Magnussen to make IndyCar debut for McLaren SP at Road America


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Former Haas driver Kevin Magnussen will make his IndyCar debut at Road America this weekend for McLaren SP, in place of Felix Rosenqvist.

Rosenqvist was involved in a serious crash during the first race of last weekend’s Detroit Grand Prix, which he called “the most violent” of his career. He sustained no major injuries but was kept in hospital overnight and was replaced by former McLaren SP driver Oliver Askew during the second race.

Askew is racing again this weekend, in place of Rinus Veekay – injured in a cycling accident – for Ed Carpenter Racing. Magnussen will, consequently, step in at McLaren SP.

McLaren SP today released an announcement saying “Following an evaluation by the Indycar Medical Team, Felix Rosenqvist has not been cleared to race at this weekend’s REV Group Grand Prix at Road America.

“Felix will be replaced for the REV Group Grand Prix by Kevin Magnussen, who will be making his Indycar debut,” the statement reads.

After being released from Haas during the 2020 F1 season, Magnussen spoke to several IndyCar teams. At the time, McLaren CEO Zak Brown said there was “no room” for him at McLaren’s team as they had already signed Pato O’Ward and Rosenqvist. However, he did say he believed “Kevin is a very fast driver, very aggressive, which I think fits IndyCar driving style.”

Magnussen drove for McLaren’s F1 team during the 2014 season, achieving his only F1 podium on his debut at the 2014 Australian Grand Prix. He found himself in a reserve role at the team for 2015, following the return of Fernando Alonso and moved to Renault in 2016.

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  • 13 comments on “Magnussen to make IndyCar debut for McLaren SP at Road America”

    1. Road America on Sunday is going to be a must-watch this weekend.

      1. PS: get well soon Felix and win one at the next race!

    2. What a coincidence former Haas teammates race simultaneously again, even if only temporarily.

      1. Yes, very curious.

    3. Both drivers from the US F1 team racing Indycars at road America. A treat for the fans.
      Yes, Rinus and Felix-get better soon and get back in there!

    4. So his absolute first go in an Indy car will be FP1 at Road America? Very cool. I’ll bet he’s pretty excited, and what an epic track to do a one-off Indy car race!

      1. Damn right – epic is the perfect word to describe this track. He might struggle for pace a little bit with no testing or prep, but he will absolutely love every minute. Where can we watch FP1?
        I’m gutted for Felix. He’s really had a rotten year. Get well soon!

    5. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      16th June 2021, 17:22

      Awesome news! Good interview for a McLaren or Ganassi ride next year

      1. You’d have to assume he’d be in a Ganassi IndyCar next season. Hopefully, ending the Jimmie Johnson experiment.

    6. Thought sportscars were his focus.

    7. That’s exciting. Almost more with Magnussen than Grosjean come to it. Like Brown says, maybe his aggressive style fits the series better, and he was improving both speed and racecraft steadily.

    8. I’m surprised McLaren re-opened the door to Magnussen.

      I seem to recall him being a little rude about them on social media the year after he left and was driving for Renault.

    9. OK, this will be interesting! Any pressure on Grosjean to out perform his old teammate?

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