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Kvyat “very upset and disappointed” as penalty costs him points again

2019 F1 season

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An unhappy Daniil Kvyat said the penalty which cost him a points finish in the United States Grand Prix is “not what our sport needs”.

The Toro Rosso driver lost a points finish for the second race in a row due to a post-race time penalty. He collided with Sergio Perez while passing the Racing Point driver on the final lap.

“I think was a harsh but fair move,” said Kvyat. “It was great racing like we want to see and what we have seen this season without other drivers being penalised.”

His five-second time penalty restored Perez to 10th place and left Kvyat 12th. “I’m very upset and disappointed about this penalty because I don’t think this is what our sport needs,” he said.

The stewards examined video of the collision and handed down a swift post-race penalty without speaking to the drivers involved. “Car 11 [Perez] was in front immediately prior to the apex of the corner,” they noted, “car 26 [Kvyat] ‘dived’ down the inside, had a small lock up and bounced off the kerb, which moved the car to the outside of the exit of the corner, colliding with car 11.”

In addition to his five-second time penalty Kvyat was given a penalty point on his licence, taking him up to a total of five.

Perez accused his rival of failing to slow under yellow flags earlier in the lap in order to get into position to attack him.

“He overdid it a bit too much,” said Perez. “Under the yellow flag, he didn’t lift, he attacked me straight away after the yellow flag and then into 15 he just crashed into me.”

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2019 F1 season

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19 comments on “Kvyat “very upset and disappointed” as penalty costs him points again”

  1. I have to admit to some sympathy for him.

    As has always seemed to be the case, stewards seem to be very quick to penalise contact from some drivers, particularly those in the midfield but adopt a “let them race” attitude for others further up the field because they’re “exciting”.

    It’ll never be an exact science, but there seems to be too much disparity when it comes to their decision making.

    1. Just like Kevin Magnusen getting penalty for Russia(which was worthy of warning at best) while a special flag was invented for Leclerc in Monza.

      1. Edit: In this case since overtake took place under yellow flags irrespective of driver it deserves a penalty.

        1. It wasn’t under yellow flag. Yellow flag was in Turn 12. Incident happened in Turn 15.

          1. So Kvyat wasnt investigated for yellow flags as claimed by Perez? I thought that was the reason for penalty. Highlights didnt show this incident between Perez and Kvyat.

      2. a special flag was invented for Leclerc

        That flag had been used in the previous race on one of these apparently often overlooked midfield drivers.

        Though it’s striking that it hasn’t reappeared since Monza.

    2. @dbradock But to be fair, it does seems Kvyat is totally guilty. Perez leaves enough space, if Kvyat got understeer or locks up and bounced on the kerb, that’s totally on him not Perez. If a contact happened because of that, it should be correctly a hands down penalty for causing a collision. Hard racing have a prerequisite of having the car 100% in control.

      1. Both cars were ok after that. Max pushes other cars off the track – no penalty, Hamilton pushed a car off track – no penalty. Kvyat pushed Perez off track – penalty. What the hell?

        1. The difference is, you entitled to the racing line (and “pushing” other car) if you’re significantly ahead (other car front wheel is not completely ahead of your rear wheel) at the apex of the corner. If not, you should always leave a space. This is also why you can only push other car when exiting the corner, not at the entry or the mid corner. Hamilton is the master at having the situational awareness on when he can claim the racing line and when he must leave space, that’s why he almost never investigated for it. Ricciardo is the master of getting significantly ahead before the apex (and still able to make the turn) which is why he often able to claim the racing line. Max, while often crude and questionable usually is indeed already ahead at the apex, which is why he often investigated but rarely getting a penalty.

          In this incident, Kvyat is not even ahead of Perez in the apex. He don’t have any claim to the racing line. Perez is entitled to keep his line and since Kvyat hit him, it’s an obvious slam dunk penalty.

      2. Agreed, @sonicslv. Turns 13 & 14 was great defending by Perez, and the reason why he left room in T15, Daniil just went in like a child; he has only himself to blame for bouncing off the kerb and onto his rival.

      3. I don’t disagree @sonicslv it was a clear penalty.

        I guess what I’m saying is that all too often some of the drivers at the top end seem to get a free pass for what seem equally clear penalties.

    3. Kvyat was penalized for an entirely uncontrolled overtake. It’s that simple. I have not seen Hamilton, Leclerc, Verstappen, Vettel or Bottas get away with anything like the stupidity Kvyat just showed.

      Kvyat claimed Perez closed the door which was completely false. Perez did defend yes, butg he gave ample space for Kvyat to maneuver and the maneuver Kvyat CHOSE was to ram into the front of Perez.

  2. Same corner Alonso v Massa ….no penalty: https://youtu.be/JkEYFsIS_jo?t=49

    1. Silverstone Verstappen vs Leclare, no penalty – “He is got the apex, nothing wrong with that”.

      Well, Kvyat did have that apex.

      1. Also, Verstappen into Leclerc at Austria.

        1. Otherway around Leclerc went into Max

  3. With all the talking about stewards being unfair and biased and with just another example of it here, why doesnt F1 go the way Drift went in Japan? Surely, if a drifting competition can be judged by a computer, that computer can also give penalties in F1. Strictly, fairly and always predictably.

  4. I agree with the stewards on this one. I don’t think the penalty is unfair

  5. Jose Lopes da Silva
    4th November 2019, 10:39

    What is people’s problem with the white and black flag, which always existed and it was very unfortunate that it was not used for so long?

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