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Kvyat “aware the situation isn’t very easy” for 2021

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In the round-up: Daniil Kvyat acknowledged he is in a precarious position in the driver market for the 2021 F1 season.

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Daniil Kvyat’s season has been marred by some unfortunate luck, most recently at the Nurburgring when he clashed with Alexander Albon, while AlphaTauri team mate Pierre Gasly scored a win at Monza. With Yuki Tsunoda being tipped for a promotion to the team next year, Kvyat faces an uncertain future:

I haven’t got many ideas, so far, about it. All I know is that there are six races remaining this season and I’ll do my best in the six races remaining and that’s the best thing I can do right now.

I’m aware that the situation isn’t very easy. And, of course, that there are not very many seats available. But from my side I can only do the best in this races remaining

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Phil Norman says that financial pressure might be pushing Haas to make changes to their driver line-up but a completely rookie team would be a risk to the team’s longer term chances in the sport:

I just really hope that Haas don’t appoint two young drivers, completely new to F1 just for the extra funding they can bring to the team.

As others have pointed out, this does not really benefit Haas in the long run or the sport as a whole. There has been too much of this in recent years by either choice or necessity. Quite frankly there’s no point in having these teams in the sport if they purely rely on pay drivers unless they are exceptional talents as well. We might even be better off with the better funded teams running three cars. Something I never thought I would say.

I hope they bring in at least one driver with some experience e.g. Perez or Hulkenberg. Perez ticks both boxes as he brings funding as well.
Phil Norman

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16 comments on “Kvyat “aware the situation isn’t very easy” for 2021”

  1. Interesting seeing rosberg in extremeE. Finally get rosberg vs hamilton aga

    1. Well, to me it reads that when the series co-owner/shareholder has to start up a team to make the series happen, it is a sign that it hasn’t really sold on the market.

  2. Two mentions of Christian Lundgaard in a round-up? Good to see some attention on the only driver in the top 6 in F2 who no one seems to speak about ever.

    1. driver in the top 6

      Did not check it, but you only see a reference to a ‘top 6’ when the person is in sixth place ;)

      1. Us old’ uns remember when points only went down to 6th place: it’s still my benchmark too ;)

        1. Fair point, Not George.

          And thinking about it, even a top 7 makes sense as you’re in the top three quartiles of the top-10.
          And top 8 is the best duodecimal of the top one-hundred ;)

      2. @coldfly Yeah, but at the risk of underselling Lundgaard (he’s 4th at the moment), Shwartzman and Mazepin in 5th and 6th have been getting more attention than him, that’s why I mentioned top 6.

        1. Thanks @wsrgo, and good to learn he’s ‘well into the top-5’.
          I guess you understood that my comment was TiC, hence the ‘;)’. But I wish I had made it on another occasion or when I found someone responding with something like ‘I 100000% agree’.

  3. Once the GP2 season is wrapped up, and if Tsunoda has enough superlicence points) surely it’s worth putting Tsunoda in that seat this year to give him chance to bed in ahead of 2021?

    It’s not like the team will be missing out all the points that Kvyat isn’t scoring…

    1. @unicron2002 Once the F2 season ends, there will only be the Abu Dhabi GP left in F1, so not much point changing for only a single event if not as a must.

    2. @unicron2002 it should be noted that Kvyat did have a pretty decent chance of scoring points at the Nurburgring until Albon decided to run into him…

  4. Re COTD: Yes, they can try and get Hulkenberg or Perez, but whether either one would be willing to join a team currently amongst the three slowest in their situations, career-wise is another matter. The former implied back in February that he’d only return to F1 full-time if it were for a package at least capable of regularly finishing in the points. Yes, he could’ve changed his mind in eight months. Time will tell.

    1. I think both (Hulkenberg or Perez) have enough fire in their belly that they will accept a seat in almost any F1 team.
      And let’s not forget that with Williams catching up there is no longer a lingering team, but just a very extensive mid-field.

      Even Steiner admitted that the seats will be awarded partly on financial considerations. I cannot understand though if Mazepin’s money weighs more than Perez’ money and experience (and regional affiliation).

  5. Kvyat will end up racing elsewhere.

  6. There really is a bottle neck at Ferrari and Renault’s junior academy. Add in Sauber’s Pourchaire and that’s 7 drivers who will be looking for a drive this year or come 2022.

  7. Happy birthday to Alex Zanardi ! Forza Alex, hope for a speedy recovery.

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