Kevin Magnussen, Haas, Circuit of the Americas, 2019

Teams seeking performance advantage through 2020 tyre choice – Magnussen

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In the round-up: Kevin Magnussen says the decision over which tyres F1 should use for 2020 will be influenced by which teams think they stand to benefit from the new rubber.

What they say

Teams are split over whether F1 should use the new tyres which were developed for 2020 or stick with the current rubber: Magnussen and the other drivers had the chance to test the tyres in practice at the Circuit of the Americas:

I think it’s very difficult to take the opinions of the drivers and teams because everyone will just say what looks like [being to] their advantage and go for what they think is best for themselves.

At the end of the day it’s the same tyre for everyone. So Formula 1 should go with the tyre that makes the best show and that’s it.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Edvaldo doesn’t think Lance Stroll is at risk of being underrated based on his performance last year:

If one thing, being there with a rookie made him look better than he really is, as he scored more points and was not as behind in Saturdays (but was generally slower than the rookie) as he was compared to Massa before and Perez now.

Stroll should take a look at the standings. He has less than half of Perez’s points and counting that lucky fourth place in Germany that flattered his very poor season.

He can think whatever he wants about his progress, the truth is, if he weren’t rich, he would be already out a long time ago.

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  • 16 comments on “Teams seeking performance advantage through 2020 tyre choice – Magnussen”

    1. He can think whatever he wants about his progress, the truth is, if he weren’t rich, he would be already out a long time ago.

      I disagree completely with this quote from the COTD. He would never had made it to F1 in the first place, so he couldn’t be kicked out of the sport.

      1. @mashiat

        He would never had made it to F1 in the first place

        I disagree.

        Given his performances in F3 (And other junior categories) I believe he’d have got to F1 regardless of his father’s wealth. In a championship with equal cars he was clearly the fastest guy in the field, Dominated a few races & had some brilliant races where he had to work his way through the field from the back to score podiums. You don’t do that in a spec category like F3 unless you have a good level of talent.

        I think the only thing his father’s money did was jump him into F1 1-2 years sooner than he probably would have otherwise which TBH I think hurt rather than helped him because I don’t think he was ready for F1 in 2017 & would have been better off doing a year or 2 in F2 alongside an F1 sim/reserve/friday driver role.

        1. @roger-ayles Pretty certain he enjoyed plenty of advantages in F3 because of his dad’s money that he otherwise wouldn’t have. For example, Lawrence Stroll basically gave Lance every single advantage possible, including more testing and hiring numerous drivers and engineers just to help his son through everything. It got to the point where all the other teams basically thought the playing field was so unfair, that from 2015 to 2016, half the grid left due to Stroll’s unfair advantage. They even used illegal parts from the Williams F1 team to try and win, and forced team orders on his teammates from Race 1. Just read Keith’s article here. So no, I don’t believe he’d ever have made it to F1 on merit. I doubt he would have been successful in F3, and even if he was, it’s even more unlikely he’d be able to accomplish anything noteworthy in F2. Three years in F1 and he has been consistently poor, only a handful of freak results have masked how bad he has been.

          1. @mashiat When Kmag joined Haas he didnt bring a sponsor to the team. Actually Kmag was hired without paying a single daim or bringing any sponsor. Later Kmag had personal sponsors who started sponsoring Haas F1. In Kevins 1st race he came in 2nd. (Ricciardo was DQ’ed for cheating with the fuelflow sytem and lost his 2nd place so Kmag ended 2nd) Its okay you dont like Kmag but you need to take a chill pill and a reality check. Kmag deserves to be in F1 and his talent is without question outstanding. In F3 all the cars are the same. Kmag is the coowner of a compagny that has paid for Kmags career. So it is for you to see how much Kmag had to pay to get into F1. There has been a whelthy man backing Kmags career but Kmag isnt in F1 because of the money more than Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel or Max Verstappen.

            1. I have no idea what you are talking about. I have literally not mentioned Kevin Magnussen whatsoever.

    2. Surely being associated with someone whose environmental record is as dismal as @jairbolsonaro’s would do @FIAFormulaE more harm than good?

      I find it funny because, IMO, F-E is closer to a political trend than anything else. So, I find natural the populist getting along with the fad. Still, all those environmental tantrums cast upon his tenure seems a stretch, given his predecessors and the lack of due concern back then.

      1. :-) It does show up the series for what it is, doesn’t it @niefer

      2. Electrification a fad IYO?
        Maybe. I doubt it, but we’ll see soon. How long does a ‘fad’ take to fade out?

        In the meanwhile, I eagerly await my electric car.
        Full disclosure, I didn’t order it for its green credentials, but because I like the quiet driving experience and exceptional performance. Also, I suffer from range anxiety; always afraid I cannot make the next petrol station, but soon I only have to roll up to the next house with an electric socket.

        1. Yes, I see it as a mania, @coldfly. It may endure, but in the end — again, IMHO — surely it will trigger the next energy crisis. Then, the new green trend will be enforced by political agendas just as it is today.

          I mean, we already have energy crisis even with petrol in the equation. Now risk it off and then power billions of cars with electrical energy. I honestly don’t believe we’re pushing for something better, but for something prejudicial. Hence it’s a fad: people just wanna have it without measuring consequences in the long term.

          By no means I wanna tell anyone how to live their lives, and I like many aspects of electrical powering on cars. But I’m against enforced implementation. And I’m against the instrumental demonization people do towards petrol, which is only providential for NGOs that thrives under public money (oh, the irony!) whilst keep bringing panic scenarios to feed society’s thirst for apocalyptic tales. All of that whilst tons and tons of coal are burned everyday without much concern.

          Now, funnily enough, the quiet driving is one of the very things that bothers me. =)
          I don’t know, I don’t like at all driving a car that’s got the sound of a subway train. LOL, I also have the range anxiety, but I’m not sure it would cease unless we’d have power stations block by block. Though, in a way, it is just like that with petrol stations, isn’t it?

          I don’t know if it’s in order but, — because at lots of places it is expensive as hell — congratulations on your new car! In the end, people should get what they want, not what they’re told it’s best for them. Cheers!

          1. congratulations on your new car!

            Thank you @niefer, although I don’t have it yet, and not sure when I will be the lucky one to get it (the guys seem to have some start-up issues).

    3. I always use cockpit cam-view (as well as, the respective driver eye-level view in rally games such as the Dirt Rally-series) as it’s the most realistic one out of the options in these games.

      1. Found that too difficult (one of the reasons I’m not an F1 driver).
        T-cam works great though. feels like I’m driving the car, whilst able to see where I am.

        1. @coldfly Well, each to their own. I struggle more with the views that show the surroundings to a broader extent than the cockpit-one. I don’t know; I feel I can focus better on the track/road ahead with the actual real-life driving view than the other ones, especially the chase-views.

      2. I personally use T-Cam in F1 and the chase view for GT cars (Forza, GT and suchlike). Using the cockpit view is overrated in my book. No matter how good your console, wheel or “home sim rig” is you can’t escape the fact your are playing a game and it is nothing like the real thing.

    4. the truth is, if he weren’t rich, he would be already out a long time ago.

      Another truth is because Lance was on the grid the team that was Force India became Racing Point. Maybe the team would still be racing, but not as Racing Point. I suspect Force India wouldn’t have been able to race this year if it weren’t for Lawrence Stroll. Lawrence bought up all the assets, paid off the outstanding debts, brought in lots of moral boosting money, good equipment, and expertise. All the staff got their backpay! I’m expecting next year’s car to be much better than this year’s one, which started being built in the dusk of Force India’s existence, which compromised the development of the car. So the question becomes “Which would you rather have: Racing Point with Lance Stroll as a driver or 9 F1 teams this season?” From the way some people talk it seems they’d rather have 9 teams on the grid than 10. If that were to happen then F1 would be so much less than it is now.

      1. Like so many other F1 drivers, money paid their way in.

        Lance would be in formula 1 regardles of his father bying the team or just a seat.
        Lets not forget that Lawrence is excellent at buisness and in the end, running an Formula 1 team is buisness.

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