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Hamilton: Aston Martin move is “ideal” for Vettel

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Lewis Hamilton says he is “really pleased” Sebastian Vettel will join Mercedes customer team Aston Martin next year.

Racing Point, who will become Aston Martin in 2021, confirmed today Vettel will join them after this season. Vettel’s impending departure from Ferrari was annouced three months ago.

“Honestly I thought that was the ideal direction that he was going to go,” said Hamilton. “I thought that it would happen.”

Racing Point was known as Force India until it was acquired by Lawrence Stroll in 2018. Hamilton believes Vettel is joining the team at the right time. “I was really pleased to hear it because that team has new ownership, has already taken a huge step forwards in its performance and it will continue to grow,” he said.

Vettel will replace Sergio Perez, whose three-year deal to drive for the team has been cut short to make way for the multiple world champion.

“Maybe I’m biased, but I believe that experience counts for a huge amount,” said Hamilton of Vettel. “He’s obviously had a difficult time at Ferrari but he’s a four-time champion that can steer that team even further in a better direction in terms of car development.

“I think you should never take that for granted. It’s a great move for the team.”

“Of course I’m sorry for Sergio,” Hamilton added, “but he’s a great driver and I’m sure he’ll have other options.”

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2020 Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari 1000

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    20 comments on “Hamilton: Aston Martin move is “ideal” for Vettel”

    1. I know he’s just answering a question that is asked to him and he truly might be happy for Seb, but I can’t help the feeling it just sounds a bit too condescending coming from him..

      1. It sounds like his greatest rival, is off the deck in their B team. Keep your friends close and enemies closer sort of deal.

        He need not worry about Vettel ever again

        1. And would he have to worry about vettel in this year’s ferrari? Or last year’s ferrari even, considering vettel’s driving performance?

        2. In what car would he have to worry about Vettel? Based on recent form I haven’t seen that car.

          1. The ONLY car that VET could drive and see Lewis in his rear view mirror is the SAFETY CAR…;)))

      2. Lewis and Seb are always speaking very highly of one another. And it always comes across sincere on video, so if this reads as condescending then it’s you reading it that way, not Lewis Saying it that way.

    2. Jeez, here we go again with Lewis holding forth on other people’s affairs.
      It’s not smart, or polite, but he just can’t zip it.

      1. Jeez, here we go again with internet-commenters not understanding quotes are usually taken from answers to a direct question, they just can’t zip it and understand the idea of ‘interviews’, ‘questions’ and ‘answers’ :).

      2. Yet here you are holding forth on other people’s (Lewis’s) affairs. It’s not smart, or polite, but you just can’t zip it.

      3. Were you asked for your opinion like Hamilton was? No. So zip it boy.

      4. What’s he supposed to say when someone asks a question about a friend at a public press conference? “Oh, I don’t know, I hadn’t thought about that?” That’s what I’d call not smart! They both have a huge respect for each other, so why not say what everyone expects him to say, that he thinks it’s great for Sebastian.

      5. He was asked a question at a Mercedes pre-event press conference. His only real options are to say it’s a great move, say it isn’t a great move, or refuse to answer a simple question. I’m sure people would find a reason to criticise him which ever option he chose.

    3. Rumour has it Hamilton arranged the entire move… singlehandedly!

      1. He masterminded it when he was still driving for McLaren

    4. Experience counts, he says, experience at spinning, driving slowly or making mistakes I guess.

      1. @esploratore Or experience from winning 4 WDCs in a row that will help RP immensely, which was LH’s point.

    5. I genuinely hope Vettel gets destroyed in the midfield, and I believe he will.

    6. Both are mature enough by this point. It may not be the ideal place, but it’s still better to have Vettel there than without him.

      And with Alonso back, this midfield next year is going to be one to pay attention to.

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