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Vettel: ‘It’s a shame Michael Schumacher can’t witness Mick’s F1 debut’

2020 Sakhir Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel intends to help Mick Schumacher prepare for his debut in Formula 1, and said he is sorry his father Michael Schumacher will be unable to watch it.

Haas announced yesterday Mick Schumacher will drive for them in the 2021 F1 season. His father Michael Schumacher, a multiple world champion, suffered serious brain injuries in a skiing crash at the end of 2013. He has not been seen in public since, and the family have not disclosed details of his condition.

Vettel, who has been a fan of Schumacher’s since his junior years in racing, said he will be “happy to help where I can” when his son steps up to F1 next year.

“Mick is a great guy and obviously I have a very special connection to his father,” said Vettel. “It’s a shame that Michael is not able to witness Mick’s progression in the last years and his step now into Formula 1.

“From my side I really like him, we get along well and I’m happy to tell him everything that I know.”

“I watched his father winning a lot more races than [Mick] could have watched me win,” the Ferrari driver added.

Vettel said he hopes to offer Mick Schumacher the same kind of assistance he had from the 21-year-old’s father earlier in his career.

“The way I look at him is I see him as a person where I can help him in his life or on track with some of the things that I went through in my career,” he said.

“I think it’s very important for him to find his own path and follow his own way. But surely as much as it helped when Michael had some things to say when I asked and he gave me advice, I’m trying to do the same to [Mick].”

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2020 Sakhir Grand Prix

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14 comments on “Vettel: ‘It’s a shame Michael Schumacher can’t witness Mick’s F1 debut’”

  1. He seems to be stating what most people suspect about Schumacher’s condition, but has never been publicly stated as far as I am aware?

    1. ….by the family, that is.

    2. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      3rd December 2020, 19:31

      Yeah this seems like a slip of the tongue from Seb here

    3. Indeed. Is Seb speaking out of turn there?

    4. Yes, I think he’s really put his foot in it here. Mick and his family won’t be impressed at all. Very sad to hear that he is in such a bad condition. I guess it’s got to be believed. Vettel is one of the few people in the paddock who will almost surely know the reality of the situation. Still one of my heroes, Schumi. I have a lot of love for him.

  2. Oh dear, those are some unfair comments. Seb may have seen some better racing days but you can’t argue that his World Championships weren’t earned. I can already hear the “dominant car” arguments coming from the Hamilton fans but I’m not even going to argue those points about the old Red Bull. I do believe Seb can teach Mick a few things. I just hope the expectations don’t crush the poor boy before he even gets started. I hope he has some real talent.

    1. The difference in opinion on Vettels performance are imho caused by a clear distinction that can be seen with him between his pace/speed on one hand and his racing in traffic skills on the other. I personally feel Vettel has shown to be a one trick pony, ridiculously fast and unbeatable on an empty track. Put him in traffic and it turns out he cant really race at F1 level but his results came from always starting from the front row. He should have had 1 or max 2 WDC to have a more representative tally with his abilities. So a lucky fellow getting into that RB and having Webber as a team mate.

  3. Oh dear.

    I was clinging on to the hope that MSC had at least some awareness. This makes it sound like there is zero.

    So sad.

    1. @johnnik When I read it I inferred that he was sad that Michael couldn’t come to the circuit to watch it in person so I didn’t think anything of it.

      However if he meant that he couldn’t watch it full stop then the cat is well and truly out the bag. It would take a brave journalist who doesn’t value his F1 press pass to ask Seb to be more explicit about what he meant.

      1. Then obviously I hope your interpretation of the article is the correct one. I took the phrase

        and said he is sorry his father Michael Schumacher will be unable to watch it

        to mean watch on TV, because we all know he’s not going to the circuit any time soon.

        What a shame, a proud moment for any parent.

        1. “ It’s a shame that Michael is not able to witness Mick’s progression in the last years and his step now into Formula 1.”

          Sounds pretty conclusive. Slip of the tongue by Seb, but I hope this is not blown out of proportion. Let’s face it, this was pretty much assumed already.

          1. And yes it is very sad. Last thing the family needs is this getting sensationalized by the press.

      2. I had this feeling too remember he is not a native English speaker subtle things are not there.

  4. So uncalled for after such kindness from Vettel. Bitterness is very ageing you know

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