Fernando Alonso final race livery, McLaren, Abu Dhabi, 2018

McLaren to run special livery for Alonso’s final race

2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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McLaren will run a modified livery for Fernando Alonso’s final Formula 1 race this weekend.

The two-times world champion and winner of 32 grands prix will leave the sport after Sunday’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The special commemorative livery will feature blue, red and yellow stripes at the rear of the car mimicking those on Alonso’s helmet design. A special FA create also features on the front and sides of the car.

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown said the team is “incredibly pleased and proud to be able to race a special one-off livery for Fernando in Abu Dhabi this weekend.”

“We want his last grand prix to feel special in every way, and this was just one of the ways we could reflect that.”

F1 teams are usually forbidden from making substantial changes to their liveries from race to race. McLaren have been granted permission to run the modified livery this weekend.

“We worked closely and collaboratively with Fernando, and then with the FIA and Formula 1 to make the change for this one race, and they were all hugely supportive of the move,” said Brown.

“Hopefully, this will give Fernando’s fans a little something extra to look forward to at what is bound to be an especially emotional weekend.”

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31 comments on “McLaren to run special livery for Alonso’s final race”

  1. I guess when you can’t offer him a hope of a decent result, you offer him a paint job instead!

    Best of luck Fernando! It was sad to see you in that car for these last years, but maybe just like Palmer, you got a dose of “karma” on your side also.

    1. A shame mclaren got so much worse over the season, as low a goal as fighting for points was for someone like alonso, it was something, having a car that is stuck out of the points is horrible.

      In singapore the car was very good, best of the rest, also thanks to the force india issues, and then there was mexico, which we knew could’ve been a good race for mclaren, thinking of 2017, but alonso again had some unluck, so no points there either, I was optimistic for brazil, but then the car was nowhere, unlike 2017, and I think abu dhabi wasn’t even a good venue last year.

  2. Is it the same livery for both McLarens or just for Alonso? If it’s for both of us it’s rude for them to not include any kind of message for Vandoorne. If it’s just for Alonso I think it’s illegal for a team to run two cars in different liveries. What a mess…

    1. *both of them it’s rude not to include…

    2. Oh no are they gonna get a penalty?

    3. @huhhii Red Bull did it for only one car in Brazil 2008 to celebrate Coulthard’s retirement.

      1. @mashiat, mind you, in the case of Coulthard the FIA were willing to grant a special dispensation because Coulthard was using it to raise funds and awareness of a charity helping people cope with spinal injuries – in those circumstances, you can probably see why the FIA would be happy to bend the rules.

    4. I’m sure Vandoorne understands Alonso’s standing in F1 history. Come on… bah humbug!

    5. Oh come on! It’s ALONSO’s farewell party, not Vandorne’s! Why on earth would Vandorne be suppose to get the same cake Alonso is getting?? It makes zero sense.

      If anything would be rude, it would actually be to paint Vandorne’s car with Alonso’s helmet colours as well. They are a personal trademark, not to be shared (!).

  3. They’ve finally come to their senses and admitted who has been owning the team for the last 3 years

    Now they will have the chance to celebrate all the successes they enjoyed together since they first worked together and their most recent endeavour.

  4. That’s gonna look pretty sweet under the lights of Abu Dhabi. As it gets wheeled into the garage halfway through the race.

  5. Wow, two stripes. I guess “shadow” is on there because they’ll be behind everyone else..

  6. 10 bucks says he retires from the race. They’ve jinxed it.

  7. Was hoping Mercedes did something different for number 5. That merc would look insane under those lights if the ‘silver’ changed to chrome!

  8. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
    21st November 2018, 23:45

    Where’s Vandoorne’s special going away paint scheme?

    1. It’s a transparent coat atop Alonso’s. Just like how he was invisible at McLaren.

      1. This jas to be one of the best, if not the best thing you’ve written here.

        Slow clapping my friend slow clapping

    2. Alonso (2 time WDC, 32 times winner, 300 plus starts, 97 podium finishes) is retiring whereas Vandoorne has lost his seat. Please state a reason why he deserve a similar send off ?

  9. They should do a guard of honor–all 20 cars (including SC) should line up on either side of the track and Fernando drive right in between. That would be a fitting farewell.

  10. Nothing will ever beat Felipe’s (first) retirement,…perhaps in any sport….
    I still cry when I watch it. I thought it was F1s proudest moment.

  11. What’s funny is when I first saw the image, I thought the stripes were a homage to his previous teams to showcase his career. Oops. Did look a bit like mild seven blue and Ferrari red. I guess you can count the bare carbon as Minardi black. Just neeed some chrome on there for 2007.

    The blue for mild seven is similar to the blue for Alonso’s home territory isn’t it? Maybe I’m not picturing it well in my head. And what does the red on his helmet represent? Or is it just red because he likes red?

    1. “Frankly, my dear… I don’t give a damn…!” ;-)

    2. red and yellow for the Spanish flag, and light blue for the Asturian region flag.

  12. Fine paint job, only narrowly beats a nice all-black livery. You know, black as in “blackmail”. Too bad there are no colors associated with stolen data or fixed race results, they could add those too to commemorate his finest sporting moments ;)

  13. This is a decline of F1 – one of the greatest drivers ever leaves the sport and all he’s got is this lousy paintjob. Stroll’s (daddy) gloomy era.

  14. They should keep it, best livery they’ve had for years.

  15. I like that special livery. That’s really great! I’m very sad – not to see him go – but that his career (for whatever reasons) did not amount to more wins and championships, of which he very clearly was – and still is – capable.

  16. Hm, that actually makes the car look a lot better overall.

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