Start, Albert Park, Melbourne, 2019

2019 Australian Grand Prix championship points

2019 Australian Grand Prix

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Constructors’ championship

Team Total
1 Mercedes 44
2 Ferrari 22
3 Red Bull 15
4 Haas 8
5 Renault 6
6 Alfa Romeo 4
7 Racing Point 2
8 Toro Rosso 1
9 McLaren 0
10 Williams 0

2019 Australian Grand Prix

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    17 comments on “2019 Australian Grand Prix championship points”

    1. I must admit, I liked the way the fastest lap played out today, without anyone pitting for an easy FLAP. If it continues to be this way in future races, it might be interesting after all.

      1. @phylyp I still don’t like it, In fact if anything I like it less now than I did a week ago.

        I just don’t think it add’s anything & don’t think it warrants a point as I don’t think been fast over 1 lap in a 58 lap race is deserving of an extra point, Especially if they do start playing games with it in future races.

        I also just really don’t like the idea of a championship been decided by bonus points. It should be points based on finishing positions & that’s it.

        1. @stefmeister – I agree with you, that the principle of it is not great, especially since it adds some artificial #EngineeredExcitement at the closing stages. I’m just trying to see the silver lining :) Of course, my mind might change if the next few races has the sixth-placed car repeatedly pitting and grabbing the point.

        2. 100% agree with you @stefmeister.

          bonus points have no buisiness potentially deciding a championship especially if you do start seeing drivers pit late for fresh tyres and getting the point by default due to the performance advantage that offers. i just fail to see how that is deserving of a point let alone deciding a championship potentially.

          total farce in my view which will backfire on them just like the other silly gimmicks have tended to! hopefully this does happen so we can see the back of it as soon as possible and get back to a true championship standing representation!

        3. @stefmeister in case that the championship is very very close, we could even see teams sacrificing points with the number two driver to prevent the championship contenders from getting fastest lap.

          Let’s say that HAM and VET are a couple of points apart in the championship, it would make sense in some cases to pit LEC for example in order to take that extra point in case HAM holds the fastest lap.

          Horner already said they were thinking of doing it with GAS, and they would probably do if he wasn’t so close to the 7-8-9-10th train.

    2. Also, Racing Point and Sauber both scored points today, so the WCC table needs updating (it currently shows them both at zero).

      1. I think they are using the old names, that’s why the tally is not right.

        1. @oni – good point!

      2. @phylyp: No points for Williams either. Keith needs to offer a participation point for any team 2 seconds or more off the pace.

        Was looking forward to the race. Then Crofty shouted in my face and it was a silent, mute-button race for me. People complain about the noise from turbo V6 engines. Sky coverage is far more tedious to hear.

        Melbourne is lovely place to stage a race. Possibly even to watch a race live. For stretch limo single seat F1 train cars on TV, not so much. At least Spa is coming soon.

        1. Then Crofty shouted in my face and it was a silent, mute-button race for me. People complain about the noise from turbo V6 engines. Sky coverage is far more tedious to hear.

          @jimmi-cynic – misery loves company, good to know I’m not alone!

          On your first point, we can start issuing those “star” stickers to affix on the drivers’ hands. You know, the kind that teachers dole out in preschool.

        2. Then Crofty shouted in my face and it was a silent, mute-button race for me.

          Obviously Crofty’s task is playing the Murray Walker role in the commentary team. Add a bit of excitement to the spectators’ experience. By contrast Martin Brundle gives us the “expert” view.

          1. @rinodina: except to compare Murray Walker to Crofty is to compare a Lambo 350GT to a Yaris with a rusted-out muffler.

            Not a fan of ‘mediated’ sports when video is available. On radio, the commentators are vital. On TV where we can see the cars as well (or better), the commentators are superfluous. If I want some D-list celeb’s opinion, there’s always the internet.

        3. Fat American here, and I hate Crofty so much. They never ever stop talking, ever. They just keep blathering on and on, droning and making noise for the sake of making noise. Just stop for a few moments and let us hear the race. Does their contract stipulate that they must fill 100% of the time with 100% of rambling nonsense? I miss our home-based coverage – they would deliberately stop talking just to hear the sounds of the race. These people have zero respect. They talk so much they just make up statistics – junk information just dribbling out of Crofty’s mouth because it’s such a marvel that it can just reliably generate “good enough” speech whilst his thought buffer refills and he can seamlessly transition. Such impressive talent.

    3. Who are Force India and Sauber? Never heard of them ;)

    4. Congrats to Russell and Kubica on their highest championship position of the season, joint 11th!

    5. isaac (@invincibleisaac)
      17th March 2019, 21:35

      I know it’s all too easy to jump to conclusions after the first race of the season, but I genuinely think we could have 5 championship contenders for the majority of this season. Mercedes certainly showed they have a fast car and if Bottas carries his form from this weekend through the season he should do very well. I hope the fact that he is now leading the championship for the first time ever gives him even more confidence for the upcoming races. Hamilton will of course be a very strong force and Verstappen showed Red-Bull Honda is competitive. It is said that Hamilton might have had some floor damage however Verstappen was still able to outpace the Ferrari’s and looked quicker than Hamilton throughout most of the race, so Red Bull’s race pace looks strong. Ferrari seemed to struggle this weekend although I believe they will shortly find their pre-season form and will be right in the mix at Bahrain as this track has suited them much more in recent years than Melbourne. Vettel will be very strong and Leclerc should do much better once he’s settled into the team more, and I don’t think there will be lots of team orders at Ferrari to hold him back (I hope). Personally I don’t think Gasly has what it takes to mount a championship challenge this year. Red Bull is still a bit behind Mercedes it would seem but with a top quality driver like Verstappen he can reduce the gap, however Gasly is not quite on Verstappen’s level.

      I’m looking forward to a very close season and it could well be a 5-way championship battle. Let’s hope so.

    6. The list says Sauber has 0 points. That is correct, but Alfa Romeos 4 points is missing. …

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