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Raikkonen ‘happy F1 career is soon over’ ahead of final races

2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

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Ahead of the final two races of his long career in Formula 1, Kimi Raikkonen said that he saw no need to get emotional about leaving.

Raikkonen’s career has spanned 351 Grand Prix, set to be 353 by the end of the 2021 season. His first F1 race was the 2001 Australian Grand Prix, when 2021 F1 rookie Yuki Tsunoda was under a year old.

Reflecting on the Saudi Arabian and Abu Dhabi grands prix being his last in the sport, Raikkonen said “I don’t know why I would get emotional about it.

“I’m looking forward to it [retirement.] I’m happy that it’s soon over. So it’s nothing sad, nothing bad about it. I think it’s good.”

Raikkonen’s career was celebrated by his Alfa Romeo team with a special event at their factory in Hinwil, Switzerland last week. He said he had “not much to tell” about it but that “obviously it was nice to see all the people.

“[It was] the last time I go there, so I went with the family, stayed there for a while and so I saw all the people and signed quite a bit of stuff for them,” he continued. “It was nice.”

Pending retirement would not affect the way that Raikkonen approaches the final two races this year, he said. “Obviously it’s just any other race: we try to do as well as we can.

“We have a new track and we’ll see what happens, but I’ll do the normal stuff as always, and hopefully get some decent results and have some fun on the way.”

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2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

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13 comments on “Raikkonen ‘happy F1 career is soon over’ ahead of final races”

  1. So quit now and give a shot to someone who wants it. Guy has been irrelevant for 13 years now. Just collecting paychecks.

    1. @darryn so THAT’s why Giovinazzi has been collecting the points for Alfa!

      1. So, Giovinazzi is your benchmark? Räikkönen, the most uninspiring & ignorant journeyman in F1.

        1. If only he was British.

    2. @darryn

      So quit now and give a shot to someone who wants it. Guy has been irrelevant for 13 years now. Just collecting paychecks.

      They paid, he collected. The rest is others crying about something that is not their business.
      Having fun in the sport he loves always has been Kimi’s priority.

  2. Just hope Kimi have fun in his last two Formula 1 races as it’s what the Iceman deserves as a legend. For someone who’s as cold as ice the guy knows very well how to have fun, and it will certainly be the case in retirement from the sport as well.

  3. He deserves a great send off. Let’s hope Liberty/Ferrari does it.

  4. Finally.. good riddance.. trust me many F1 fans are happy to see kimi retire…

    Just goes to show talent means nothing, if you don’t put it to work..

    Nonetheless, still a fan of the ice man

    1. yeah , me too. but should have called it quits in 2013 , from that point on the only way was down

  5. From a shy and young bloke who didn’t speak proper english to a family man who says his last races will be nice. That’s a finn for you there.

  6. So it’s bye bye Kimi. I won’t miss him.

    Never understood his (apparent) popularity.

  7. Hopefully Raikonnen closes out his career with some better races then Massa got for his last races!

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