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Switch from Moto GP to F1 will present no problems for Brivio, says De Meo

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In the round-up: Renault CEO Luca de Meo says foremr Suzuki Moto GP boss Davide Brivio, his new appointment as racing director of the Alpine F1 team, will easily manage the switch from two wheels to four.

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Comment of the day

Lance Stroll featured in the latest instalment of the 2020 F1 driver rankings yesterday. Adam gives his assessment of the Aston Martin driver:

I think it’s fair to say he’s not a terrible F1 driver. There have certainly been worse. Personally I find the nepotism and money that has oiled his career a bit distasteful but he’s obviously got a decent ability.

He has no consistency. He has a good race where he performs well and then a few races where he achieves little. That’s not bad though, a lot of F1 drivers are simply ‘good’ – they plug away, get good points, have anonymous weekends and then have one or two fantastic results. Stroll seems to fall into this category. The only thing that bugs me is that there are drivers that are categorically superior in ability while he’s largely hung around in a seat that’s almost totally guaranteed for him regardless of whether he finishes first or last.

Specifically this year, he had the car but didn’t get the best use of it. I think he threw away a lot of good positions, and had too many weekends where he just didn’t show up. He’s been around long enough not to give him the rookie excuse.
Adam (@Rocketpanda)

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25 comments on “Switch from Moto GP to F1 will present no problems for Brivio, says De Meo”

  1. Brexit may be a pain but hey, blue passports! (that are made in Europe)

    On a more serious note, would this be advantageous to the likes of Ferrari who are based within the EU in regards saving money with freight going through countries? (I have no idea if transport costs are included within the cost cap)

    1. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      19th January 2021, 7:47

      Ferrari already have lots of advantages which they never seem able to make use of.

  2. Brexit is going to be an extra hassle for normal people and lower category motorsports, but F1 and friends will get rushed through any legalities or red-tape easily. We’ve seen with COVID travel already.

  3. Picture above, when an f4 car looks cooler than an f1 car.
    I think it is a matter of time until a quick lady shows up, that lady might be Juju Noda, imagine Juju 40-45 kg on an f1 car, the extra ballast, nobody would pass on that, talking about horse racing, f1 could end up dominated by super lightweight people.

    1. @peartree I thought they changed the rules on that – the ballast all goes into the seat, so the driver + seat weighs 80kg for everyone.

      1. @frood19 you are correct, from 2019 the driver+seat has to weigh at least 80 kg, but having a lighter driver is still an advantage because of the center of gravity. It could also help any team struggling with the minimum weight, though that has not been a problem for the past couple years.

  4. IMO the question is not whether Brivio can be successful in F1, but whether Renault/Alpine can improve their cars as much as Suzuki improved their bikes.

  5. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    19th January 2021, 2:23

    You would think racing teams and show jumpers never travelled outside the UK before 1975. Is it really so difficult to get a Carnet?

    1. brace yerself mate.

    2. Depends on the vintage. Getting a 2009 La Tour Carnet is almost impossible here.

      1. It’s not 1975 any more.

      2. cheers ;)

    3. @jackisthestig that would be 45 years and nearly two generations ago – not exactly the most recent reference for most.

      1. No Anon, not recent but entirely relevant even though border controls lasted well into the 80’s. There is always google for reference.

        1. border controls lasted well into the 80’s.

          So they can ask their grandparents.

        2. Even if we take the 1980s as a reference, you’re still suggesting a timeframe in the order of 35 years ago.

          That is still a pretty poor frame of reference, considering that there will also be 35 years worth of change in terms of technology, economic development and legislative changes. After all, there are multiple nation states that didn’t even exist back in the 1980s that you are now dealing with.

      2. Jack (@jackisthestig)
        19th January 2021, 18:37

        I was under the impression that since the end of the transition period, temporary exports such as racing team’s cars and equipment (excluding ham sandwiches, of course) would require their own ‘passport’ if you like, that used to be called a Carnet, I presume they still are.

  6. “Addressed an issue where Artem Markelov would be quicker than intended.”


  7. I thought I was the only one who had issues recently when driving an F2 car in Bahrain on the time trial. Trackside sponsor ads but also the boards that show the distance to the upcoming corner apex.

    COTD: A fair assessment.

  8. Is 35M only Ricciardo’s salary, or does it include Norris?

  9. Why the link to the Polly Toynbee opinion article? Her one sentence mention of motorsport is a link to an autosport piece

  10. COTD, ty :)

  11. That’s a heartwarming bromance of Marco & Vettel.

  12. Very interesting Marko article. He is basically saying they would have Vettel for this year and might for next (I suppose if Perez underdelivers), although I doubt he would go there anyway.

  13. Cute with the political Brexit article. Could just have linked to the Autosport one that’s quoted in The Guardian, but there was obviously more that wanted to be said even if it’s completely irrelevant here.

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