Steiner: “this year we are very good at losing opportunities”

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In the round-up: Haas team principal Guenther Steiner says the team has failed to capitalise on opportunities this year and it will have to switch focus to the 2019 F1 season soon because of the change in aerodynamic regulations.

What they say

I think you grow, we grow in maturity of the team and like this [Canadian GP] upgrade we have got some more stuff to keep on developing.

There is a point we need to switch to ’19 because of the new regulations but everybody has to do that. With the limited wind tunnel development you can do and CFD everybody is in a very similar position. I don’t think that is a big downfall for us any more.

The years before we were very good in taking opportunities. This year we are very good at losing opportunities so I hope everything changes around that in the end of the year.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Hm, I get his point. And he might be right about the lack of compromise to make for less skilled drivers, less safe equipment and other motorsports.
But then, street tracks also mean the layout is limited by which streets are available (see also Chinese E-prix with a hairpin that nobody could actually take!) and tend to be less than great for passing because of the space available.
So instead of having to compromise for other users, really F1 has to compromise because it is dealing with all of that which is already there.

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  • On this day in 1988 Ayrton Senna won the United States Grand Prix at Detroit, 38 seconds clear of team mate Alain Prost, the rest a lap behind

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26 comments on “Steiner: “this year we are very good at losing opportunities””

  1. Fire Grosjean and you’ll be alright.

    1. I don’t think that would fix it. The Opportunity-squanderer(TM) is a standard Ferrari part that they were testing in this first part of the championship. I think they’ve since eliminated it, but they may be working on a 2.0. In the meantime, both Haas and Ferrari should see lees opportunities wasted.
      Besides, Liberty is trying to put on a good show and you need a smoke machine for that.

  2. G-Drive, Vergne disqualified from Le Mans

    Two questions:- Did the car pass scrutineering with the described part fitted. Or was the the car altered after scrutineering. The story does not go into detail so it makes it hard make a judgement, But if the answer to the first question is yes and the second question no then as far as I’m concerned this a poor decision.

    1. It was a part fitted to the refueling hose that increased the flow rate, shortening pitstops by 6-8 seconds.

      1. ColdFly (@)
        19th June 2018, 3:17

        Was Briatore involved?

        Maybe JEV can post on Instagram a photo of the Verstappen fire and “24years later we still haven’t learnt.”

      2. @forzarogo
        6-8 seconds? Sounds implausible.

  3. Reports coming in of Red Bull switching to Honda.

    I dearly hope that is true. F1 needs manufacturers having works status with front running teams.

    And what a turnaround for Honda it would be. 12 months back, they were rejected by last placed Sauber. Now, they are being selected by the best chassis team in F1.

    1. I’m seeing those reports too. Usually they don’t report to me.

      Red Bull Racing Aston Martin Famous Watches Honda

  4. @hazelsouthwell – Hazel, firstly, congratulations on taking up the reins for the daily round-up. A small tip – for the COTD, it would be helpful to put in a line before the actual comment that sets the context for that comment. Something like “Regarding Tilke’s statement about uncompromising street circuits being better for pro drivers, Bascb has this to say”. The absence of this is particularly noticeable today because the comment refers to he/his, but only someone who’s seen yesterday’s story will get what Bascb is referring to. This line also gives you the opportunity to link back to the story that generated the comment.

  5. bye bye renault for RBR?

    1. Non. Au revoir, les enfants terribles. ;-)

  6. FlatSix (@)
    19th June 2018, 7:26

    So would next year then be the first time since entering F1 again, Honda got an actual good chassis.

    1. @flatsix yup.

      With the aero changes and this news, 2018 can hurry up now please. zzz

  7. Thanks for the CotD @hazelsouthwell :-)

  8. Zak Brown made a horrible strategic decision (giving up the works Honda and the associated $80 million per year), the kind of bungled decision that can destroy a company. Meanwhile he’s off playing with his toys at Le Mans, and dreaming of entering a Dallara at Indy with “McLaren” stickers plastered on the car. Mansour and other board members, you need to get rid of this Joker.

    1. ColdFly (@)
      19th June 2018, 9:00

      I agree. The core of the problems lies with management (incl Boullier).

      The other team bosses have made some mistakes as well. But at least they learnt from them and corrected their mistakes.

      1. Can you imagine Ferrari entering a Dallara-Honda at Indy and plastering “Ferrari” stickers on the car, under the premise that this would be “building the brand image of their road cars”? Of course not; it’s ludicrous.

        1. No, I’d expect either Ferrari or McLaren to enter as not just an entrant, but come in as an engine supplier as well. IndyCar would love to have a 3rd (or 4th) engine supplier, and Chevy and Honda wouldn’t be particularly upset.

          There’s a rumor that Cosworth has an engine ready to go, but since Cosworth doesn’t build cars, they’d need to partner with a car manufacturer. Ford has been floated, but McLaren/Cosworth wouldn’t be that far out there.

    2. The minute you start bending the company around 1 driver, 1 historically temperamental driver, it’s over.

      He may be the best in the world at the driving part but I for one would chalk the loss of Honda as another one of Alonso’s terrible choices outside the car.

      1. Proud_Asturian
        19th June 2018, 21:48

        He’s not even that good.

    3. Fire (yes fire) Alonso, Brown and Boulier and bring back Whitmarsh. He might put the company in shape by 2021

      1. FlatSix (@)
        19th June 2018, 13:50

        @paeschli Whitmarsh is too soft. They need somebody who isn’t afraid to rustle some feathers and destroy some long standing pillars to bring McLaren into 2020.

  9. Because of the Bahrain incident Grosjean hasn’t scored points yet, especially blowing it all away at Baku.

    1. @Dave What Bahrain incident? I think you’re actually referring to the pit stop blunder in Australia.

  10. I agree with the COTD.

  11. I have been enjoying the series The Rookie: with Brendon Hartley. A pretty open and observation on what he is going through in his first year, a good insight that you don’t often get from a driver. Loved the Monaco one when he left his apartment and was right on the track, then wondered why people he didn’t know would shake his hand- a bit of a change from WEC I guess. We saw him leave the Paddock in Melbourne on the Thursday and he was clearly surprised with the attention he was getting from the crowd. Hope he does well and proves he earns that seat.

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