little sad.

  7. Well, if one has to dominate to beat Schumacher’s numbers, i hope it doesn’t happen on this nor the next generation. I’m 32 and already tired of long periods of domination on this sport.

  8. Lewis the most natural self talented driver since the new millennium. In the F1 history I reckon only 4-5 similar in the brave old time, at the beginning of motorsport, when fitness and training was not a crucial aspect as today. I avoid than from this list both Ayrton and Shumi, who both kept big attention on body and track training. My through down to Hamilton has got many different interests out of F1 (music, fashion, social, VIPs) and he look like not care to much study a circuit or body build. A very rare talent indeed.

  9. Neeeeeever! Hihihihihi. Even on podium ceremony MS was the best. The picture above is very well chosen.

  10. One record that Hamilton already has taken from Schumacher is that of the most over-hyped champion in F1 history. As these statistics make abundantly and perfectly clear, Schumacher has the numbers to back his claim in every respect (bar poles possibly), yet Hamilton is already being hailed by his fans as the greatest ever.

    1. Cheer up, I’m sure some one thinks you’re special.

  11. The eye is the only true test. You watch how the driver handles himself in different situations especially under pressure packed situations.
    If the questions are :who will have the most wins,most poles,fastest laps,etc. then Hamilton will lead in all categories before he is done because he will be smart enough to stay with Mercedes and since they have the resources and desire to dominate F1 for years to come Hamilton will ride along with them and run up statistical superiority in all categories.
    Look at today’s race at Monza ,he finished 30 secs. ahead of Vettel ( the best non-Mercedes driver ).
    All Hamilton need do is beat his team mate and since Bottas was carefully selected as a driver who is good but, not as good as Hamilton that task will not be hard.
    A 1,500 person support team and unlimited funding( note also that Mercedes has shown that they will operate their F1 team in the red in order to win) a decade head start on the current PU and a burning desire to pass Ferrari as F1 historic point leader all mean that unless there is a dramatic change in F1 business model and it occurs soon ( and neither will happen) Hamilton will enjoy a position from which he can and will dominate all other drivers for the next 3 years and by then will have placed himself at the top of all records lists AND have placed such distance between his results and everyone else’s that unless another “Mercedes” condition come to exist in F1 the Hamilton records will stand forever.
    So,will Hamilton set all of the records ? Yes. Does that make him the best ? Only the eye can tell .

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