Nissan 2018/19 Formula E concept livery

Nissan presents Formula E ‘concept livery’ for 2018/19 season

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Nissan has become the first manufacturer to present its car for the 2018/19 Formula E season.

The manufacturer, which will enter the championship in place of sister brand Renault when the 2018-19 season begins later this year, revealed a concept livery at the Geneva Motor Show.

“At first glance the season five Formula E car looked to our design team like an EV-powered supersonic bird in flight,” said Nissan’s global design vice president Alfonso Albaisa.

“Naturally this initial reaction from the team started us on a path that captured a sense of a form breaking free of resistance and gravity. Formula E racers are virtually silent, with explosive speed bursts thus naturally we turned to Doppler when designing the livery. The combination of the sonic pulse of the Doppler effect and the released power of a sonic boom inspired our celebration of EV Racing.”

DS Racing has also presented its version of the 2018/19 Formula E car called the DS E-tense 19.

The Geneva Motor Show saw the official unveiling of the first real-world model of the new-shape Formula E car. President Jean Todt said the new chassis “really looks like a car of the future.”

“It’s encouraging to see the progress made in just four years,” he added. “tTo double the range of the car and increase the power output is the result of a great effort.”

“With the support of so many manufacturers, Formula E will continue to push the development of electric vehicle technology, and promote sustainable mobility in many cities around the world.”

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  • 14 comments on “Nissan presents Formula E ‘concept livery’ for 2018/19 season”

    1. Oh hi McLaren, how are you?

      1. Indeed @ecwdanselby! That was pretty much my first thought when looking at the nice livery on this “futuristic looks” car too

    2. Please tell me we’re not going too have a field of grey and silver cars…

      1. now they have an all green field, I can’t tell them apart, doesn’t really matter the colour

        1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
          6th March 2018, 13:10

          Yeah the NIO/Andretti/Jaguar similarity is awful

          1. E.adams colours don’t help either

        2. @johnmilk Isn’t it FE’s goal to be the greenest in motorsport?

          1. Well they nailed it

    3. Is it just me or it’s more projecting Mercedes’s Silver Arrow on a glance? Personally I’d switch the silver part of the livery with white.

      Nissan in my image is non glossy black with white bold letters and a hint of red for their nismo branding. Which ironically is McLaren’s 2015 MP4-30 livery. Switch the McLaren and Honda stickers from that and change it to Nissan and nismo, I’ll believe it.

    4. If Batman had a Formula E team, than it would probably look like that Citroen DS.

    5. Amazing, four grey cars circulating in the 2018/2019 season. When Mercedes join that will no doubt become 6.

    6. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      6th March 2018, 13:12

      Needs to be red. Nice that it reflects the red stripe on the Nismo GTR all the same.

      Prost out Mardenborough in?

    7. Lots of fancy words to basically say “we are uninspired, so basically we are going grey”.

    8. It’s always more grey on the field when car manufacturers enters the competition. They are all boring!

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