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FIA confirms 2018-19 Formula E calendar

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The FIA has confirmed the calendar for the fifth running of the Formula E championship, which will be the first to feature the series’ new second-generation cars.

The 2018-19 season will begin in Saudi Arabia and feature 13 races at 12 different venues. Two of these are you to be confirmed, including a second race in China alongside the existing Hong Kong round.

The rounds in Abu Dhabi and Monaco remain subject to circuit homologation. The latter race is expected to take place on the full-length Monaco Grand Prix circuit for the first time. The championship’s return to Zurich, where it is racing for the first time this weekend, is also subject to approval by the Swiss city.

The FIA’s World Motor Sport Council also confirmed races will run to a maximum time limit of 45 minutes plus one lap, rather than a distance limit.

Changes to the cars’ power boost systems have also been agreed. The new cars will have 200kW available in their normal power mode, which will increase to 225kW in high power mode. Drivers will be allowed to use the higher power mode only at certain points on each track when they pass through designated activation zones.

Fanboost will only be available when the latter is activated, and will further increase power to 250kW.

115th December 2018Saudi ArabiaAd Diriyah
212th January 2019MoroccoMarrakesh
326th January 2019TBATBA
416th February 2019MexicoMexico City
510th March 2019ChinaHong Kong
623rd March 2019ChinaTBA
713th April 2019ItalyRome
827th April 2019FranceParis
911th May 2019MonacoMonaco
1025th May 2019GermanyBerlin
119th June 2019SwitzerlandZurich
1213th July 2019USANew York
1314th July 2019USANew York

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Formula E

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  • 8 comments on “FIA confirms 2018-19 Formula E calendar”

    1. Still no Brussels, shame.

    2. No more news about roborace support race to formula E, probably in relation to the lack of progress.
      Not sure I am in favor of roborace but I was curious from an engineering perspective and it could be (in theory) a great laboratory for all those developing autonomous cars.

      Looks like devbot would be beaten by a Symbioz car on a 2 laps race at the moment.

      1. @jeanrien When the electric cart was announced for the junior olympic thing a few days ago, I wondered if they would become a support race for Formula E. Hope so.

        1. I really like that idea @nickwyatt. Would be a good support category to fill out the weekend, and it would be a good way to get it introduced to the public / fans too.

    3. Is the Abu Dhabi thing a typo or is it going to be a second race in the UAE (maybe the 3rd race of the season?)? Genuinely curious!

    4. Also saw they confirmed this stupid Mario Kart/Hyperboost thing.

      As such I won’t be watching next season because that sort of ludicrously artificial gimmick is a real turn off for me.

    5. Racing in Australia on Australia Day (26th of Jan) has a great ring to it!!! We could resurrect Adelaide!

    6. I will be at the Zürich race this weekend. I don’t have a ticket but I believe there is plenty of space to stand and watch.

      I’m only going because I live here but I’m intrigued to see what it is like as a spectacle, especially the acceleration and the noise – or lack of.

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