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Renault needs to “get it right” on low-speed tracks – Ricciardo

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In the round-up: Daniel Ricciardo says this weekend’s race will be an important test of the progress Renault has made with its cars on tracks where it has not been strong previously.

What they say

Ricciardo praised the team’s efforts after successful races at Spa and Monza but is wary of Singapore:

Enstone have definitely built, the last few weekends, a car on low downforce which immediately out of the box, even though there’s less grip with the smaller wing, kind of felt easier to drive and more balanced. So for sure the package we’ve got on these circuits is great.

Coming into Singapore I think there’s a lot of things we can learn, hopefully, with the high downforce, and take something from there. But I don’t know. We definitely seem stronger on these high-speed flowing parts. But it doesn’t mean we can’t get it right on low-speed so we’ll do some homework and hopefully this is an encouraging result for the boys in Enstone as well and particularly, as I said, Viry.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Many of you clearly feel F1’s television direction makes too much use of crowd and scenery shots, a point which wasn’t addressed in a Q&A issued by the championship on the subject yesterday:

I understand that choosing when to display replays is difficult with a continuous race, but I feel that they tend to prioritise replays over current and developing on-track action, and I would rather see less replays than miss something that has happened during a replay.

As for the crowd and scenery shots, which they didn’t address, I’d argue that we don’t need those at all. The number of times I need to see the crowd is zero, and a single establishing shot during the pre-race build-up is quite sufficient to remind us what city we’re in. Occasional views of the pit wall are relevant and can sometimes even add to the sense of the overall race, but aside from those, I don’t want to see anything but the cars on track.

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  • 20 comments on “Renault needs to “get it right” on low-speed tracks – Ricciardo”

    1. Alfa Romeo Sponsor Liaison (ARSL): Kimi, we need you to promote one of our sponsors.
      Kimi: Bwoah (subdued).
      ARSL: It’s ‘premium Greek-style drinking…’
      Kimi: (big grin)
      ARSL: ‘…yoghurt’
      Kimi: (the expression you see in the tweet)

      1. Also… shout out to sneaky cheeky Keith, for putting in “heartily” to describe Kimi’s enthusiasm in that tweet :)

        1. Also, props to the photographer for getting such a spontaneous enthusiastic reaction from all involved, looking too at Vasseur, and for the peaxh-halo over on the left in the foto, wouldn’t you say @phylyp?

      2. It just needs some tweaking.
        Should be fine.

        1. Now where’s the edit button…? ;)

        2. Bart – Ha ha, nice one!

          @bosyber – “Red Bull gives you wings”, but Ambrosial gives you enthusiasm! Vasseur’s like “the things I do to be able to run a team”

    2. Wurz, Alonso survived, gravel flipped, asphalt might have still flipped, ultimately gravel saved him, want more tarmac run-off, increase the run off

      1. How would they have flipped with a big tarmac runoff? A car going off its wheels is incredibly dangerous because it exposes the driver’s head to side impacts. Anything to avoid the car flipping improves safety.

    3. Hope the race is cancelled due to filthy air! Would actually make F1 into something useful!

      1. Yes because poor air quality is a health concern to the thousands of spectators who have to breath it for at least three hours.

      2. Imagine having no life to the extent you just troll message boards on the internet about subjects you know nothing about just to be a nuisance. Glamo is the actual waste of air.

    4. Renault needs to get it right on low speed tracks? You know who else needs to do that? Ferrari!

    5. So nice to see a picture of Kimi embracing some Italian culture.

    6. I think reading between the lines in the last few weeks, Riccardo has had enough of Renault excuses too. He’s clearly saying you’ve got to get it right next year or I’m looking for another team.

      1. Either he displaces the disastrous vettel at ferrari, the slow albon (for now) at red bull), but that’s admitting defeat, or the reliable but not constantly fast bottas at mercedes, that’s his options, anything else is a side or downgrade.

    7. Renault need to improve period, Ricciardo saying the car felt great at Monza is nice. But they were still well off the pace of Merc/Ferrari/RB.

      1. Agreed – they need to improve and disappointingly went backwards this year.

        I still have concerns about their longer term commitment given that the budget cap ended up being higher than they wanted it to be.

      2. Their performance was however great at monza compared to usual, enjoy it while it lasts, gonna fall back again at chassis’ tracks.

    8. I don’t really agree with the first paragraph of the COTD: I don’t feel like (and never have felt like) they’d tend to prioritize replays over current and developing on-track action. For example, replay footage from different angles, including the T-cam onboard ones tend to be shown a few laps into the given race, and this is the case with every single race. Earlier if there’s a lap-one SC, but it’s better to show those early than wait for like halfway into the race distance before showing them. I thoroughly agree with the bottom paragraph, though.

      Renault indeed like Ferrari need to get better on circuits with a lower average lap speed. They are 22 points behind Mclaren in the WCC, so a good points haul from Singapore would be needed to have a better shot at clawing the gap back entirely.

    9. For sure it’s ridiculous to have 2 week old quotes, which were widely reported in other media, as the headline topic for a daily round-up.

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