Start, Shanghai International Circuit, 2019

Hamilton says his improved starts are now among “the best on the grid”

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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says he’s improved his starts after poor getaways in the first two races of 2019.

What they say

Hamilton said his start in the Chinese Grand Prix was the best of anyone’s on the grid:

The last two starts have been the best of the whole grid. The last one was the best of the whole grid and I will check but the one from [Baku], probably is also in the top three best starts. I have been working on it.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Are Codemasters heading in the right direction with the latest instalment of the official Formula 1 game series?

I’ve not always been a fan of the direction of the series but right now I love the way they’re going, the net code has needed an update for the longest time although thankfully the last couple years has ironed out all the really nasty bugs of previous years, random de-syncs and crashes etc… I love the idea of custom liveries and the F2 career and legends mode sound great. I hope they don’t go full TOCA on the series and end up trying to include every beginner formula, I always found those games lacking where it was needed most, in the title series.

Sounds like they’re focusing on all the right areas and I can’t wait to play for myself and then see where they add to in the years to come. Seems like there’s some renewed direction and focus compared to a few years ago, hopefully Liberty has had something to do with this as they have said they see the importance of keeping F1 relevant to the gaming audience.
Tristan (@skipgamer)

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  • 13 comments on “Hamilton says his improved starts are now among “the best on the grid””

    1. Let’s keep it that way Legend, let’s rank the wins now. You did good by winning on tracks you actually like less, i have faith in you Legend, let’s go for it.

    2. Sainz’s columns have thus far been interesting reading, nice insights.

      Not directly related to the point of the COTD, but on the matter of F1 2019 as well: I hope the mirrors of the Red Bull RB6 would finally be placed where they should be.

    3. W Series, the world (?) is looking at them for their 1st time out, and they tweet something as illiterate as “We’re hear […]”; well that doesn’t sound…let’s say professional

      1. Sush Meerkat
        4th May 2019, 10:33

        I come for the racing

        Stay for the grammar

      2. And of course your English is perfect and you have never made a spelling mistake or typo, people should concentrate on the sport instead of a stupid misspelt word.

    4. I’d still say Vettel has the best starts though… Probably The only consistent thing about him is the way he gets the car off the line. Historically, it has been Hamilton’s weak point especially during the Rosberg days. However, I’m glad he’s now fixed his starting performance.

      1. Agreed, i used to think it was a Ferrari thing. But seeing Leclerc really f* up his start in Baku it looks the driver stlll makes the difference.
        But looking at Ham versus Bottas there is only a very slight difference. So even his better starts are not enough to pass Bottas for now.

        1. In fairness, HAM hadn’t roughen the edges yet.

        2. erikje, Leclerc was on medium tyres against a field of softs.

      2. @lebz I agree. And it has been that way for a while now. I still remember his start at the AUS 2016. It was brilliant. Shame that Ferrari spoiled his win.

      3. @lebz That’s not really true though. Rosberg also had plenty issues with the poorly working Mercedes start system. It just wasn’t so visibly because he didn’t start from pole as much.

        Ferrari has had the best start system for the last few years indeed. Raikkonen had great starts in his Ferrari too. For instance Singapore 2017. Until Vettel took him and Verstappen out.

        1. Rosberg has 30 poles…

          1. Unless I have missed something here I fail to see the relevance of “30 poles”, what do they have to do with race starts??

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