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Verstappen “very confident” in Honda’s progress after first test

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In the round-up: Max Verstappen says he is encouraged by the steps Honda are taking with their power unit this year.0

What they say

Verstappen was asked whether Honda have continued the progress they made last year:

Well, they’re pushing flat out. And of course, you always want improvements. The improvements definitely have been made compared to last year as well. And also what I like is, of course, what they show you, what they project, what is coming is always happening.

So I’m very confident that it will be the same this year again. So, yes, everything is heading into the right direction. But of course the other ones, they’re also pushing flat out. So we just have to try and work hard.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Instead of reducing it, should F1 try to make testing more of an event?

If the empty grandstands are a problem (and Stevenson mentions it) what about testing during weekends?

People work, you know. I live 30 minutes from the track but I cannot go there and have a look.

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Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello, Ferrari F2005 launch, Maranello, 2005

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12 comments on “Verstappen “very confident” in Honda’s progress after first test”

  1. What a nanny-state dumpster fire WEC has become. If the FIA/ACO must micro-manage at this level, perhaps they should just put their own car on track – without a BoP or success handicap, of course.

    Or just give up and make it a spec-series. Get rid of all those different classes and different cars. Stop giving points to any finishers – put all the competitors on the podium. Everyone gets a trophy!


    1. Has become? Wec may be a new thing but the problem is old, Le Mans is not a competition.

  2. So, Less than a week and DAS is already being adopted in F3. Talk about ‘not before mid-season’

    1. Saw what you did there, @mrboerns. And appreciate the chuckle. ;-)

    2. Stellar!

  3. (DAS) is triggered by a button and then adjusts between its two positions without the driver physically pulling and pushing on the wheel.

    Based on this I changed my opinion on DAS; I now conclude it should not be allowed.
    If they use it like a lever and can lock it in either position it is no longer a ‘steering’ function but an adjustment setting.
    To me, it would only be legal if it is a continuous adjustment and if it cannot be locked. Let the drivers struggle with it and find the exact position they want, and make sure they don’t use it at the wrong moment.

    1. @coldfly Yeah it seems bizarre that it’s allowed but no teams are challenging it, so I guess it’s a rules loophole.

      Interestingly, I believe Brawn just came out to say that in future, he would like to see regulation where loophole innovations can be clamped down upon immediately (in order to level the playing field).

      1. @balue

        Yeah it seems bizarre that it’s allowed but no teams are challenging it, so I guess it’s a rules loophole

        Just hold your horses, Binotto said that they will seek clarification from the FIA which suggest that they will send a letter similar to the one Resta wrote before the start of the 2017 season about the trick suspension used by Mercedes and especially RBR. I’m not saying that Ferrari considers the DAS as an illegal device but trying to get it banned can scrap Mercedes development plans free of charge.
        Helmut Marko has already said that the device is illegal :) So we can expect fireworks by Melbourne.

  4. Just some random stats on the Corona Virus.
    – all people affected in Vietnam have recovered; Vietnam does not have any active cases
    – There are more new cases in the USA and Italy than in China outside of Hubei.
    – There are 3 deaths in Shanghai (GP delayed), whereas 7-8 in (Northern) Italy (Ferrari and Alpha Tauri factories close by)
    It might be statistically riskier to meet a Ferrari/Alpha Tauri employee than a random fan in Shanghai.

    1. @coldfly Interesting notes there.

  5. Regarding the COTD, I partly copy-paste my post from yesterday: With eight days it was Monday to Thursday for the first four-day test, and Tuesday to Friday for the 2nd, and Wednesday to Friday for this year. Saturday and Sunday have more or less always been avoided (intentionally or coincidently) when it comes to pre-season testing for some reason.

    BTW, who’s the fourth guy uncovering the F2005? The person besides the right-rear tyre? I struggle to recognize him, although he can’t be Marc Gene because he was with Williams at the time.

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