Kimi Raikkonen, Antonio Giovinazzi, Alfa Romeo C38 presentation, Circuit de Catalunya, 2019

Giovinazzi will follow Raikkonen’s lead at Alfa Romeo

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In the round-up: Antonio Giovinazzi plans on playing close attention to his experienced team mate’s approach in F1 this year.

What they say

Giovinazzi says he plans to model his driving style on Kimi Raikkonen’s:

I think it would be just a mistake to go on a different way of him. My target is to work with him and just learn from him.

I think the right thing for the team as well is to go on the same way, and also maybe it’s better from my side to try to you know go on Kimi way and also driving on Kimi way just make it a lot more easy also for the team.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Standardised gearboxes from 2021? Rhys is in favour:

Great plan – and reduce the penalty for failed boxes.

I’ve been following F1 only since 2009, and in that time I’ve never really thought much about the gearbox other than the number of failures.

Many other series have standardised gearboxes (among other things), so its far from unusual. I doubt most fans would even notice.

In addition to this, the gearbox is no longer road relevant with the gradual shift to electric. Standardise it and free up budget-capped funds for the areas fans can see the difference.
Rhys Lloyd (@Justrhysism)

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  • 35 comments on “Giovinazzi will follow Raikkonen’s lead at Alfa Romeo”

    1. Resign, Claire. Resign.

      1. This is just a publicity stunt to make more profits from the oncoming williams documentary :p

      2. And who will fire Lowe then?

      3. Maybe Sir Frank should retire? If he’s the one overseeing development work at Williams, I don’t see how he’s managed to stay blameless in all of this. He’s the one who still insists they do everything in house (which isn’t efficient or cost effective compared to the approach of their rivals… and judging by statements made in the past by the likes of Webber & Rosberg, they’ve been behind the curve for a long time). Claire gets a lot of flak, but I’m sure she tries to do what her father wants (She seemed genuinely relieved the other day that he supposedly liked the new livery) & she’s always proudly shouting the Williams “We’re a real constructor” creed, but there’s no point harping on about their pride in the fact that they’re a real constructor when they’re the only team who’s car isn’t “constructed” in time for testing.

        1. This. I was quite harsh on Claire these days, but then I see at Williams site that Frank is still the leader and Claire only a Deputy.

    2. It seems Paddy Lowe is in the firing line, too. So perhaps they both should quit and have a clean sweep at the top and Sir Frank retire fully too.

      Something is seriously amiss with one of the most famous names in F.1. And it is not a blimp or sudden stumble but a four year downward path to ignominy.

      1. Having been the “head of” I know how thankless it can be when the owner gives you a program but fails to provide the resources to implement said program. Paddy Lowe can’t have hidden total incompetency all these years nor would he have forgotten all he learned whilst on gardening leave. Williams have a long history of disloyalty to their drivers, discarding them once they proved their worth. Seems Lance has turned the tables, what goes round comes round.

        1. As another ‘head of’ I disagree. When I’m asked to deliver something, I will deliver within the limited resources I have been given. And I’ll make sure I have sufficient contingency plans to make sure we don’t miss the big deadline.

          1. @coldfly, I too have always made my deadlines, but sometimes the owner changes wants last minute changes, then they have to accept it may effect timing.

            1. delete 1st. “changes” thanks.

          2. Coldfly – As another ‘head of’ I agree. When the ‘big-boss’ requests something which I know is not possible with the available resources I make this clear, immediately, and offer alternative solutions.
            On one occasion I was asked: “What can we do if we throw money at it…?” I told them, they suddenly found more money, by cancelling another project… and we got what was required. Otherwise they have to alter the request.
            It simply is not possible to bumble along, in the naive hope all will be resolved…

            On a second point I always remember the interviews Mr Lowe gave when he was at Merc. Whenever they did well he invariably took the kudos – when they failed, it was always someone else’s ‘fault’… Apart from saying little in favour of his character this also suggests a weakness in management skills…

    3. i completely disagree with COTD, The shift towards standardised gearbox internals is not the direction F1 should be going.

      F1 is supposed to be the pinnacle of the sport, It’s supposed to be about pushing boundaries & innovating in any area an advantage can be found & just because fans can’t see it or don’t understand it doesn’t mean it is not important & should be standardised. There are many fans out there who love the sort of geeky tech side of F1 & that is a massive part of what sets F1 out above other categories.

      It should all be about performance & competition in every area and not ‘show’ or equalisation. That just is not F1. Never has been & never should be!

      F1 is slowly becoming F1 in name only & is heading towards been nothing more than Indycar+ which is not the direction it should be going. Unfortunately however I fear that this is only the start of a lot more standardisation & that the more it goes that way the easier it will become for them to defend the next standard part they want to introduce.

      1. It may come as a surprise, but I’m okay with a standard gearbox as a cost saving measure given as how restricted the design of current gearboxes is. A benefit of which must logically be removal of penalties for gearbox failure. Back in the rose-tinted golden age of F1 teams bought their gearboxes from the specialist manufacturers like Hewland and ZF so a standard gearbox is not such a big change.

        1. Exactly.

          PS re. CotD. Even electric cars can have a gearbox (the Taycan will have one).

        2. I’m not sure one way or the other, but the gearbox isn’t really the hill I’d want to die on. I get the argument that innovation will stop in that area if it becomes spec, but frankly the most efficient and effective type of transmission was already tried many years ago and banned: CVT. They’re soulless and boring, but they are the ideal power delivery device. So since double clutches won’t be adopted because of the weight, and CVT won’t be accepted due to the aforementioned, and especially because the gear ratios and number of gears are already fixed, specs have already kind of decided that innovation isn’t the ultimate goal in the transmission department.

          On a Williams note, one of the things that might doom them is their pride in being a constructor, refusing to go for the Mercedes gearbox to save money when given the option. Making some of these parts spec might just save them from themselves.

    4. For Williams’ sake (and that of the sport), I hope that their problem is something that can be fixed with time (even if that should spill over to the next season), rather than something terminal like a funding crunch.

      It’s worrying to the extent that I no longer feel like taking cheap pot-shots at the team.

      To start with, let’s hope their car makes an appearance today, and racks up some mileage.

      1. Income down, costs up for a negative result last year when they had a mega-pay driver and an established title sponsor… of course they’re in a funding crunch but it doesn’t have to be terminal – they’ve probably just gone a little to close to the bone.

    5. Did Lance Stroll just refuse to comment on something?!

    6. @phylyp: Agree. No pot shots. But can we start a Bring Back Patrick petition? Or even Adam – would include an ‘Annoy Bernie’ bonus.

      1. @jimmi-cynic – LOL, yeah.

        That said, I’d be curious to know what ails Williams – is it a lack of funding/resources as @hohum alludes to, a lack of capable management, or a lack of good technical direction.

        1. @phylyp: The answer to those questions is…. Yes. And yes. And yes.

          1. @jimmi-cynic – you’re such a… ah, what the heck, it’s right there in your username ;)

            1. Such a Jimmi ;)

            2. @phylyp
              Agree- seeing Williams struggle like this is no good for the sport – we need more teams not less, especially ironic one like Williams. If you look back to 2014 & 2015 they were up there, I think 3rd in 2014 if I remember correctly?

              People look at Claire and maybe she should go (it wont happen) but is it bad decisions or just bad engineering, or lack of funds? We don’t know if Sir Frank is still making behind the scenes decisions or if its bad engineering- is so Lowe may go, as has been reported.

              A cost cap has to be done to keep team like this in F1, otherwise the whole thing may collapse.

    7. I have zero insight about Williams’ issues and zero right to make any sort of bold statement about any of it.

      I can only say that I’m seriously saddened by the state they find themselves in.

    8. “Mutiny” against Lowe? That’s serious stuff if true. Is this just sensationalism from The Telegraph do you think?

      And if Lowe has to go (there’s a rhyming mutinous chant for you), who would replace him?

    9. I like Giovinazzi’s stated approach. He’s got a hell of an opportunity to learn from one of the smoothest drivers in the paddock and round out his quickness with a lot of other skills more specific to F1. Add to that, Kimi has already said he’s probably not going to be around for the 2021 regulations, it puts Giovinazzi in a position to gain two years of experience learning from a WC and then take over as a team leader for the next rookie to come along.

      Granted, of course, he can deliver the goods. How close do you reckon he needs to stay in the standings for Alfa to stick with him?

      1. @lunaslide
        Good comment, learn from one of the best.
        I think Antonio will follow how Kimi goes about an F1 weekend, follow his set ups but on Saturday and Sunday arvo try to well and truly beat him.

        This will be an interesting battle this year- a new driver that seems quick and an old Champion. This one, Ferrari and Renault are the team battles to watch this year!

        1. @garns
          If fairness, if Giovinazzi doesn’t still try to beat Kimi on Saturdays and Sundays, he wouldn’t be much of a race car driver, would he! I think that’s exactly how it’ll play out, and I think most of the time Kimi will still get the better of him. But it’ll be fun to watch.

          Speaking of that, I think Gasly/Verstappen will be another great battle to watch this season. Some of the commentary today was suggesting that in terms of personality, Gasly is pretty good about letting it go when things don’t go well for him and tends to stay calm, and Max is more fiery but has trouble letting it go, like on the weigh scales in Brazil last year. They likened this to Prost/Senna, which I wouldn’t have spotted myself. Should be explosive if Gasly has some pace for Max.

    10. Potentially losing the Mexican GP would be a shame especially just because of some railway.

      A reasonable approach by Gio.

      I couldn’t agree more with @RogerA concerning the COTD.

    11. I’m sorry but Claire Williams has flushed Williams down the gutter, it’s her first job! How competent were we all in our first ever jobs?

      Amongst the litany of bad decisions, the latest of which is that livery, the refusal to move to CF gearbox casing or make a technical deal with Mercedes for the heritage factor has to be the kicker. What about the heritage of once World Champions now barely propping up the back of the grid.

      1. I don’t see anything wrong with the livery !

        But of course if the real bodywork is still at the paint shop…….

        1. It looks extremely amateur when put alongside the rest of the grid. Like someone using photoshop for the first time discovered the gradient brush and went to town. Awful.

          1. Agreed – it’s artistically embarrassing.

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