2017 Singapore Grand Prix race result

2017 Singapore Grand Prix

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144Lewis HamiltonMercedes582hrs 3m 23.544s
23Daniel RicciardoRed Bull-TAG Heuer584.5074.507
377Valtteri BottasMercedes588.8004.293
455Carlos Sainz JnrToro Rosso-Renault5822.82214.022
511Sergio PerezForce India-Mercedes5825.3592.537
630Jolyon PalmerRenault5827.2591.900
72Stoffel VandoorneMcLaren-Honda5830.3883.129
818Lance StrollWilliams-Mercedes5841.69611.308
98Romain GrosjeanHaas-Ferrari5843.2821.586
1031Esteban OconForce India-Mercedes5844.7951.513
1119Felipe MassaWilliams-Mercedes5846.5361.741
1294Pascal WehrleinSauber-Ferrari562 laps2 laps
Not classified
20Kevin MagnussenHaas-Ferrari508 laps6 lapsPower unit
27Nico HulkenbergRenault4810 laps2 lapsPower unit
9Marcus EricssonSauber-Ferrari3523 laps13 lapsAccident
26Daniil KvyatToro Rosso-Renault1048 laps25 lapsAccident
14Fernando AlonsoMcLaren-Honda850 laps2 lapsAccident
33Max VerstappenRed Bull-TAG Heuer058 laps8 lapsAccident
5Sebastian VettelFerrari058 laps0.000Accident

2017 Singapore Grand Prix

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    25 comments on “2017 Singapore Grand Prix race result”

    1. Reign Man strikes again. Singapore has provided Lewis another BOOM similar to 2014.

      1. Loving that pun!

    2. Ricciardo and Bottas NOWHERE! I’d like better drivers in those cars.

      1. Wow! Second and third is NOWHERE?

    3. Did someone foul up at the end there. The race clock ran out when Lewis entered turn one so that should have been the final lap. But he had to do another one for no apparent reason

      1. I assume you do a full lap while the clock is on 0, similarly to how F3 does it.

      2. Michael Brown (@)
        17th September 2017, 15:03

        Apparently when the clock runs out you have to do another lap.

      3. It’s the same as qualifying. If you cross the line after the clock hits zero, you finish your lap.

        1. But I think he did. The clock was at 0 when he crossed the line to do what the captions told us was his final lap. His race time was something like 2:03:34, and it shouldn’t have been. At most it should have been 2:01:50 or something which is the time it takes him to do one lap

          1. It used to be the case that crossing the line after race clock > 2h00m00.000s ended the race. But this rule risks the officials not knowing whether to throw the chequered flag if the clock is close to exactly 2 hours as the leader comes round.

            Presumably for this reason, the rule was recently changed so that crossing the line after the race clock reaches 2 hours triggers the start of the final lap, and not the end of the race altogether.

            1. So why have the two hour rule at all then!!. If you aren’t going to end the race on the lap that two hours is exceeded you might as well just drop it. It’s like the time I went to see The racing at Oulton Park and they had time limited races but at least two ended the lap before the clock ran out. Also I can’t believe that in a technologically advanced sport such as F1 it isn’t possible to work out on which lap the end of the race is under such conditions

    4. Michael Brown (@)
      17th September 2017, 15:01

      Hardly anybody talked about Hamilton’s start. He was in second place and nearly alongside Vettel by turn 1, and with Vettel’s retirement that was all Hamilton needed to do. It could have been like Singapore 2010 if Vettel stayed in the race.

      1. @mbr-9 Hamilton had a very good start. One of the headline pictures on one of the articles shows them going into T1 side by side almost. However video has to show first how much sliding Kimi and three wheeled Verstappen make that picture a correct representation.

        1. Verstappen still had all 4 wheels and a fairly intact car when Hamilton got second place, albeit slowed down by the first contact.

    5. So much for an entertaining race…more like a demolition derby.

      Might as well give Merc and Lewis the trophies now.

    6. Unfortunately 2014-2020 is a sad and pathetic era in Formula One.

      1. Because Ferraris took themselves out in a mid/late race in 2017? Cute.

        1. 5 years since we’ve had more than 1 team fighting for the championship..this year there was real hope, until today. Now it’s over. Call me a pessimist, but we’ve had this for far too long.

          Sometimes I wonder why I invest this much time and effort to follow this sport…

          1. Well, VET kinda brought this upon himself…

            1. The wailing is in full swing……what if it was the driver you don’t like who was taken out.

            2. (@jagged-jake

              Been watching this circus for close to 20 years now…for some reason…that never happens.

              Hope is a man eater.

    7. U failed me yet again @HondaRacingF1,f nt 4 d GP2 PU i couldve gone much quicker@FA#14, Embarrasing..totally unacceptable..

    8. Why no mention of Kimi Raikenan in the list you have, above , of where all drivers finished the Grand Prix & the reason for those that did not finish ????

    9. Why is Raikkonen not on the chart as not classified

    10. Räikkön was also a DNF – he’s not listed. You might want to update that.

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