Hamilton dismisses Vettel’s complaint: “It was a racing move”

2018 Italian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton dismissed Sebastian Vettel’s claim he did not leave enough room for his championship rival when the pair collided on the first lap of the Italian Grand Prix.

The Mercedes driver overtook Vettel at the Variante della Roggia but the pair made contact which left the Ferrari pointing the wrong way.

Hamilton said he was surprised by Vettel’s choice of lines through the corners at the start, which gave him the chance to pass his rival.

“It was intense,” said Hamilton. “I think we all got off to similar starts, I got a bit of wheel spin. We went into turn one, I was surprised that Sebastian went to the left, but then we got into turn one and I think there was a small touch between us all.

“And then powering down to four again a bit surprised that Sebastian chose the inside and not going to the outside of Kimi [Raikkonen]. that was my opportunity, stuck it down the outside and had to make sure I was far enough alongside. I remember a few years ago I was on the inside, I didn’t come off very well.

“But ultimately there was enough space between us. I’m guessing maybe he locked up, I don’t know why he touched, but it was a brief moment, it just damaged the car a little bit but I was able to continue. The rear was moving around a bit more so that made it a little bit more difficult but not impossible.”

Vettel described his move as “silly” but the stewards ruled it was a racing incident.

“I think it was a racing move,” said Hamilton. “It was pretty much the same manoeuvre that Kimi did to me.

“It was a racing manoeuvre and that’s what we’re supposed to do, we’re supposed to be racing. I left him space, was still on-track.

“I’m sure it’s a comment that was done in the heat of the moment and it’s never a great feeling when you spin and the cars are coming the other way. So I don’t take anything from it I know how it is to be in that emotion and I’m sure he didn’t meant too much by it.”

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96 comments on “Hamilton dismisses Vettel’s complaint: “It was a racing move””

  1. Totally Vettel’s mistake, great move by Hamilton.

    1. Tommy Hilfiger
      2nd September 2018, 19:11

      Ferrari must bring Alonso back. Only he can beat Hamilton in equal car. Vettel is throwing all opportunities through window….omg

      1. Alsonso got beaten by rookie Hamilton in 2007 let us not forget.
        How can Alonso beat a now 4 times world champion with other 70 pole positions (world absolute record) and over 60 F1 wins when he could not beat him(Hamilton) the rookie??????
        Agreed for bringing Alonso(maybe) but I doubt Alonso would do a better job than Vettel.
        Alonso is a divise figure ” A ONE MAN SHOW” not a team player otherwise Vettel Alonso could win Ferrari the CONSTRUCTORS title but the driver’s?Not while Hamilton is there at Mercedes.
        Great race in Monza 2018,truly fantastic.
        I am not a Hamilton fan but this unbelievable racer will soon make me to become one of his fervent admirers.

      2. Tommy Hilfiger:
        Fernando Alonso was beaten by Hamilton,Lewis been a “ROOKIE” in 2007!
        Hamilton,AGAIN;beat up Fernando in 2008(by becoming world champion)that year and beating up everyone Fernando included in 2008.
        How can Fernando beat Hamilton with 62 F1 victories 72 pole positions EXPERIENCE in his bag now????
        Are you implying that in 2007 in the same team and the same car,both cars where ;somehow ;not equal????
        Just a thought.

    2. Indeed. Seb made two mistakes going into the same corner: (i) choosing the inside to pass Kimi and (ii) failing to accept Lewis move was done. It was so early and his car was quick enough to overtake Lewis later on, just like Kimi did after SC.

      1. But how was it different from Silverstone, when RAI spun HAM around? Have the stewards clarified that?
        Im not saying he shouldve gotten a penalty, but they both looked eerily similar.

        1. In both instances Lewis has a right to the corner. Only this time it wasn’t necessary to penalize vettel because he already suffered a spin. The difference is the person who got affected.

          1. @gufdamm that makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

        2. Yes, good question? But nobody sees the answer or…..

        3. Both times Lewis was ahead, both times Lewis left a cars width, both times the Ferrari drivers understeer into Lewis. Maybe it’s time for Lewis to get those red cars a wide berth because they keep slamming into people.

      2. You know what, that was my first impression, too. He should have yielded, he is dumb, he threw it away, he blew it.

        Today, I looked at the replays, and I think many would come to a similar conclusion: the more times you see it, the less it becomes a Vettel mistake. There was nothing really he could do (which is what he said after the race), and there was too little room – I wouldn’t blame Hamilton for that, although he could have spun, too.

        It was a racing incident and there was actually basically no way they could both go through that corner without touching, at that point. Vettel recognized his mistake in trying to pass Kimi in the inside, but described it as he saw it – Kimi broke early, the move inside would or could have been silly, but it didn’t prevent the move inside with Hamilton, which at that point really seemed to become unavoidable.

        I encourage you guys (some of you more blatantley accusing Seb) to rewatch the scene several times and you will see that it was a minor error, at best, and mostly a racing incident.

        Seb complained that Lewis didn’t give him enough espace. Well, he has no right to complain, since Lewis was ok being there. And Lewis could have given more space – if it were the other way around, people would probably criticize Vettel for risking too much by not giving more room, even more so if he (Lewis) had spun as a result, which was totally in the cards.

        So I would say neither was really in the wrong; Lewis could have given more space, he would still have passed but there wouldn’t have been any contact. Actually, there was more Lewis could do than Seb, to avoid it – after all, under braking in those situations (and we’ve seen it time and time again with these cars), you lose downforce and the control of the car. Racing incident, and Lewis got lucky.

  2. I’m not a Hamilton fan at all but I think this year he’s proving to be the better driver of the 2.

    1. Seb is the best driver on the grid if his car is perfect, he gets the pole, gets out in front at the start and has no one near him that is anywhere close to matching his pace.

      1. But his car is perfect. More perfect than the perfectest care of the las 4 years.

        1. Car* last*

        2. The same as merc. Not better than theirs. It is a tactic from Toti Wolf and his man. Brit will become God if he wins in worse car.

    2. Joac,Vettel is an excellent driver.
      however over 10 years of racing and some 70 plus pole positions have made Hamilton that much better now for sure.
      I guess the time has come to accept that with over 60 F1 victories and counting Hamilton is now the best on the grid period.
      For those in doubt his last 4 or 5 races in F1 2018 are simply astonishing.
      At this moment in time,we have got to put Vettel as number 2.
      An excellent number 2 but 2nd to Hamilton.
      Read my comment above.

  3. He’s right. It looked like Seb was way too eager to get ahead of Kimi instead of considering the bigger picture and covering Hamilton. Lewis would never, ever have won with those two Ferraris ahead of him while Seb would probably have jumped Kimi somewhere in the race. So Vettel actually made an even bigger mistake than just touching LH and spinning: he left the goal wide open for Hamilton and Mercedes to capitalize and play the game at will as Kimi was left defenseless.

    1. Totally…. Couldn’t agree more

    2. Right. The bigger picture has always been Vettel’s weak spot. This isn’t a journeyman like Webber he is competing against now though.

    3. As a Seb fan I wholeheartedly agree. His move was idiotic. He should have either left his space by outbreakint Lewis or let him go. Simple as that. He could have won today but didn’t. Singapore will probably favour Ferrari though and I expect a strong comeback from him. He is a very good driver but needs more patience.

      1. Look at the replays. He couldn’t really have done that.

    4. Precisely. Job 1 is not beat your teammate, no matter what people say. Job 1 is to beat other teams, Job 2 is to beat your teammate.

  4. I entirely agree with him.

    1. But if it had been VER you would have been all over him ;)

  5. I am a Vettel fan. But recently I am getting more and more dissapointed with his driving, his racecraft. He made so many mistakes this year and last year. He is 31 years old, so he has to be more mature and experienced for these kind of mistakes. But his mistakes are like rookie mistakes. I understand why Verstapen makes such mistakes – he is still very young. But Vettel is 10 years older than him.

    I don’t know, maybe the pressure driving for Scuderia Ferrari is really too much for a driver not winning for this team. Fernando Alonso mentioned something along these lines during the interview with BBC. But I am so dissapointed that he is making these mistakes. I think, he was making far less mistakes during Red Bull years. Maybe if he won a title with Ferrari, he would get rid of the pressure. But these mistakes can’t be justified with pressure. You either swim or sink when applies with pressure. So here we have it.

    I just wait for a real challenge to Hamilton’s superiority, but it won’t probably be Vettel. Hats off to Hamilton. I’ve never been a fan of his and will probably never be. But he is doing a stellar job. But he deserves a very tough opponent as well. So hope for a very powerful Honda power unit next year. But it might be just a wishful thinking.

    1. +1..

      I was expecting a 2012-2014 Vettel that was very good from the mid of the season onwards

    2. +1

      Vettel had always trouble with pressure. When he entered the Formula 1 with Sauber BMW he made also some clumsy mistakes. At Red Bull in the beginning also, cried a lot when winning and thanking the team that they believed in him. That was all gone when the car performed well.

    3. @osvaldas31 Also a Vettel fan. He’s driving worse than he was in 2010, and that was the year when he managed to T-bone Button when they were both traveling straight.
      Like Rosberg, he is very clumsy with wheel-to-wheel racing. He sort of got better in 2012, but then since 2016 he’s been downhill.
      Meanwhile Hamilton has been extremely impressive. The worst he’s done in the past years is have a slow weekend. But he sucks it up and gets the points. This past race was a good example where he briefly took the lead but conceded it the next lap, waiting for a better chance to come.

    4. +1. My thoughts exactly. Dare I say that Kimi / Vettel is looking like a somewhat weak driver line-up now, considering the pace the Ferrari has had all year.

      Leclerc / Ricciardo. Now that would be a combo that would be 1-2 in the title race had they been driving it!

  6. Hamilton learnt in 2010 that the inside is the wrong side for that corner after the start.

    1. I believe that’s when he hit Massa and put himself out on the spot. That was in his blue period a McLaren. I guess he learns from his mistakes, because he did he outside move there to perfection today. Anyone who has seen F1 races here knows that if you lose position on the outside there you either hit the other car, get dropped in the gravel at the second bend because you are on the outside of a sharp corner, or yield and try to get it back in the Lesmos.

    2. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      3rd September 2018, 4:07

      @unitedkingdomracing that was so funny cause it reminded me of that race but the cars were not in the same order or place. I knew something was going to happen but Lewis had pulled further ahead this time as well.

  7. Daniel (@collettdumbletonhall)
    2nd September 2018, 21:25

    He is completely right, a fair racing move. A superb drive from Lewis today which made for a very exciting race. All Seb needed to do was maintain 2nd and he blew it.

  8. SEB got the upper hand in Spa, HAM made it stick this weekend – it was all clean.

    My surprise of the race was how the Mercs could stay with the Ferarri’s – I thought they were going to pull away and put down a quick gap and we were going to watch a red & silver parade. Didn’t happen and the mercs stayed much closer than expected all race. I am wondering if the Mercs found something to bring them back level.

    1. @blueruck. Monza and Singapore are such unique circuits that we might not find out properly until Russia or Austin

  9. Plus Ferrari is not team any more. Kimi wants to stay, does not want to drive the way Bottas does for Lewis.
    It is very easy for brit to win. Bottas obeys commands.
    Kimi is getting worse
    Old and useless.
    I am hardly waiting Leclerc in and other changes in ferrari team.

    1. Not too useless as he didn’t hit Hamilton.

    2. “Old and useless.”
      Hardly biased at all… lmao…!

    3. We’ll just quietly forget how Kimi let Seb through in Germany.

      1. Ooh , I do not agree…

        1. I am Lewis fan but we all his fans must admit that he uses different means to achieve his goals.
          I must admit that he lies when expresses his emotions and describes his car as useless but we are happy because although estranged, he can cheat FIA easily, can hide his errors and German manufacturer is happy with him and his achievements. He csn make full out of everybody so do it Lewis as long as even Rosberg is on your side.
          All tricks are allowed for our Lewis and his helper from Finland.
          We are dangerous this year in f1 and heros with Lewis on our side. Increase salary for him!
          He deserves it!!!

          1. Ah… I’ve got it now… You’re just a troll… 555.

  10. With all the mistakes Vettel has made in races and even behind the safety car in the last two years, he should probably just keep his mouth shut.

  11. It was just a racing incident. Nice move, btw.
    This WDC is over, it’s Hamilton’s already, and Vettel truly deserves to lose it right now. What a disastrous season by him, really disappointing.

    1. 7 races left @niefer, so much racing to go, still too early to tell. I still expect it to go down to the wire. Ham has been better overall this far tho

      1. I really don’t think so, @3dom. Similarly, the 2017 WDC was already over at Singapore, 6 races to go. This season, Vettel bottled way earlier than in the previous one.

        While Hamilton is doing a proper Champion campaign, Vettel gave in to the pressure. He’s done. Surely he will win a couple races, but it’s virtually over, the crown won’t be his.

        1. @niefer time will tell but Kimi was further back in 2008, and 30 points is only just over one race win. A few 3rd places for Ham and a dnf and it’s turned around dramatically. While those points are still available, there’s everything to play for. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out

          1. @3dom fair enough to not take it from granted. Nevertheless, in 2007 Kimi was in a killer shape, and Vettel, in the other hand, isn’t for a good while.

            Plus, Mercedes is not Renault. It won’t blow up twice. Hamilton is not prone to mistakes. Additionaly, when someone hits him, he seems bulletproof (Verstappen twice, Vettel recently…).

            I simply don’t see it happening because Vettel is the one who’s throwing away all the opportunities. Soon enough it will be too late, point-wise.

      2. In f1, belive me, nothing is certain. Even in our ordinary lives when everything looks calm, nice all of a sudden, something appear or reappear unexpectedly.
        Lewis can lose controle of his space shuttle twice, lose 50 points, Vettel wins.
        So, what will happen then? Your judgment about Vettel’s errors will be foregotten.
        Still, better time in Ferrari will come with Leclerc.
        Kimi’ s time has gone with the wind.

        1. Not my first time. ;)
          Of course anything can happen. However, it’s not likely to.
          Even if Seb clinches the title, my judgement won’t change much: he made a subpar performance.
          I’d love being proven wrong, because the 2007 WDC was the best of the modern era. But as I said above, one is on a prime shape, the other in a subpar. The first leads comfortably, the latter, suffers loads of pressure.

  12. Interesting,

    If, as an example, it was Verstappen, Grosjean, Sainz or Magnussen who had their car where Lewis’s was, would the result and opinions be the same? My guess is they wouldn’t.

    Personally, I thought it was one of Lewis’s typical first lap moves where he puts his car in a fairly poor position and just expects the other person to get out of it and void hitting him. It’s always worked, so I can’t fault it (Max does the same), but every now and then some drivers are going to test his resolve.

    It could have ended badly for Lewis as well, and frankly once Vettel realised they were going to collide, should have (both cars out would have resulted in no net gains by either).

    Hamilton’s lead is now so large, he can afford to pull almost any move at all on Vettel – Vettel “has” to avoid him at all costs. It’ll be interesting to see just how far he’ll push that envelope to secure his next WDC early.

    1. Your guess is wrong.
      He was ahead already and Vettel only hit him to avoid losing a position that was lost already. He was on the outside of the next corner and behind.

    2. I thought it was a great move and it didn’t matter who was driving. He got side by side and had the inside line and was pulling ahead. IMHO he wasn’t in a poor position on this move, he was in the perfect position.

      I always find it intersting how we can all see the same thing and come away with such different opinions.

      1. @dbradock most decent overtakes rely on good driving by both parties, and there tends to be a degree of risk. But that’s the cost if you want good racing. What you saw from Ham was good racing and good car placement. What you saw from Vettel was not backing out when he needed to. Kimi and Lewis showed later on in the race how you should pick your battles

    3. Why should he avoid him? He has a car as well. Punish him . Hit him strongly and Lewis must feel what negative energy means.He should suffer at least once. Nobody blames him. Pure man.
      Who is good driver?
      Bottas is better.
      But slave is slave.

  13. Am i imagining but did vettel admit that he assumed lewis would spin when he made contact with him?… Post race interviews.

    1. no, he just said that he was unlucky to spin and lewis lucky not to.

      1. What would you answer if you were him?
        Arrivabene loves kimi and his family.
        Kimi wants to stay. His wife is crying. Money loss will be felt in the house.
        Kimi’s friend wants to extend two more years in ferrari.
        RIP, signor Marchione had deal with Leclerc.
        Seb is not loved and appreciated in Italy, if you know or do not know.
        What would you answer?
        He is unlucky in many races.He is always guilty for simply everything in each race.
        But, luckily, nothing is permanent in this world.

  14. SeeBashem! True to form. Exactly the same as last year & the year before. Crumples under pressure. Then spits the dummy out! Compounds that nonsense in itself by throwing all of his toys out of his pram too!
    His red mist moments are legendary! This was just another one. To have the brass neck to blame Lewis is at best diversionary?
    No, truth is he had the red mist AGAIN, & royally screwed up AGAIN! No one to blame but himself.
    Ferrari should sack him immediately.
    Kimi & Charles Leclerc would be a dream team for them going forwards, without the prima donna drama queen!

    1. my goodness.

    2. @wildbiker +1 saying what we know to be true – this is why the Ferrari fans were so mad yesterday… they know it and can’t accept it. Sacking would be a bit harsh, but a slap around the chops would be a good start… :-)

  15. I do wonder if Maurizio Arrivabene woke up this morning thinking to himself…maybe we should have signed Ricciardo when we had the chance?

    Seb seems to be falling a little short of expectation.

    1. Arrivabene is scared what is going to happen with his position.
      He does not care for drivers.
      His fist is not strong.
      When Toto Wolf tells Bottas to follow orders, Bottas is doung precisrly what has been ordered. The purpose and a role of second driver is to support first driver
      I congratulate whole team Mercedes on the performance, organization, unity, discipline.
      That is real German team.
      Honestly, nobody can be compared with them at all.

      1. Hi Bebana – still trolling, I see…lol

        1. Hi, BlackJack! No, I have my opinion and I am looking f1 races from, might be, different perspective.

          1. Your ‘perspective’, in English, is called ‘trolling’ – typified by your contrasting, contradictory and inane ‘opinions’…
            This is not only ‘my’ opinion’… lol.

  16. Passing down the inside of that chicane only works if you end up ahead of the car in front under braking, before beginning to turn. Kimi and Seb are both outstanding on brakes and in equal machinery, so it just wasn’t a good bet to be able to out brake him. It’s very dangerous with another car behind because if you can’t get it done under braking, the car in front will balk your speed through the corner while the car behind has a clearer lane around the outside. You see drivers using competitors as a pick all the time in endurance racing because of how hectic the timing can be with multi-class traffic.

    Hamilton saw the gap and took it beautifully, taking about half the car over the curb and leaving just enough space for Seb. However, by the time Seb knew Lewis was passing him, it was too late to get out of it. Seb was trying to out brake Kimi in the first place because that’s the only way it works without a pick, and suddenly he didn’t have enough space to get slowed. He could not get the car to turn and understeered into Lewis. Stewards called this a racing incident, but this is the essence of racing and Lewis did it better today.

    I’m pretty heartbroken for Kimi, and Seb and the tifosi. But especially Kimi. Everything was building to a Ferrari win this week, and even the indefatigable Mercedes team looked a bit green around the gills in anticipation. Even when you consciously try not to create expectations within yourself so you can stay focused on the task, your brain wants to believe the story that everyone is telling. I was cheering Ferrari to get one for Marchionne, to get one for the tifosi, to make Monza explode with joy and madness the likes of which only happen at Monza. I was shouting at the TV, on the edge of my seat, eyes covered at times. It was an unexpectedly thrilling race. Just not the result I’d hoped to see: Kimi breaking one of the longest dry spells in F1 and Ferrari breaking a hell of a dry spell at Monza, to see the the tifosi lose their minds with joy. I wanted to see Kimi smile with teeth, damn it! I loved the retaking of the lead he did on Lewis, who might have thought Kimi was dusted and got a surprise.

    Mercedes are always lurking and they are brilliant and they never stop. You simply cannot make a mistake with them, or expect them to make a mistake. Seb needs to really come to peace with something or he will not ever win the championship again: beating Mercedes (and every other team) is far more important than beating Kimi, and if he is to win the WDC, I think that whoever is behind on the grid must first defend against Mercedes and only then fight for the win. Seb keeps compromising Ferrari’s race for himself and eventually, Ferrari themselves are going to sour on it and replace him.

    Because Kimi’s race also suffered today because of Seb’s mistake. Had Seb been more focused on Lewis than he was on Kimi, I don’t think he would have made that mistake and given Hamilton the opening. Even Lewis said he was surprised by his line because of how that dynamic plays out. Tires might have eventually given this result anyway, but had Kimi been able to increase the gap because he was safe from Vettel, he would not have pounded his first set of tires so hard and he could have gone long. He had to take awkward lines at times to keep Lewis behind and that always takes a lot out of the tires. Then he would also have not pounded his tires so hard the second stint and won. Without Seb as wingman, the two Mercedes did a brilliant job of trapping Kimi from both ends and without that I think Ferrari would have got 1-2 or 1-3 today.

    Sky kept saying that Seb cracked under pressure, but that isn’t what I’m seeing this season. It’s ironic that Seb got so salty about Kyvat and Verstappen when Ferrari were fighting Red Bull on more weekends than they were fighting Mercedes, because he has exactly the same issue: He blew it because he wants it too bad and it affects his racecraft judgement in what gaps he goes for, on whom, and when. He takes too many low percentage chances, and he’s compromised both his own race and Kimi’s a few times this year now.

    1. Do not mislead Ferrari fans. We know very well strenghths and weaknesses of our drivers…empty talks.
      Bluffing and misleading are coming from those who are following the way to hell.
      Emotions aside, rosberg started nice accusation of our first driver.
      Why did Rosbetg run away from Hamilton?
      Only now he sides him…poor morale…lost morale of all you who can be easily swayed and deceited.

      1. You’re free to believe whatever you wish. I’ve no intention of deceiving anyone. What I wrote above is my opinion, take it as you like.

        1. Don’t worry Jeff – I think this is our current troll…

          1. No, I am not.
            I did not like Kimi’s start.
            Have you seen it?
            What was his direction?
            I would have driven like that only under condition that my greatest enemy was starting from second place.

          2. I imagine you have plenty of enemies to choose from… lol.

  17. Hamilton saw the gap and took it beautifully, taking about half the car over the curb and leaving just enough space for Seb.

    Eh, I meant to say he took about half through the second corner of the chicane. On the first corner, there was maybe a little less than a car width on the inside of Lewis but plenty of curb to use. And frankly, do we really want that kind of overtake to be penalized? That move was racing, pure and simple.

  18. Hamilton left Vettel space, he [Vettel] just didn’t know what to do with it …

    1. Maybe, you can try and sit. You will be better. Who knows? A lot of money…

      1. Haiku are generally 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables. Also, what you said makes zero sense.

    2. watch it again, repeatedly.

      1. I have, Hamilton left enough space, infinitely more than Vettel left Bottas in Hungary.

        If Vettel does know how to not hit someone in that situation (see France 2018 for more) he now has a couple of weeks to learn, possibly first by reviewing Raikkonen on Hamilton in the same corner, possibly
        Hamilton’s 2 overtakes Raikkonen in turn 1, maybe follow up with Hamilton v Alonso turn 4 and 5 (I think) in Mexico which as I recall was a similar situation.

  19. My view, Sebs ego was the root cause. No need to attack Kimi down the inside on lap 1, totally expose himself to lewis. Seb could have waited until turn 1 lap 2 or until he had DRS or just let strategy play out because Ferrari would have favored him. He attacked Kimi because he was sulking from being beaten in quali.

    Regards the actual incident with Hamilton, Hamilton was gone by Vettel and was pushed to the track boundary, he had nowhere to go nor was he obliged to move. Seb was behind Hamilton, carried too much speed on a shallow line and made another massive blunder.

    Ferrari have the best car (marginally), but Mercedes have by far the better driver and that is what what will Hamilton the championship. It will be Hamiltons sweetest championship off all, a true drivers championship when more often than not he has not had the faster car. As long as the Ferrari and Merc are similar performance wise, and its Seb v Lewis, Lewis will win.

  20. I’m not a Hamilton fan.In fact i don’t like him.
    But great move by him. A lot of whining by Vettel.He should drive more because the race has more laps than 1 and complain less.
    If Hamilton would complain less i would probably be he’s fan.

  21. Vettel can say whatever he want, its not the first time he hits Hamilton while being overtaken by him.
    The opposite never happened.

    1. maybe, just maybe, it could also have to do with the way hamilton overtakes.

      1. The way he overtakes… driving his car ‘past’ Vettel’s car?

        1. funny one ;)

          Hamilton’s driving is similar to Senna’s. Which shows how much I admire Lewis and his racecraft. But his style has often been risky, in terms of positioning his car in such a way that a crash becomes likely if the other driver doesn’t completely concede the ground / space. So it is a risky way of doing things, and we saw it at McLaren, against Nico and also sometimes against Vettel. It works out often, sometimes it compromises his race – which it didn’t yesterday, but that was also down to some luck.

          Once again, it’s his style and it works. But not always, similar to Senna.

          If you rewatch the specific incident we are talking about, you will see what I mean. They are both at the right side of the track going into turn 4, and the way Hamilton turns does squeeze Seb, I think there is no denying that. But it is fair game, I feel.

          I do think it is unfair to say the Seb crumbled under pressure, made a silly mistake, etc. after viewing and reviewing the incident.

          1. He only squeezed Vettel cuz Vettel refused to yield.
            He was on the outside and slightly behind. The move was done and he refused to accept it.
            Just like Mexico last year.

      2. maybe, just maybe, it could also have to do with the way hamilton overtakes.

        There is zero wrong with either Hamilton’s overtake on Vettel in Mexico or here in Italy and it is seriously laughable to even hint overwise, never mind state it.

    1. He did give enough space. Vettel could have avoided contact in the same way Hamilton avoided contact when Raikkonen overtook him at the same corner.

  22. @magon4 if you watch that clip and look at Lewis’ on board footage at the start, he aiming for just inside the orange curb on the next corner, yet there is over a car’s width to his left. Still looks to be Vettel

  23. “It could have been worse. It is a disappointment for the people who turned up. They gave us a lot of support and we didn’t deliver for whatever reason.”

    What does he mean: ‘for whatever reason’…? lmao

  24. After race in Monza, all Ferraristi should congratulate Mercedes with Toto Wolff strategy, favouring Lewis Hamilton and putting Valtteri Bottas as a second driver.
    On the other hand, Maurizio Arrivabene is found guilty for favouring Kimi Raikonen, who was supposed to help Sebastian Vettel, 4 times world champion to win in Monza starting from pole position.
    Bottas is not “butler”, as Arrivabene said, but part of the winning team.
    Sebastian Vettel has always been the best driver and should not be accused for any errors in the race since concept of racing was wrong.
    Sebastian Vettel should be congratulate for his fourth place.
    He has been accustomed to work with a great, professional leader Christian Horner in Red Bull before.

    Luca di Montezemolo, 23 years Ferrari President, supports this concept of racing and he mentioned Niki Lauda and Michael Schumacher in history of his racing experience.

    1. How old are you…?
      I mean, ‘mentally’…

      1. I have enough time in my daily practice to feel and understand difference between mental and biological age, do you have the same privilage?

        1. That’s what I thought… lol.

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