“Oh god that was everything”: Abu Dhabi GP qualifying radio highlights

2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Lance Stroll said he gave it everything to take a place in Q2, while his team mate reached Q3 in his final qualifying session.

Here’s the best team radio from qualifying.



Brendon Hartley failed to made the cut but Lance Stroll reached Q2 with his last lap.

Hamilton: “Wind direction the same?”

Hartley: “Very scruffy lap, unfortunately. Sorry about that.”
“Copy. We’ll do better next time.”

To Ocon: “Esteban the left-front carcass temperature’s now working so don’t take any notice of that.”

“We’ll get ready to go again, there’s no downside for us, but you are well safe.”
Ricciardo: “OK. Has anyone improved on the second?”
“Yes, both Mercedes improved.”
Ricciardo: “OK. Did they do slow laps?”
“Their laps were 20 seconds off the pace, just 20 seconds off, so a little bit quicker this afternoon.”

To Magnussen: “There is still time on corner 13 and 14. The rest is good. Come on, get the lap together and we’ll be fine.”

“So it’s not going to be Q2 for us.”
Hartley: “Copy that.”
“We fight back tomorrow.”
Hartley: “Yeah. Mistake in turn one but we don’t have the pace. Anyway cheers guys.”

“OK Lance I think we make it.”
Stroll: “Oh god that was everything.”

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Kimi Raikkonen was frustrated for more than one reason in Q2.

Hamilton: “Getting a lot of fumes in my helmet in the garage. It’s affecting me.”
“OK copy, we’ll try and sort that for you.”

Raikkonen: “I have a vibration on this set.”
“OK Kimi understood.”

To Hamilton: “Reminder this is potential race start set.”

Raikkonen: “I have a [censored by FOM] Force India in the most stupid place for this lap.”
“Copy, saw that Kimi.”

Stroll: “I made a mistake at the end.”
“OK. Was the rear better or not?”
Stroll: “No it was worse.”

To Alonso: “OK Fernando we are the first car on track so you can drive the out-lap exactly how you want it.”

Alonso: “I was losing, I don’t know, two tenths every straight. So, we know.”
“Fernando we are P11.”

To Massa: “OK Felipe nice job there. So that’s knocked out both McLarens and Sainz.”


Bottas had Ocon in front of him on the track before their final laps began but passed the Force India and then cemented pole position.

To Ocon: “Make sure you stay ahead of that Merc.”
To Bottas: “Ocon tends to be a slower out lap so if you can it’d be useful to get through.”

Ricciardo: “Didn’t really feel like front wing but front tyres weren’t quite there. Just leaning on it was quite hard starting the lap.”

“And that’s pole position well done.”
Bottas: “Yeah”
“Good job Valtteri really well done.”
Bottas: “Thanks guys, thank you.”

“P3, Sebastian.”
Vettel: “It was all I had guys. Grazie a tutti.”

The radio message this refers to may not have been broadcast.

“That was a very good job mate, nice.”
Horner: “Well done mate that was one of your best of the season and one of your worst radio messages.”
Ricciardo: “Yeah it wasn’t great. Cheers guys.”
Horner: “Well done it was a good job.”

Ocon: “I was wrong again but you know the reason.”
“Yep I know the reason. But let’s see. Yep, so that reason cost you the place, basically. Two-hundredths you’re down to Perez.”

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6 comments on ““Oh god that was everything”: Abu Dhabi GP qualifying radio highlights”

  1. ‘Everything’ doesn’t seem like much, considering the teammate who is wiping the floor with Stroll is retiring and past his prime.

      1. Kubica, Wehrlein, hell even Kvyat would destroy Stroll.

        1. My mum would destroy Stroll and she is scared of driving in Bristol.

  2. What’s up with the radio exchange involving Ocon after Q3? Some weird things being said there…I wonder if it had something to do with his out-lap and fight for track position with Bottas. He was right behind Bottas out of the penultimate corner, so it could be that the start to his final lap was compromised a bit as a result.

    Could “I was wrong again” mean that he chose to let Valtteri go past him at the end of the second sector? He certainly didn’t put up too much of a fight, despite being told to do so by his engineer.

    Anyway, thanks for the radio highlights feature, Keith. It is always an interesting read.

    1. I think “I was wrong again” is to do with his tyre prep being compromised. I’d say it in a different way but a non-native speaker might put it that way, and it’d make sense if that’s what he meant.

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