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Add all the 2020 F1 session times to your calendar

2020 F1 season

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The 2020 F1 calendar is the longest-ever with a record 22 races set to being in just over two months’ time.

To help make sure you don’t miss any of the action this year, RaceFans has updated its F1 Calendar to include all the session times for every race, qualifying session and practice session this year.

The session times have been confirmed for all bar one of this year’s races. The first ever Vietnamese will begin at 14:10pm local time, which is 8:10am for those in the UK.

The Dutch Grand Prix weekend will be run to the same time schedule as all European rounds. This goes for the British Grand Prix as well, which has moved in line with the other European rounds. The Silverstone race will therefore begin at 3:10pm, an hour later than last year.

F1 has not yet finalised the official starting times for the Japanese Grand Prix sessions. The 2019 times are listed at present and will be updated once the 2020 times are confirmed.

Use the following link to add the dates and times to your device:

You can also find the RaceFans Formula 1 calendar here including links to Outlook iCal and HTML versions:

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2020 F1 season

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6 comments on “Add all the 2020 F1 session times to your calendar”

  1. Thanking you :D

  2. ”This goes for the British Grand Prix as well, which has moved in line with the other European rounds.”
    – Incorrect. Last season it indeed was in line with the other European rounds, but next time around it will be an hour later for the continental-European time zones compared to last season. 16:10 CE(S)T and 17:10 EE(S)T as opposed to 15:10 and 16:10. This case will be the same as with the French GP in 2018.

    Now a general note on this side-aspect of F1: I find it a bit annoying that no explanation is given for the reason(s) behind the shifts, or shifts in general. What was wrong with the 14:10 local time for the British GP, and why has the US GP-equivalent moved back to 14:10, where it most recently was in 2017 (when the formation laps more precisely commenced on 14:00)? As for the Chinese GP, most recently, both FP2 and QLF have started at 14:00. I can understand the postponement by an hour for QLF as that’s where it used to start, i.e., a return to its previous slot, but FP2, not really, and the same with the Canadian and Mexican GP-equivalent Friday-sessions. I’d wish for more consistency on this aspect of F1 as well as the Stewards’ decisions, or pit lane-garage orders, in that FP2, QLF, and the race would all begin during the same hour, or at least FP2 and the race within the same hour with only QLF commencing later (or earlier) at max. I’m happy that at least the Azerbaijan GP will still start at 16:10 (instead of 17:10) as I was expecting a return to its 2016-17 slot given the June-return.

    1. I forgot to add: I wonder why no Japanese GP-times yet? The race can’t really start any later than it has in the recent past due October’s sunset times.

  3. Speaking personally i’d love for the european race start times to go back to 1pm (UK Time) as the race running from 1pm-2:30ish worked out far better for me & gave me time to get some other stuff done before getting ready to prepare/cook/eat a Sunday meal.

    Aside from that with the later times over the weekend in general I felt at times last year like on F1 weekends my entire day was been taken up by F1 & that started to hinder my enjoyment of it as the year went on, Especially given how it felt like I had less time/opportunity to spend with family/friends around sessions like I did in the past. That last point is something I think will feel worse if they add more races as it seems they will as it’s less free weekends to try & fit around there work schedules.

  4. I’m actually a little surprised they have stuck with the later start times given how it was something that a lot of the european broadcasters felt was hurting audience retention due to it putting the tail end of races up against the start of the sunday afternoon/evening soccer games which always draw larger audiences. It’s an especially big issue for broadcasters like Sky who air both F1 & the soccer games.

    I also know a few of the race organizers didn’t like the later start & nor did many of the mechanics who were ending up working a bit later & therefore having to catch later flights back home with some ending up staying an extra night when they previously wouldn’t have needed to. Not to mention how there was complaints with transport not been able to cope in a few places.

  5. I wonder when we’re going to get more launch dates, only Ferrari and Alpha Tauri so far.

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