Enzo Ferrari, Nurburgring, 1969

Hugh Jackman tipped for lead role in Enzo Ferrari film

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In the round-up: Hugh Jackman has been tipped to play the role of a 59-year-old Enzo Ferrari in a forthcoming biopic.

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Sky Deutschland has become the exclusive F1 broadcaster in Germany:

I’m actually baffled why Sky would want this. My understanding is that by all metrics, the interest and audience in F1 is dwindling. Surely that’s only gonna get worse if Vettel quits. He’s the last German driver left on the grid, and I don’t see other German drivers replacing him anytime soon unless Mick Schumacher has a stellar F2 season and Ferrari choose to place him at Alfa Romeo.

In one respect Sky can just repeat what they’re currently doing with Sky Italia piggy backing on the main production, but it’s yet another language, so there are only so many ways to keep costs down.

Likewise, I did get the feeling that Liberty were waiting for the existing contract to end so that they could push F1 TV as the first point of call in this region.

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  • 35 years ago today Keke Rosberg took a crushing win for Williams at Detroit, finishing almost a minute ahead of the Ferraris of Stefan Johansson and Michele Alboreto

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  • 29 comments on “Hugh Jackman tipped for lead role in Enzo Ferrari film”

    1. So, I suppose that Enzo Ferrari movie will premiere on the Miami GP.
      For how long have we been promised this Enzo biopic. Last time it was DeNiro. Give a few years and Tom Hardy will not even require makeup as in Capone.
      Maybe the problem is what story to tell: how to show a Enzo not entirely as an inspired mechanical artist neither as a ruthless guy involved in a particularly lethal sport in the 1950-60.
      Neither story would interest many people.

      1. The Italian telefilm was a good enough adaptation.

      2. Yeah, turning 90 years into a 2-hour film will be difficult. I suppose the only way to make it work is to omit most parts (so it’s not just his entire life in fastforward) and focus on some key areas. Personally, I’d like to see something other than a typical rags-to-riches story.

        1. The best biopics are the ones who focus on a particular moment in time. A good screenwriter will make all the specifics of the character visible and include flash backs to add something to the bio.

          Films that try to tell everything and every event chronologically usually fail.

    2. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      23rd June 2020, 2:25

      It’s scary to see Williams and McLaren publicly so desperate for finance. There has been so much criticism of Claire for allowing Williams to get into such a mess but things don’t seem that much better down the road in Woking.

    3. McLaren are bleeding money at a massive scale according to that article. How stupid of them to set up an IndyCar team. Step 1 should be to abandon that immediately and cut their losses.

      1. I think the Indy team really is only a drop in the ocean Andy. Their bigger issue is a car factory that is not producing and selling big money cars.

    4. roberto giacometti
      23rd June 2020, 7:00

      What is HUgh Jackman gonna do – sing and dance around the Ferrari factory , twirling an umbrella perhaps ???

    5. Funny how Marko / Red Bull found it was a good idea to reveal that they measured Renault using a current engine in that 2018 chassis (did Renault WANT to show them, to prove a point?) – how else would they know this?

      Also, with regards to the Hamilton-Marko – false news thing last week, Marko says:

      Alles wat ik zei was dat Max Verstappen volledig gericht is op de Formule 1, en dat dit hem misschien een voordeel zal opleveren.”

      “All I said was that Max is wholly focussed on F1, and that might give him an advantage” (my translation). I find it interesting, because that is not really much different from what the apparently false news bit claimed he had said at all.

      1. AllTheCoolNamesWereTaken
        23rd June 2020, 10:29

        I find it interesting, because that is not really much different from what the apparently false news bit claimed he had said at all.

        Except that they are completely different. This:

        some drivers are distracted, talking about lives which matter

        and this:

        Max is wholly focussed on F1, and that might give him an advantage

        aren’t the same thing. Not even close. The only reason the latter remark could possibly be construed as problematic is if you’re interpreting it in light of the former remark, which Marko didn’t make. Interpreting an actual quote in light of a fake quote is, frankly, intellectually dishonest. Unless you want to argue that, from here on out, anyone who speaks in positive terms about being mentally focused is really just a closeted racist. Do you want to argue that?

    6. Well… at least is not Sylvester Stallone

      1. Hahahaha

      2. @esmiz Funny you say that, because I always though Stallone’s co-star from Judge Dredd, Armand Assante would have been great in the role of Enzo. Bit old for it now though.

    7. How could they’ve fitted the 2020-spec PU in the R.S.18 given the general difficulties in changing a PU? Yes, both the 2018 and 2020-spec PUs are from the same manufacturer, but they still can be some differences, and the R.S.18 is designed around the 2018-spec, so I doubt his claim to an extent.

      1. Renault doesn’t change a lot of the engine design and can be placed in a 2018 car easy. It’s smart todo from Renault.. Noone can say anything about it. (same rule as for testbank engines no restriction)

        1. @macleod According to Dan everything was 2018-spec, though, including the engine. He said this about the test in the most recent Sky-vodcast.

          1. It should be, otherwise Marko will have to explain how that doesn’t breach the regulations stipulating the car must be in its original specification (i.e. with a 2018 spec engine).

          2. Ok, i just say it’s possible for Renault to switch engines as the dimensions doesn’t varied a lot in those 2 years.

            If they checked it and it was all spec 2018 so it be and i can’t contradict that even if Marko suggest it :)

      2. ‘there’

      3. That is the issue, car business is in serious trouble.

        Despite making amazing supercars, they are not turning a profit. Meanwhile Ferrari are just fine.

    8. There have been serious issues at McLaren since the end of last year. The problems have either been ignored or covered up by the media. I have read McLaren were not paying suppliers at that time, staff were leaving in droves, management was far too top heavy, HR was failing staff who were being badly treated and management hadn’t got a clue what they were doing. Even the canteen is cause for concern because they charge too much and staff are forced to eat there because they are unable to leave the factory because the car park is rammed. Road cars were being sold with faults that should have been picked up at the factory. It’s possible road cars are being sold at a loss.

      Don’t be surprised to see McLaren closed by next year, if they can’t borrow more money, which won’t necessarily solve their problems.

      1. Why can’t they take packed lunches in?

        1. Andy They can, and some would probably have chosen to even if the canteen was an appealling option for the majority of workers. In the current situation, that might even be the best option for the staff. However, there are some problems with this from the perspective of McLaren:

          1) McLaren makes no money from food brought in from home (or indeed food bought from an outside shop). If sales fall too low, the canteen makes a loss, which directly hits the bottom line.

          2) People resent feeling forced to take the time to bring in food if they previously enjoyed canteen cooking, or simply looked forward to having the occasional change. Losing it (either through the canteen being removed or the price rising too high) is a blow to morale.

          3) Canteens are a big socialising location in places that have them. It’s a place where expectations get moderated, norms are passed between experienced and novice workers, informal collective action gets discussed (for good or ill), newbies get introduced, silos are informally linked together, senior staff learn what junior staff are thinking… …for places that have a canteen embedded into them, the canteen becomes an important place. If people stop using the canteen, that social fuel stops flowing.

          Since humans need to socialise about things that matter to them, a company that loses its canteen but doesn’t have effective, desirable-to-workers alternatives in place, tends to get social ruptures in the form of gossip running across friendship lines, seething balls of resentment that explode at moments which surprise management, passive-agressive messaging on electronic media… …you get the idea. Some of the problems Jon Bee discusses could be partly fuelled by this element of the canteen trouble.

          4) A canteen that is not working towards its purposes is a waste of space, which is an indirect cost because McLaren may benefit more from a facility that helps rather than hinders its operations.

          I can confirm the car park is rammed because when McLaren interviewed last year, it stated in big letters that there would be no parking for the successful candidates, and they should plan to get to work via bus, bicycle or other non-car transportation.

          1. Why should the canteen turn a profit @alianora-la-canta ? Giving your employees good food at a reasonable price should be an investment into your workforce.

            1. @paeschli Well-run canteens that are popular with their workforces usually turn a modest profit, unless free meals are one of the perks offered by the employer (rare in the UK, though there are parts of continental Europe where I understand it to be more common). This is because, at least in the UK, the definition of “reasonable” usually allows a (small) profit margin per item.

              You are correct that nutritious and tasty food is an investment in the workforce. However, mishandling the canteen to the point where it’s making a loss instead of a small profit means that the bottom line is taking a direct hit, in addition to the indirect ones.

    9. The current shareholders should have listened to Ron Dennis and accepted the takeover bid by the chinese (i think) consortium. Now they are trying to dismantle mclaren, whether by choice or not.

    10. Adam (@rocketpanda)
      23rd June 2020, 12:35

      Worrying hearing McLaren so desperate for financial help. Always felt McLaren/Honda never worked out because McLaren couldn’t or wouldn’t accept they were no longer a front running team while continuing to act, talk and spend like they were. Now the minute they gain some stability – a good year, a strong lineup in Sainz/Norris and the Renault unit working alright, they start jumping into Indycar, swapping engines again, and hire Ricciardo who’s arguably going to be more expensive than their previous lineup put together. Throw in a global pandemic along with some dodgy choices and its not hard to see why they’d be an unhealthy position. Patience was never a McLaren trait and it’s hurting them now.

    11. Silence is only a problem if you are racist. nothing wrong with silence, there is only 1 human race, the concept of racist comes from not silence. kids aren’t born racist.

    12. All Marko had to do was ask someone he knows from the previous 10 years Renault and RBR worked together. No need to sneak in a GPS tracker… But I’m sure they got all data they could from sensors on their circuit.

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