Warm weather expected throughout British GP weekend

2018 British Grand Prix weather

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Formula 1 can expect three days of consistently warm and often sunny weather throughout the British Grand Prix weekend.

Much of Britain has been basking in very warm conditions in recent weeks and the conditions are expected to remain stable for the championship’s visit to Silverstone.

Friday will see sunshine through much of the late morning and air temperatures rising to 24C. Saturday and Sunday are expected to be a little cloudier with periodic spells of sunshine, but the mercury should nudge past 25C on both days.

An unexpected rise in race day temperatures caught out some teams in Austria and left them struggling with their tyres. Pirelli is bringing harder rubber to this race including, for the first time this year, the hard tyre. It is also bringing its thinner tread tyres which should help teams combat blistering on what has previously been a tough track for rubber.

The wind, which can catch drivers out on the high-speed turns of the former airfield circuit, is not expected to be very strong. The threat of rain is uncommonly low for Silverstone.

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    1. 10 years ago the Sunday fell on my birthday.
      I left my house at 4am along with my girlfriend and best mate.
      We spent a miserable day in damp windy drizzly conditions, grey clouds all the way to the horizon in every direction. The temperature never rose above 10C.

      This year I booked something else for this weekend, my dad offered me tickets 10 days ago and I’ve had to turn them down.

      Ain’t life grand!

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