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Which F1 team has the best-looking car for 2021?

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The field for the 2021 F1 season has a rather different look compared to last year.

Gone are the striking pink of Racing Point and yellow of Renault. Those teams have changed into Aston Martin and Alpine, bringing the more muted shades of British racing green and French racing blue back to the Formula 1 grid.

National colours are in vogue at Haas as well, though perhaps not the ones you’d associate with an American-owned team. Investment from Uralkali has brought a change to a livery which embraces the colours of the Russian flag while skirting a ruling which prevents Nikita Mazepin bearing his national banner on his car.

But surely the most surprising livery change is to be found at Ferrari. Who would ever have thought a sponsor would be allowed to sully the flanks of a scarlet prancing horse with neon green?

Williams have also restyled their car and detail changes abound elsewhere, notably at Alfa Romeo and AlphaTauri. But which team has produced the most aesthetically pleasing car this year? It doesn’t matter a jot next to how quick they are, yet the subject is usually just as vigorously debated.


Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021
Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021

Mercedes’ traditional silver paintwork was a link to its past. Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss in the fifties, Jochen Mass and Manuel Reuter in the eighties, and more recently Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton carried the same colour to victories.

Last year’s decision to end its decades-long association with silver and paint its cars black to draw attention to the importance of improving diversity and tackling racism was a bold move. Cause-inspired liveries may not have a great history – recall Honda’s late-noughties ‘Earthdreams’ design – but Mercedes have shown success on the track needn’t mean turning a blind eye to wider problems in the world.

Red Bull

Sergio Perez, Red Bull, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021
Sergio Perez, Red Bull, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021

Red Bull has retained its well-worked matte livery and incorporated some changes in sponsors. Sergio Perez’s backers now appear on the car, and Honda logos appear where Aston Martin used to be, though the Japanese manufacturer will depart at the end of the season.

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Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021
Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021

McLaren has settled into the current iteration of its livery, blending its heritage papaya with blue, a colour there’s no shortage of on the grid this year.

Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021
Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021

The first major livery change of the year. The BWT pink is almost entirely gone, its coachwork instead given over to a deep British racing green. The team will hope for better things than the likes of Caterham/Lotus or Jaguar achieved with it previously.


Esteban Ocon, Alpine, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021
Esteban Ocon, Alpine, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021

As Renault, their livery became increasingly more black than yellow. Rebranded as Alpine, the A521 is a much more colourful affair – just the thing to announce the arrival of their less well-known niche sports car brand.


Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021
Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021

Blending the usual Ferrari red with the burgundy shade used for their 1,000th race last year creates an unusual effect, as if the back portion of the car is perpetually in a shadow. On top of that long-time sponsor Philip Morris International has chosen a deliberately eye-catching shade of green for its Mission Winnow logo – for now, at least.

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Yuki Tsunoda, AlphaTauri, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021
Yuki Tsunoda, AlphaTauri, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021

Last year Red Bull rebranded its junior team Toro Rosso as AlphaTauri after its fashion brand, decked out in a new white and dark blue livery. For 2021 there’s rather more blue on the car.

Alfa Romeo

Kimi Raikkonen, Alfa Romeo, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021
Kimi Raikkonen, Alfa Romeo, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021

The combination of Alfa Romeo scarlet and Sauber white has been remixed for 2021. But the statement is much the same as before: This is a car manufacturer applying its brand to an otherwise independent racing operation.


Nikita Mazepin, Haas, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021
Nikita Mazepin, Haas, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021

Haas previously appeared in the corporate colours of Gene Haas’s machine tools business, except in 2018 when they took on the branding of a little-known energy drink company, who pulled their backing halfway through the season.

Now their white, blue and red strongly evokes the Russian flag, particularly on the engine cover and front wing. This is controversial as the World Anti-Doping Agency has forbidden the use of the Russian flag by Russian athletes, such as new Haas driver Mazepin. So far WADA has not indicated the car does not comply with the ruling.


Nicholas Latifi, Williams, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021
Nicholas Latifi, Williams, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021

Last year the Williams family sold the team it founded over four decades earlier to Dorilton. The new owners have wisely kept the name of the nine-times championship-winning outfit and produced a livery which it says is both a nod to past Williams designs and a fresh, modern look.

You say

Which F1 car design for 2021 is your favourite? Cast your vote below and have your say in the comments.

Which team has the best-looking F1 car for 2021?

  • Williams (4%)
  • Haas (1%)
  • Alfa Romeo (12%)
  • AlphaTauri (8%)
  • Ferrari (1%)
  • Alpine (36%)
  • Aston Martin (17%)
  • McLaren (10%)
  • Red Bull (6%)
  • Mercedes (4%)

Total Voters: 362

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Previous winners

Here are out 11 previous winners of the poll:

Daniil Kvyat, AlphaTauri, Silverstone, 2020
2020: AlphaTauri STR01

NB: The 2020 poll was conducted before Mercedes and Williams changed their liveries.

Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Circuit de Catalunya, 2019
2019: Ferrari SF90
Fernando Alonso, McLaren, Circuit de Catalunya, 2018
2018: McLaren MCL33
Carlos Sainz Jnr, Toro Rosso, Melbourne, 2017
2017: Toro Rosso STR 12
Kevin Magnussen, Renault, Melbourne, 2016
2016: Renault RS16
Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Melbourne, 2015
2015: Ferrari SF15-T
Valtteri Bottas, Williams, Melbourne, 2014
2014: Williams FW36
Esteban Gutierrez, Sauber, Melbourne, 2013
2013: Sauber C32
Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Melbourne, 2012
2012: McLaren MP4-27
Jenson Button, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit, 2011
2011: McLaren MP4-26
Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2010
2010: McLaren MP4-25

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68 comments on “Which F1 team has the best-looking car for 2021?”

  1. Aston Martin – Alpine very close and then Alfa! All others boring as hell with exception of Williams, which is just tremendously ugly this year.

    1. Mercedes’ shape looks very ungainly around the tub – yes Aston’s colour is fresh and yes they’re marginally different around the bargeboards but given it’s otherwise an absolute clone (sorry Will Buxton and co) – last places.
      Have to get used to all angles of the big Renault so I have Alpha Tauri best overall.
      Then there’s the stupid abrupt wash to scarlet and even the green tobacco logo on the Ferrari which somehow aren’t at all offensive on track so I have scuderia’s 1-2.
      McLaren unsurprisingly 3rd with an unsurprising McLaren.

    2. I voted Aston Martin as well. For me it was a close one between Aston Martin, Alpine and Alpha Tauri. I thought we had a pretty good looking grid this year .. with the exception of Ferrari. That’s hands down one of the ugliest liveries of all time.

    3. I like the tremendously ugly one. It’s – different.

  2. you can’t help but notice that most of the times the winner is just the new livery, or the one that broke with tradition. This year is no exception I see (voted Alfa Romeo for the record)

    1. Strange but true. My top 3

      1. Alpine
      2. Alfa Romeo
      3. Alpha Tauri

  3. Ugh, so many bad and boring liveries this season. I voted McLaren as it’s the most exciting one.

  4. Mercedes.

  5. Haas – no disputes!

    1. RocketTankski
      21st March 2021, 16:00

      When postal votes are recounted it should become clear who is the real winner of livery competition..

    2. Please, visit your ophthalmologist :-)

  6. AlphaTauri (I’ll pretend the nose step isn’t there..)

    1. Same here, extra points for the white rims.
      I’m surprised to find that I like a car.
      Honourable mentions.
      Alpine, same as last year but also very novel and thus good.
      Alfa improved but Polish flag…
      Finally, last year’s mercedes in green, is undoubtedly a solid looking limousine.

      Unfortunately some cars are still very ugly, Ferrari and Williams still look blocky and unrefined. Wide squared nose does not look right proportion wise.

      Shocked to learn of all past poll winners. Of course it is all subjective, some years are debatable others not really.
      How did the Ferrari win in 2019? In 2017 they had a really good looking car but fans voted STR, 2019 though, livery is great but mercedes had a far better looking car so much so they perhaps should have won best looking car for 2020 too, Racing point had a better looking car than AT, the AT livery is good yet that front end is ugly.
      All cars have been pretty ugly for a while, kind of like this year’s.

      1. @peartree:

        All cars have been pretty ugly for a while, kind of like this year’s.

        Exactly. If this reader-interest-pre-season-filler pole had asked for: worst looking car – they’d all be winners. ;-)

      2. @peartree

        mercedes had a far better looking car so much so they perhaps should have won best looking car for 2020 too

        Don’t forget that Mercedes ‘entered’ the 2020 poll with the silver car, which didn’t look too different from previous versions.
        The Black one (capitalising to create more broken record discussions) was introduced later, and probably lost its novelty factor for this poll in the fast moving world of F1.

        1. for me, rather than Mercedes “losing its novelty factor” @coldfly, it was adding the drab-ish looking grey patch at the back with the AMG logos.

          Last year’s livery might have won it for me, even though I quite like the bright blue on the Alpine. I did not like the Aston as much when seeing it on track, the green looks quite dark. It is hard to keep it apart from the Mercedes and the Alpha Tauri head on with lower standing sun, they all look black-ish.

        2. @coldfly I was talking about merc winning 2019 best looking car and the win it again in 2020 as Racing Point. I was not refering to the actual 2020 merc. I was just joking.

          1. I know how it feels when people don’t get your light hearted comments ;)
            But don’t stop; too many commenters take it way too serious.

  7. I like the Alfa Romeo best. It has changed slightly over the years but has always been one of my favourites from the last few years, along with the Toro Rosso from 2017-19 and the Renault from 2017, just because it was a particularly nice shade of yellow.

    Of the very new liveries, I like the Alpine best, although the red and white stripes at the back aren’t great. The Williams isn’t my favourite but I don’t mind it as much as others seem to. The Aston Martin is quite nice, although I actually preferred the Lotus/Caterhams from the early 2010s in terms of green cars, particularly the 2013 Caterham of Pic and VanDerGarde.

    1. I like the 2020 Alfa Romeo more than this year. I think the changes this year are not so good. While my initial reaction to the 2021 AT was that I preferred last year’s effort, I’ve changed my mind, and voted for it this time.

      Williams I think looks good in motion, but incoherent in photos. Most others are just okay, except the Haas which is astonishingly bland, and the Ferrari, which I think is hideous.

      Haas could have done so much more with their livery. An American outfit with a major Russian sponsor; flags for each, red, white and blue; national symbol on their seals, an eagle (Russia two-headed). Is the best they can manage really a white car with a few stripes and the Russian flag on the front wing elements? Feels like a missed opportunity to allow Russian sponsors and viewers to see their own nation hinted at, while making American viewers and potential sponsors see references to the USA.

    2. I like their Livery too, Just a lots of white and red not too much!

      If i look at the top picture i notice Ferrari is pink instead of red ! Just have the red of Orlan next to the Ferrari it makes this very clear.

  8. To be honest I like it when they are most distinct from each other, so this season is a retrograde step in that respect – the pink Racing Point and yellow Renault were distinct.

    I like the Alpine. I also think the Haas is an improvement. The Williams is total rubbish, it looks like generic option number 7 in an unlicensed F1 manager game.

    For some reason I thought Mercedes were going back to silver this year?

  9. I may be a bit biased as it’s my favorite team, but I think the McLaren tops it, plus I’ve had a soft spot for this orange-blue color combination well before they introduced it (I used to paint my roller coasters in RCT 20 years ago in these exact colors!). Obviously the colors are nothing new, but I think the livery is the most refined this year.

    Good new looks by Alpine, Alfa and Williams, the AlphaTauri isn’t as beatiful as last year but still pretty, and even the Haas looks nice given its… constraints, let’s say. Red Bull is quality as usual, the Aston is a bit boring, the Mercedes looks barely tolerable and the Ferrari is just plain ugly. Funny how the two richest teams have the worst looking cars.

    1. McLaren fan here too, but I’m a bit underwhelmed by their livery. It doesn’t copy the lines of the car and I’ll never get used to so much blue on their car. Orange and black with subtle blue accents would work better for me.

      1. Totally agree.

  10. McLaren then Alpine then Red Bull for me. I just love the colour combos here plus the delivery of what feels like modern liveries in all three. I love the use of different paint types as well with a lot of matte going around these days and the satin metallic finish on that Alpine is gorgeous.

    Even if Red Bull hasn’t changed much it’s a sort of persistent modern classic look with the way the design and colours are used, I don’t see it ever aging (a bit similar to Alpha Tauri’s however this year they feel like it’s taken a bit of a turn for the 2000’s or something, it just looks dated compared to last years).

  11. For those interested in F1 liveries, there is an excellent website called f1colours.com. The author is much less active than in previous years, but there are annual summaries from 2008 or so to 2020, and lengthy articles on livery histories by team and ‘favourite’ or most popular liveries, as well as lesser known ones. A must for any F1 fan!

  12. Alfa romeo is easily the most elegant, in terms of livery and car design, that fashionable “shark fun” makes it unique, looks lovely from all angles (for a 2021 f1 car anyways)

  13. Also, favourite is a toss up between Alpine and McLaren. Like the two tone Ferrari but it’s ruined by the green logo (but it will likely be missing from much of the races). The Mercedes is ugly – the red Ineos really doesn’t work. They kind of got away with it last year, but the AMG replacing the star and the additional white just makes it awful. My vote for equal worst with Haas. Williams look kinda retro (reminds me of McLaren’s 2019 overalls) but seems like they could have done it better somehow (I’m sure a graphic designer on reddit has already suggested another alternative).

  14. I voted AlphaTauri. Loved last years and just thought it needed a touch more blue, so the new one is perfect for me. Got to admit the Alpine is also a supremely nice looking car.

    Confused at so many votes for Aston Martin, given it’s literally just green. Like it’s a nice colour but there’s no pattern, no shape, or form except for one or two pink swooshes. Nice, but a tad plain.

  15. Went for Alpine, a lovely distinctive and striking livery! Then with returnees it’s still RedBull to my eyes, those contrasts are still very catchy.

  16. Looking athe comments fans keep voting for liveries. Maybe just maybe f1 cars are a bit too samey…..

  17. Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but this… Williams what did you do? Did you even bother to consult a designer? Last, by a long way!

    10. Williams

    The Haas is better but still not a nice looking car. The Russian flag somehow saves an otherwise completely dull livery. Than we have the AMG spammed Mercedes that has a randomly and ugly grey fin closely followed by Ferrari with the slimy green Mission Minnow logo and the adventurous burgundy finish.

    9. Haas
    8. Mercedes
    7. Ferrari

    Redbull Redbull is the same as always. It’s a good looking car but nothing special. McLaren somehow fail year in year out to convert two great colours into an equally great looking livery but it’s still more than ok.
    Redbull AlphaTauri was great last year, I still like it but it’s definitely a step back.

    6. Redbull
    5. McLaren
    4. Alpha Tauri

    Alfa Romeo, Alpine and Aston Martin are the top tier.
    The blue on the Alpine looks superb, it’s smooth and aggressive at the same time and really goes well with the white and red.
    Aston Martin’s watermelon car is such an refreshing and elegant sight. It’s so nice to have green back!

    3. Alpine
    2. Aston Martin

    In the end I’d give it to Alfa. The livery is just amazing and it had me from the very first moment I saw the car. It’s not only the livery but also the design is beautiful.
    One of the best looking cars in years.

    1. Alfa Romeo

  18. Alpine? Seriously people? Yuck :oP
    TBH all the cars look pretty much the same in terms of shape, so it’s largely down to paint job. From the photos, I like the Aston Martin green, though I’m not sure whether it’s an accurate depiction of the colour. Second (possibly first depending on the former issue), the black Mercedes.

  19. PS. The Mercedes photo is the most unflattering angle, it looks very cluttered from there. From the front or side even, it’s much better.

  20. I too went with Alpine although I had them fifth or so in my personal ranking after the launches. The most recognizable and unique livery on the grid, just a bit of shame that they didn’t include any colour on the front wing. Aston Martin were my personal favourite at first but they appear just a bit too dark and unrecognizable on the track. Haas doesn’t look half as bad as some people paint it, the biggest flop for me is Mercedes’ Frankestein.

  21. None of the above.

  22. Went with Alpine.

    I think Aston Martin looks better, but only in certain light… whereas the Alpine looks beautiful all the time.

  23. To my eye, there seems to be three categories this year: the good, the “meh”, and the uninspired or just poor design choices. The last one contains Alpine (you could have done much more with those colours!), Haas (ditto), Ferrari (that green blob and the change of the shade of red near the back ruin it), and Williams.

    The meh: Alfa Romeo and McLaren. Not bad but I just find neither of these liveries very exciting.

    And the rest: AlphaTauri is nice, I like also the green in Aston Martin, Red Bull is well established, and Mercedes looks okay. I suppose AlphaTauri is my favourite, if I have to choose one.

  24. Never understood how could Sauber win in 2013, it was very dull. And no victory for Lotus with either 2012, 2013 or 2015 car. One of those designs would deserve it.

    My personal ranking starting in 2010 goes like:

    2010: McLaren MP4-25
    2011: Sauber C30
    2012: Lotus E20
    2013: Mercedes W04
    2014: McLaren MP4-29 (hard to pick one from that fugly fest)
    2015: Lotus E23
    2016: Manor MRT05
    2017: Mercedes W08 (would go for Force India had they kept the silver livery and got rid of that ridiculously overblown shark fin)
    2018: Ferrari SF71-H (closely followed by Force India and Mercedes)
    2019: McLaren MCL34
    2020: Williams FW43 preseason (Rokit livery)
    2021: Alpine A521

  25. McLaren
    Aston Martin

  26. Alpine is a good candidate for the best livery now, as at least they did something new, and livery-wise it at about succeed, and imo most of the other teams came up with a slightly worse livery for this season, like:
    – I don’t like the AMG wallpaper like pattern on the Mercedes rear, in a previous article’s comment section I wrote what I would do with that, the stars were much better there. Although I like the color split on their front wing, and it’s a bargeboard area with the blades and winglets cutting with black into the Petronas turqouise looks quite positively wild. So to me Mercedes came up with a livery what I rank 5th, because:
    – Alfa Romeo, and Alfa Tauri came up with a slightly worser than previous livery also, but they not managed to ruin it at all, probably AT worsened a bit more, with the color split not really foloowing the lines of the rear, but at least still quite a lot of prettiness and very nice colors at both team’s livery. It would be hard to rank lower the Red Bull livery as well, they did it once, but at time, very well.

    Meanwhile I find the light green on the Ferrari less and less unusual. Similarly I feel about the pink on the Aston Martin, they found the place of it fairly well, when I first read about that it will be pink and green, I expected something much worse. Although under studio lights the pink almost seemed to be some kind of red, and that looked and felt way better.

  27. all cars seem to have bigger air intakes, and many have bulges on the engine cover.

  28. I was so hoping for that blue livery. Thank you, Renault Alpine! :O)

  29. I voted for Alpine, but AM and AT follow close in this order.

  30. 1st Aston Martin bcoz is just simply elegant.
    2nd Alfa Romeo – just looking great.
    3rd Red Bull for its consistency.

  31. I like both Alphas best (or better, Alfa and Alpha). But intensely dislike MB, no longer the silver arrows, and the sickening Ferrari green

  32. Renault fan, loved the yellow and black livery. I have to admit that they did an excellent job with the Alpine livery, but still the Alpha Tauri is better looking. I agree that Alpine and Aston Martin are probably cashing on the novelty effect in this poll.

  33. 10 Williams
    The biggest mess! They brought back a yellowish shade. For me, now that the Williams family left, it was a perfect chance for a retro livery, as a “thank you” to Frank. Something like this, would have been awesome. And it’s based on the colours they use this year.

    09 Ferrari
    Other elements aside, is that ComicSans font that you use for the numbers gentlemen? Ok. I’ll just drop this.

    08 Mercedes
    2020 livery was awesome. 2021 livery is a mess, as bad as the other two.

    07 McLaren
    A decent livery. Neither here nor there, but at least no mess.

    06 Haas
    Clean, balanced, but nothing too special.

    05 Alpha Tauri
    Although there isn’t a big change, I liked the 2020 livery better. I still like the “Parmalat Brabham” feeling that I get by looking at it.

    04 Aston Martin
    British Racing green is awesome. But that pink shade is just as bad as Ferrari’s green logo. Both do not fit there.

    03 RedBull
    A modern classic. Iconic as JPS Lotus, Marlboro McLaren, Canon Williams. And that Honda bold logo gives a “bad@ss” feeling.

    02 Alpine
    Simply amazing. My only objection is the Castrol logo. On the rear wing it looks fine but not on the engine cover.

    01 Alfa Romeo
    One of the best liveries I have ever seen, simple as this.

  34. New Aston Martin safety car is by far the prettiest car this season. But of these options, I’ll choose Alfa Romeo. Aston Martin and Alpine look sharp too.

    Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari and Williams are the bottom of the bunch.

  35. Can we do a “what is the worst livery” poll too, please? :)

    1. Sadly, Williams, I would be ok with the colors used, but from a halfway rear, halfway side view those stripes are far worse than expected when they they showed it at the studio. For this bad surprise the worst is the Williams livery for me, without the stripes it would be better. What are the orange stripes representing on their livery? Some kind of sponsor?

      Or an other candidate for the worst livery is obviously Haas. Too plain, too generic, to be old school it should be much prettier, or it could be some interesting mixture of old school and modern or super techie if they wanted to have only some lines. But it’s very plain. Had Mr. Mazepin choose car number 53, I would rate it higher.

      1. Uh of course, I’m troubled with the light blue stripes at the rear on the Williams car. The orangestripes are quite subtle, so not that much troubling. Probably it was so hideous, that it already brought me to the denial stage, and somehow, I managed to unlearn the color of the stripes :( :) Yes I was quite shocked when I have seen it for the first time from the halfway rear, halfway side view at their first day on the track.

  36. Has anyone seen that ugly airbox on the Alpine? How can it possibly be the best looking car for 2021?

    1. We’re not voting on the car shape, just the livery.

      I’m not as bothered by the Alpine shape as I would have expected were it just described to me. In isolation it’s not great, but I think the overall shape of the rear end of their car isn’t unattractive.

      1. But the article and the poll question is titled Which F1 team has the best-looking car for 2021?

        No mention of the livery specifically.

  37. The cars are all much too long. I hate the bits between the front tyres and sidepods. Nö winner for me.

  38. 10. Haas
    Even if it was an actual Russian team and not an American one, that livery is very uninspiring… like a cheap knockoff of a GP2 team or something like that… Now call me crazy but I would prefer if they combined Haas’s colours, grey (preferably with a brushed metal finish) & black along with Uralkali’s actual colours (red & green) in some parts. After all, there aren’t any other grey cars in the grid.

    9. Williams
    Just a mess. I don’t know what they were thinking but the result is an optical migrane of 3-4 different liveries, smashed together. It would be so cool if they produced a simple retro-like livery of blue, white & yellow. Not crazy zig-zag lines, not out of place boxes of black, just simple lines.

    8. Ferrari
    Remove the hideous green logo, remove the burgundy sunburn at the back, and finally REMOVE THE MATT PAINT! Everyone, stop with this trend! Red Bull did it and it was cool, you don’t had to have a matt finish to every car. The pre-2019 red was perfectly fine. Maybe if they wanted to mix it a bit they could add the burgundy but with elegance at some points as details… not jus drop a bucket of it at the back.

    7. AlphaTauri
    Going against the current of this site, but dark blue and white is not that inspiring nowdays. Half of the grid has dark colours (including your sister team whom you want to be a ‘different’ entity) and the other half has white. At least last year it was a good execution with the lines etc… this year the blue part just ignores any lines in the bodywork and just goes on and on to produce yet another dark, yet another blue car. Personaly if they can’t just go back to that amazing 2017-19 livery, then they should take advatage of an unused colour, like dark purple & white-black for example, to make themselves different from the rest of the grid.

    6. Mercedes
    3-point star patern >>> AMG AMG AMG patern. In general good-ish thinking, the black parts look better this year I think, but bad execution overall. Personally the 2019 livery was by far one of the best of all cars this decade.

    5. McLaren
    Nice colours, but the execution around the sidepods ruins it a bit as the blue doesn’t follow the normal lines of the bodywork. Maybe they could have changed the overall design of orange & blue and maybe they could as well drop the matt paint. But it’s still a solid work.

    4. Red Bull
    A modern classic. Simple, recognizable and the HONDA logo on the rear wing looks like it means business.

    3. Aston Martin
    The green is a nice return but it could have been a bit more bright so as not to look like just another dark coloured car, there could have been a winged graphic on the sidepods like we saw in some concepts, but beside that it still looks good. Even the pink looks decent and works well.

    2. Alfa Romeo
    Honestly it’s perfect for me. Everything, from the colours to the lines, perfection.

    1. Alpine
    Sad to see the Renault yellow go (although but this point it was almost all black), but very very glad to see this bright French blue with the red & white details appear. Instant classic and recognizable from miles away. If it had a metallic finish it would have been even more perfect.

    1. Even if it was an actual Russian team and not an American one

      It appears a bit like Trump at the presser after meeting with Putin. Pretends to be American but puppeteered by Russia.

  39. looking at those pictures i cannot help but think… we have been lumped with ugly cars for more than 10 years now; first the narrow rear wings then those horrendous noses… I wonder when the uglification will stop.
    wish the grid went back to look like this:

  40. Haas because ‘Merica with a Russian hug. Actually, it has much too much white. Boring. Slap a picture of a cougar on there.

  41. I want to think that is commercial interests, and not designers fault, but, in general, all the liveries look boring.

    Aston Martin have lost (in my opinion) a great opportunity to make a great livery showing the wings of their logo, and using bright green instead of that boring, ugly green that they have used, and that it’s also difficult to distinguish from black on long distance TV.

    Alpine have done a good job, trying that shade of blue. But the Mapfre and Castrol logos are a bit “imposed” in my opinion.

    I like the Alfa Romeo too, it have certain “retro” style.

    But I voted for McLaren as they seem like the only team without fear of color.

  42. To be honest, I won’t even think about an answer until next after the first race.

    Then I’ll have an opinion as to whether they’re easy to differentiate and whether one or more teams stand out when they’re on track at speed.

  43. I am seeing a problem with many darker liveries this year.

    In the dark, Mercedes & Aston Martin & Alpine & Alpha Tauri look very similar.

  44. 1) Alfa Romeo,
    2) Alpha Tauri,
    3) Alpine

    Alfa Romeo all day for me

  45. 1. Alfa Romeo
    2. Alpha Tauri
    3. Alpine

    Haas is just a giant Russian flag – 0 points and I hope they ban that livery. If they don’t ban it, I hope their cars burn down every weekend. It’s almost as bad as having a car plastered with North Korean flags.

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