Pierre Gasly, Yuki Tsunoda, AlphaTauri, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 2021

Caption Competition 175: Gasly goes for a bullseye

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Pierre Gasly hit his target on many occasions in 2021. But what is the AlphaTauri driver taking aim at here as team mate Yuki Tsunoda looks on?

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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45 comments on “Caption Competition 175: Gasly goes for a bullseye”

  1. Gasly was given the important task of picking the new regulations for 2022.

    1. Always nice to start with a good one.

    2. Coventry Climax
      22nd January 2022, 16:28

      That’s bull’s eye and hole in one to me. Hard to beat, I’m afraid.

  2. Gasly and his little mate from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program are having some fun trying to pop balloons at the county fair.

  3. “Come on Pierre, take that picture of Christian Horner’s face down”.

  4. Hello Dr Marko – how’s that for a red bull’s eye.. oops

  5. “Bet you 10 euros I can hit the magic button from here”

  6. So aim dead straight at Max’s left rear…
    And that’s how I got on the podium in Baku

  7. Yuki: “You think that’s enough darts through Checo’s contract?”

  8. “There goes your dream, Yuki.”

  9. Yuki. Even if you hit the Bull’s eye like me, It is difficult to convince Dr. Helmut.

  10. You have to be gentle, Yuki. Easy does it!

  11. Helmut Marko is starting to regret hanging up his portrait on the wall now.

  12. Gasly proofs Dr Marko that he can score more points in the other bull.

  13. Gasly emulating Masi’s decision making process at Abu Dhabi.

  14. “These Red Bull media things are getting out of hand”
    Shouted Gasly to his smaller colleague as he threw his second dart towards an apple on someones head

  15. Tsunoda: “Come on Pierre, Dr. Marko already told me that he’s retaining me for another year.”

    Gasly: “Well, he told me that he’ll change his mind if I can hit your contract in the dead centre of the break clause!”

  16. Gasly has been given the task to vaccinate Van der Merwe.

  17. Gasly scoring points, Yuki watching from the back, as usual.

  18. Yuki becomes suspicious at losing yet another round of “get your team mate’s championship points score with only one dart…”

  19. 20 numbers. 20 drivers. 1 dart board. 1 throw.

    Welcome to Saturday afternoon at the Ally Pally Grand Prix

  20. Gasly testing out Liberty’s new plan for allocating drivers to cars for race weekends.

  21. See Yuki? These are the points you’ll score on next season’s opening round.

  22. After another spate of tyre failures, a Pirelli investigation reveals that, for once, debris isn’t to blame.

  23. Pierre is ecstatic with his first clean lift in the worlds smallest dumbbell competition.

  24. Just for a brief moment Pierre naively believed another victory would seal him promotion to the Red Bull darts team.

  25. Overjoyed, Gasly proudly exhibited the evidence he was looking for. A Mercedes dart with clearly illegally small rear flights.

    (He was later fined for touching the other teams wings)

  26. The 2022 sprint race qualification system was abandoned after one race.

  27. “Don’t move, Checo… don’t move… ready, steady…”

  28. A slightly drunk Pierre Gasly, after another excellent 4th in qualifying in Baku, finds a stack of Pirelli tires.

  29. Pierre wanna ask you if this is the only way to get into the eye of the Bulls?

  30. Gasly: “Hey Checo, look out…”

  31. I’m like this dart, people barely notice me, but are in awe when I hit where it matters !

  32. Gasly proved he had better stand in start while Yuki tried to hit the ground running.

  33. “When I first started, F1 was also Around the World in 20 rounds…”

  34. Hoping to increase fan engagement, Liberty Media announced plans to increase the number of sections on the dartboard to 23.

  35. Nearest to the bull gets Checos’ seat if he’s not won by France……

  36. Well spotted Yuki, not often we catch Helmut bending.

  37. When Pierre trialled the FIA’s new wet-weather Qualifying System, they forgot to tell him that Bulls-Eye means you start from the Pit Lane.

  38. Why I am way better at aiming at Marko’s face?

  39. “If I get a Bulls Eye then Uncle Marko said I might be able to drive the big car again one day”

  40. I have an opinion
    24th January 2022, 21:44

    This is how Horner and Marko will add salt to your wounds, Bae.

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